How to be a Good Housewife?


A housewives’ jobs are no less than any other job in this world. You need to do multi-tasking and have to be good at all. Being a good housewife is not easy but not even impossible to accomplish. To be a good housewife you need to be a careful person first. You need to take care of your house, your husband, and your kids. We have enlisted jobs of housewives which makes then a perfect one. Read this article to know more on how to be a good housewife.

How to Be a Good Housewife

Tips to Follow to Be a Good Housewife

1. Look Presentable to Be a Good Housewife

Ladies tends to stop giving attention to their looks after getting married and especially when they get involved in doing household work. Remember, keeping attention to your looks can keep your husband hooked. Every man likes to have a partner who can present themselves beautifully. Dress up for your husband and try to look for him. He will appreciate it and he will even like you better. Do not let your charm and beauty dim due to some household work. Keep yourself neat and clean and stay hygienic, wax yourself from time to time. Shower daily and smell good, you do not need to do makeup but need to stay presentable and pleasing in the eyes of your husband.

2. Learn to Cook to Be a Good Housewife

A delicious meal will brighten up your husband’s day. It is very common saying that a man’s heart is connected to his stomach and it is indeed true. Get a recipe book and start from the easiest thing. Soon you will be a better cook. Try to cook his favorite meals he would love it.

When you want to make your husband happy and be a perfect housewife then you can do it easily of you are a good cook. Cooking his favorite meal will tell him that you care about his needs and want him to stay happy. Know about his likes and dislikes about food and prepare good meals for him.

3. Keep House Clean to Be a Good Housewife

You are a housewife and you should try to take the charge of maintaining the best condition in the house to live in. Having a tidy house can decrease everyone’s stress level and can make things run much efficiently. Doing laundry can be stressful and time consuming. If you want to help out your husband and make him feel relaxed then you can do it by keeping the house clean and doing laundry. If you plan your day carefully you can easily do all work very easily. Clean house helps in spreading positive environment. It also eases out mind and helps to maintain a better place to live and love.

4. Maintain a Timetable to Be a Good Housewife

You are like a commander and your family is your troops. You have to keep everything running efficiently. Fix your time for cleaning and how you’ll work around in your day, this will help you to run everything in a better manner.

Scheduling time is an excellent way to make certain more work gets accomplished in your day, otherwise, you may find yourself wasting your time around doing nothing. Fix a particular time for doing a task and you will be able to easily complete your job in time very easily and efficiently.

5. Listen to Your Partner to Be a Good Housewife

A good housewife attends to what her spouse has to say without interfering. Speak when it is your turn but first, listen to what your partner is saying. You need to be able to hold the conversation and talk with each other without any hesitation. Let you husband speak and do not interrupt him. Speaking on your own without letting your husband speak will not help you to reach any conclusion. To maintain a healthy married life you need to maintain a healthy conversation first.

  • When you will try to listen then you will know your husband more. This will also make them listen to you when you are speaking.

6. Take Care of Your Partner’s Needs

People need space and alone time every now and again. While you have time to yourself during the day, your husband doesn’t have that and may need some alone time to relax when he gets home from a tiring day at the office. Be there to spend time with him and take care of him, but if he wants to stay alone or maybe with his friends and not you in that case you need to take a step back and let him have his own time.

  • Welcome him home with a big smile and a warm hug to make him feel all better.

7. Have a Good Communication on Regular Basis with Your Partner

Consider practical expectations, and how you can meet them being your best. The description of a good housewife is based on which place you live in. Being a good housewife is also very culture-dependent and varies in every culture. Sit down and talk it over. What are his responsibilities in the house? Tell him to at least responsibility for his things. Like, he can keep his clothes at proper place and can sometimes help in doing the dishes and laundry too. Like keeping his dirty laundry in the basket, placing things at their original place after being used, sometimes even helping you with dishes if he cannot then putting dishes in the sink. Especially, if you have to take care of your children then working alone can be a lot difficult.

8. Love Your Partner to Be a Good Housewife

Do not compare your husband to someone else he might hate it the most. Also, do not criticize your husband for what he is not instead of praising him for what he is. He may not act as per your ideal man’s image but he is unique in his own ways and you should respect that. He loves you for who you are and you should do the same. Instead of trying to change others, try to change yourself first. If you find something bad about him which you do not appreciate, let him know about it in a mature, reasonable and kind way. He might agree on some things or can explain others, however, it may turn out but it definitely will build trust between you both.

9. Avoid Arguments to Be a Good Housewife

Nagging does not works, and will only work to aggravate your husband. Not expressing what is in your mind is just as bad as that. He is your partners and he would understand whatever you will make him understand. Try to find a balance in arguments, and take turns to speak, things will surely improve. Just learn to appreciate each other, and everything will get better. Arguments would only damage your relationship and might create misconceptions.

  • Healthy arguments are good. You should consider having it from time to time in order to maintain a healthy relationship and it also helps you to understand your partner better.

10. Give Your Partner Space to Be a Good Housewife

It is essential for your spouse to still have authority over their individual state, like choosing their what they like to do in their free time, what they like to eat, their dressing preference, etc. When you stay home a lot, it becomes common to want to take control of all the things your partner wants to do. They may do as you tell them to but they may not like it doing on their own. It’s a good think if you want to suggest your partner in a polite way, and of course great if they asked you. Or else, let them have their own space, just as you want yours. You are two different human beings, always keep in mind that.


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