How to Get Rid of Rats?


Rats are uninvited guests that tend to damage all the household articles. They can enter in the house from anywhere. They could enter inside even from the smallest whole as well. Once they get in it will be a difficult task to get rid of them. These nasty rodents eat everything right from food, clothes to wire. Not only they also carry parasites that could lead to severe disease. Before your home becomes shelter of diseases it’s better to eliminate them. Read more to know ways to get rid of rats.

How to Get rid of Rats

Ways to Get Rid of Rats:

1.) Keep your Home Clean to Get Rid of Rats

Rat love to feed in the filthy area where they get their food easily. Right from the clothes, wires, and food they eat everything. If you do not want your articles to get damaged by the rodents then keep your home especially kitchen tidy. Keep your clothes in the closet and close it properly. Make sure that it does not have space otherwise rat will enter inside and damage your clothes. Secondly do leave wires here and there. If you are not using them, roll them and keep at the place which is far from rats reach. Moreover, keep your leftover food into the airtight jar so that mice cannot open it. Also, use a bin that can be closed tightly.

2.) Seal the Holes and Cracks to Get Rid of Rats

Once you have cleaned your home, look for the places from where rats tend to enter your home. There must be some holes and cracks from where they get in. Once you identify their entry ways, block them. Seal them with the woolen wires or cement. Water pipes, a hole in the garden, water drainage, drier vents and gas lines are some of the places from where are these nasty rodents come inside. Place a steel wool in the pipe and places from where rats get in. Make sure that you block these areas firmly since rats resilient therefore they can break the ceiling. So whatever thing you use for the closing must be strong enough.

3.) Rat Trapper to Get Rid of Rats

Even after cleaning your home and blocking all the sites if the rodent tends to enter in your house use a rat trapper. It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the rats. All you have to do is get a rat trapper or mouse trapper. It is one of the same things. To attract the rat insert cheese or any food item that is liked by the rat. The food item will work as a bait and thus, the rat will come inside the rat trapper. Once it comes inside, the trapper will be closed automatically and rat will not able to come out. Place the rat trapper where you suspect the rat most. Moreover, before using the rat trapper checks it whether it’s working or not.

4.) Pepper Mint to Get Rid of Rats

You can also use peppermint to control the mice infestation. Rats do not like the smell of the peppermint thus, it works as deterrents. Boil a few cups of water add peppermint tea bags into it. Steep it for a few minutes and add some dishwashing liquid in it. It will suffocate the rats and they won’t be able to breathe. Once you solution is ready to place it in the place where you suspect mouse. Or you can pour this solution into the in the spray bottle and spray it. You can also use peppermint leaves as well to eliminate the rats from your house.

5.) Cloves to Get Rid of Rats

Apart from peppermint, you can try your hands on a clove to get rid of the rats. Rats do not like the strong smell of the clove and thus, they will not move around the place where cloves are placed. All you have to do is wrap a handful of cloves in the washcloth and place it at the sites that are often visited by the rats. Or soak a cotton ball in the clove oil and place it. However, keep your babies and pet out of the reach of cloves. It could be harmful to them.

6.) Aluminum Foil to Get Rid of Rats

You might find it weird but trust us it is worth using. There is no particular reason behind it but yes it is one of the safest and easiest ways to get rid of the rats. Just spread the aluminum foil in your entire house. Or at the sites that are more visited by the rats. Do this for a night and next morning you won’t find any rat in your house. Rats either do not like the smell of the aluminum foil or scared from the noise when it makes when they move on it. Whatever the reason may. For us, it is a perfect way to get rid of the rats.

7.) Rat Poison to Get Rid of Rats

If you do not want to put in so much effort then just get rat poison and use it to get rid of rats. There are numerous types of mouse poisons available in the markets. Choose the correct one. Try not to choose the strong ones because they will directly kill the rats. And if by chance you’re pet or infant swallow it then it could be very dangerous. So choose the ones which are light. When rat will swallow it he will get unconscious and then you can throw him in the far-flung areas.

8.) Mothballs to Get Rid of Rats

Mothballs act as a repellent. It has a strong fragrance that mouse do not like. If by chance the rat will come inside then these balls will cause suffocation and they won’t be able to breathe. Place a few mothballs at sites that are prone to rat infestation. However, keep it away from your pet and children. It can be harmful to them as well.

9.) Onions to Get Rid of Rats

Like mothballs rats cannot adhere the smell of rats. Therefore, it also works as a repellent. Moreover, it is safer than mothballs. Just place a few slices of the onion at all the nook and corners. Do this regularly to treat the rat infestation.

10.) Tame a Cat to Get Rid of Rats

If you do not want to apply any of the above remedies then simply tame a cat. We all know that rats are cat’s favorite food. So if there will be a cat in your home then the mouse will not manage to get inside. And if he does then your kitty will get her favorite food. Apart from rats, it will also prevent the entry of other rodents in your home.


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