How to Remove a Splinter?


A splinter is a thin layer of the throne, stem or branch. It can enter in your skin while walking barefoot or while caressing the green grass. If the splinter is not removed from the skin on time then it will lead to infection and your skin will be in a big trouble. You can remove the splinter at home as well. However, if the skin gets infected then kindly visit the doctor. Below we have listed some ideal remedies and tools that can help you to remove a splinter.

How to Remove a Splinter

Ways to Remove a Splinter:

1.) Baking Soda to Remove a Splinter

Baking soda is an ideal remedy to get rid of a splinter. It works well for the splinter that fussed deep in the skin and cannot be seen. Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply this mixture on the affected skin. After applying this mixture your skin will swell out and thus it will remove the splinter. If the splinter does not come out then wrap the area with the adhesive tape or bandage. Leave it for a few hours. When you will remove the bandage the splinter will also come out with it.

2.) Needle to Remove a Splinter

You can remove a splinter through the needle as well. However, sterilize the needle with rubbing alcohol before using it. Gently try to scrap out the splinter with a needle before hurting yourself. It is an ideal method to remove the splinters  which are embedded under the skin. However, if it is sliver then do not use the needle. It will cause discomfort and pain.

3.) Tweezers to Remove a Splinter

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the splinter is use tweezer. It will remove the splinter. However, before using it wash our affected skin properly with warm water. It will help to prevent the bacteria and infection. Wash your hands with the soap or antibacterial wash. Moreover, sterilize the tweezers to remove a splinter. You can use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the tweezers. Hold the splinter with the tweezers and pop it out without hurting your skin.

4.) Medical Tap to Remove Splinter

If the splinter is too tiny then you can remove it by simply wrapping a medical tape on it. Fragile splinters of fiberglass and plants are easy to remove with the type. Wrap a tape on the affected skin. Leave it on for a few seconds and then remove the tape in the same direction in which the splinter entered in the skin.

5.) Glue to Remove a Splinter

Yes, you read it right! If the splinter is visible and is not under the skin then you can use a glue to remove it. All you have to do is drop glue on the splinter. Leave it on until it dries completely. When it dries peel it off. The splinter will also come out with the glue. Once the splinter comes outwash the affected skin.

6.) Potato to Remove a Splinter

Another ingredient that can help you to remove splinter is a potato. All you have to do is place a slice of the potato on the on the affected skin. Make sure that the slice of potato touched with the splinter. Then slightly press the slice and then remove it. The potato will also help to get rid of a sliver as well.

7.) White Vinegar to Remove a Splinter

Clean the wound and dip your affected skin in the white vinegar. Leave it on for a while. What it will do is, it will break the splinter and thus it will be easy for you to remove it with a tweezer or you can scrape as well. After removing the splinter wash the affected part. If the infection lingers apply an antiseptic.

8.) Epsom Salt to Remove a Splinter

You can also use the Epsom salt to get rid of the splinter.  Like white vinegar it will break the splinter and so you will able to remove it easily. Sprinkle a dash of Epsom salt on the adhesive tape and wrap it around the wound. The skin will swell, but do not worry it just a skin’s way to push the splinter out of the skin. Once it comes out you can pull it with the tweezer.

9.) Eggs to Remove Splinter

You do not have to use egg yolk or egg white to remove the splinter. Simply cover the wound with the shell of the egg. Make sure that the moist area should be in contact of the  splinter. Leave it on, the splinter will automatically come out after a few minutes.

10.) Nail Clipper to Remove a Splinter

A nail clipper will is apt from removing a throne, sliver or a splinter from your skin. First sterilize the nail clipper and then pluck the  skin formed above the splinter. The gently pull the skin. Once you see the splinter remove it with a tweezer or with a nail clipper. Make sure that you do not pull the entire skin. It might bleed also so keep the antiseptic and disinfectant ready.

11.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Splinter

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best remedies to lift the splinter out from the hands and feet. Spread the hydrogen peroxide on the wound. After a few seconds, the area will swell and the splinter will be visible. You can then pluck it with a tweezer.

12.) Do not Remove the Splinter

If your splinter is that small that it can be removed by anything then leave it as it is. It will come out of the skin own its own. When the skin will shed it will come out. However, make sure that you keep that skin area clean. Otherwise, it can give way to infection.

Precautions Before Removing the Splinter:

  • Clean the found properly.
  • Sterilize the tools such as tweezers, nail clippers before using them.
  • To prevent the pain while removing a splinter or sliver numb the area. For this dab an ice pack on the wound followed by the remedy.
  • Once the splinter comes out, wash the skin and apply antiseptic to prevent the infection.
  • Do not squeeze the skin while removing the splinter.


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