How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Quickly?


If you are not sleeping properly on a regular basis, then it is really very common to get puffy eyes. There are various factors that cause puffy eyes. It is very common to get puffy eyes. So, if you are having puffy eyes, then there is no point to worry much. This article will guide you regarding natural various ways to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

Causes of Puffy Eyes:

  • Fluid retention caused due to excessive consumption of salt.
  • Allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling
  • Dehydration
  • Sinus problems
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Crying
  • Aging
  • Inherited facial features

Symptoms of Puffy Eyes:

To identify puffy eyes, it is important to know various signs and symptoms you will face due to puffy eyes. Well, here are few signs that you notice due to puffy eyes.

  • Eye irritation like scratchy or an itchy eyes.
  • You will also notice excessive tear production from your eyes.
  • Experiencing hindrance in the vision depending on the extent of swelling.
  • Redness in eyelid which causes red eyes.
  • Eyelid dryness.
  • You will notice bags under eyes.

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes Quickly

Remedies to Reduce Puffy eyes Quickly:

Here are few remedies that you may follow in your home to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

1.) Cold Spoons to Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes:

This is a great way to reduce puffy eyes. All you need to use the cold spoon. It is a great way that will help a lot in tightening up the skin around your eyes. It also provides a great relief to the blood vessels. To use this remedy, follow these steps:

  • Put 5-6 spoons in a refrigerator and let it cool down. Put it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
  • Hold the rounded portion of this spoon against your eyes for few minutes. Keep it on your eyes until it becomes warm.
  • You will experience a great relief in your eyes by using this remedy.
  • As soon as the spoon gets warm just replace it with another cold spoon.

2.) Drink Plenty of Water to Treat Puffy Eyes:

It is a great way to reduce puffy eyes quickly. All you need to drink plenty of water and keep it hydrated. There are very fewer chances that your eyes get puffy due to water retention if you will keep your body hydrated all the time. Also, water helps in flushing out harmful toxins out of your body. One should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day to stay healthy. One should also reduce the intake of salt to reduce water retention in the body. In addition, try to avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages at any cost as they are dehydrating.

3.) Use Tea Bags to Cure Puffy Eyes:

It doesn’t matter which kind of tea bags you use to treat puffy eyes. Whether it is green tea bags or black tea bags both of them helps in providing a soothing effect to puffy eyes. Tea bags contain anti-irritant properties which help in reducing the impact of swollen eyes. They also provide a great relief in inflammation and redness. To use this natural treatment, follow these steps:

  • Put two used tea bags in a refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  • Once the tea bags cool down then simply put them over your eyelids.
  • Leave it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat this remedy for few days to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

4.) Cucumber to Soothe Puffy Eyes:

Chilled cucumber is considered one of the best remedy to treat various ailments. It is a great remedy that can treat puffiness in eyes effectively. It helps a lot in reducing inflammation due to the presence of astringent properties in it. It plays a major role in tightening skin around your eyes. Cucumber also helps in getting rid of dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.

  • Take a cucumber and cut it into thick slices.
  • Keep these slices in a refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  • Place these cold slices on your eyelids until they become warm.
  • Use this remedy several times in a day to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

5.) Potatoes to Reduce Puffiness:

Potatoes contain content of starch which has anti-inflammatory properties. Potato helps a lot in reducing under-eye bags. This remedy is also used to treat dark circles.

  • Peel a potato and wash it.
  • Now grate a potato and put it in a cloth.
  • Tip this cloth and keep it over your eyelids.
  • Use this remedy several times in a day to get rid of puffy eyes.

6.) Cold Water for Puffy Eyes:

It is a great way to reduce puffy eyes quickly. All you need to wash your face several times in a day using cold water. Cold water helps in constricting blood vessels. It also helps in reducing swelling. You may also use a small bag filled with ice cubes and wrap it in a washcloth and put it on your eyelids. It is an effective way to treat puffy eyes naturally.

7.) Egg White to Treat Puffy Eyes:

Egg whites contain skin lightening properties that help a lot in vanishing under-eye bags. It is also an effective remedy to treat wrinkles. To use this remedy all you need to follow these steps:

  • Take two eggs and separate yolks from it and put egg whites in a bowl.
  • Whip egg whites thoroughly till it become stiff.
  • Add few drops of witch hazel in it. Hazel is a natural skin-tightening agent that makes egg whites more effective.
  • Now, use a soft cloth and apply this mixture to your eyes. Allow this mixture to dry completely.
  • Leave it for about 15 minutes.

8.) Salt Water for Puffy Eyes:

Salt water is the very effective remedy for reducing swelling and puffiness under your eyes. It also helps in getting rid of fluid retention.

  • Take a bowl and add quarter cups of warm water in it. Also, add a half teaspoon of salt to it.
  • Soak cotton balls in warm saline water and keep it on your eyelids for few minutes.
    Repeat this process for about 15-20 minutes. It is a great remedy to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

9.) Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is not only a great treatment for wrinkles and fine lines, but it can treat puffiness under your eyes effectively. Aloe vera is high in vitamin E and antioxidants that can reduce puffy eyes quickly. All you need to apply aloe vera gel under your eyes to prevent puffy eyes. Also, be careful by applying gel to your eyes. Remember it must not enter in your eyes at any cost. It is an effective remedy to reduce puffy eyes quickly.

10.) Strawberry:

Strawberries are considered very effective in treating puffy eyes. It provides a rejuvenating effect on your skin and keep it smooth and younger looking due to the presence of alpha hydroxyl acid in it.

  • Just keep a few strawberries in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • Once it cools down simply remove its top and cut it into thick slices.
  • Now, lie down and place these slices under your eyes for several minutes. It is an effective way to reduce puffy eyes quickly.


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