How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend?


Whether you had a huge fight or if you recently broke up with your girlfriend because of your fault but you do not want to lose her then apologizing is the only way to get her back. There can be any reason which got you both apart but if you try hard you can easily get her back again. If your love is genuine then nothing is impossible. Do not lose hope and follow these given below methods to apologize to your girlfriend to get her back.

How to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Tips to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

1. Accept Your Fault to Ask Forgiveness

You should take complete responsibility for all the mess that has been created. You are not allowed to make any excuses for it. She may think that you are not guilty of your action. She may not accept your apology. You may say to her that you are the only culprit and you should not have done that mistake. These sentences leave a positive mark on that person’s mind who is at the receiving end. She may get the positive vibes from you and may return to you having no complaints.

2. Write to Her to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

You may write a short and sweet note, pouring down all your feelings into it. You can put it into a nice envelope. You may hide it into a beautiful bouquet. There can be another way to ask an apology from her. You may try to write down a romantic letter to her. You can write everything in that letter which you may have told her in person. Moreover, you can make it more effective by using some dramatic words in it. She may not listen to you properly out of anger but she will definitely read your letter.

3. Show that You are Guilty to Apologize Your Girlfriend

You should show her that you are regretting on your act and you are full of remorse. Give her the needed expression. Look sad and guilty. She may think that you are actually feeling sorry for your mistakes. It will help her relieve her anger. She may feel calm and relaxed. Don’t tell her that you are the one who says sorry every time or anything else which can make her more furious. Situations may go out of your hand and you may lose her too.

4. Assure to Not Repeat It

One committed is a mistake and can be forgiven but if you do it twice then it is a choice, not a mistake and should not be forgiven. Since it is the first time you doing it therefore if you will assure her that you will never do it again then she can forgive you. Make her realize that you will be a changed person and will not do that thing to hurt her again. She will forgive you once for committing any mistake. If she loves you then she will give you a second chance unless you cheated her. In the case, you cheated her then it totally depends from person to person to forgive you.

5. Ask for Forgiveness

You did wrong not it is time to ask for her forgiveness. Do not hesitate to say you are sorry and you would not repeat those mistakes again ever. You need to apologize with your heart to make your girlfriend forgive you. When you will truly apologize her then it can melt her heart and she may forgive you soon.

6. Tell Her You Love Her

Be genuine to her while expressing your feelings to her. Make her realize that you really love her. Do not forget to say her that you love her even if she is angry with you. When you will say these magical words from your heart it will definitely melt her heart. If you really love her and both of you feel the same way then you would never get apart. Do not forget to use these three magical words when you apologize to her.

7. Talk to Her to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Talking to her would help you to know what could melt her anger. Even if she shows no interest in talking do not give up or else she will think that she does not matter to you. Try to make contact with her by calls or messages to let her know that you care for her. Your actions may help her to make up her mind to talk to you about the whole issue. Get ready to talk and explain her everything. Also, be ready to answer her every question and explain everything in detail to her. If she matters to you then you will not quit without trying your best in winning her back.

8. Make it Up for Her to Apologize Sincerely

Stay in contact with her to make it work. Try your best to stay with her so that you can make it up for her. Try to do things which she likes. Cook her favorite meal for her to melt down her anger. If she likes any particular thing gets it for her. Bring chocolates or flowers for her. This will make her feel that you really know her likes and dislikes and really know her well. Even if she does not accepts your gifts or show any appreciation she definitely will like these gestures done by you. Also, do not treat her this way only till she forgives you. Always value and respect her to get her love and respect.

9. Have Patience to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

If you have tried everything and now tired of trying then leave her alone for a while to think about everything. Time is the best medicine to heal every wound. Time will make her realize what is best for both of you. If you have apologized with all your strength and you really are guilty of your actions then time will make her realize it. She will get to know that you are really sorry. If the reason was very serious or you committed a blunder then it would not be easy for her to forgive you easily. She might forgive you if she will feel that you really won’t repeat this thing again.

10. Take Help of Humor to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

A laughter is always better. You can use humor to make her laugh and lighten up the environment. But do not overdo it otherwise, she will think that you are not serious. Also, do not use humor if the situation is very extreme and you both are fighting or she is trying to tell you anything serious. If your girlfriend is seriously angry with you if you lied to her then you cannot calm everything down by cracking any joke it can make her angrier. Use humor to make situation light if you have committed any small mistake and she is not that serious about it.

11. Wait for Her Answer to Apologize to Your Girlfriend

Do not force her to answer right away. You did wrong and you are making up to her and you have to wait for her answer to get her forgiveness. Answer all of her questions if she asks when you ask for forgiveness.

  • If you were at fault then do not blame her for anything or do not try to shift blame on anyone else. Try to take full responsibility for your action to apologize to your girlfriend.
  • Let her express her feelings for you. Let her show how upset or angry she is with you. If she will unleash her emotions then it will be better as then it would be better chances for her to forgive you. As it will also make her feel better.
  • Do not try to show her any affections at this time, for instance, do not try to hug or kiss her unless she starts it.


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