First Date Questions to Ask Your Partner


After writing questions to ask a girl, questions to ask a guy, and get to know more questions, we are now writing first date questions to ask your partner. First dates are interesting as well as nerve cracking as nobody wants to screw up their first dates. since you have no idea about the person then it can be tough to have a great conversation as a single wrong question might turn the deal off the table. The first dates are a kind of small interviews to know each other better. First date questions are important to know each other a lot. Better questions will help you to know your date better. Ask the given below questions to ask your partner to know them well.

First Date Questions

First Date Questions to Ask Your Partner


1.) How many times you have been on a date before?

If you like to know about his/her past dating history and his or her previous love affairs then ask this one of the best first date questions.

2.) Which one is your favorite restaurant to dine out?

You will get to know if you are dating a foodie person or not by asking this one of the best first date questions? You will even get to know about a good place to eat. Total win-win situation.

3.) How many close friends do you have?

One without a best friend is not a happy person. This is a great question among the first date questions to know about people who are close to them.

4.) Do you know how to cook? What are the dishes you can make?

This is a good question to ask on a first date. It will help you to know your date better and will also give you a topic to talk on.

5.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well, you are on a date and knowing opinion about love is must.

6.) Do you like to watch television? What are your favorite shows?

It could be anything from news to sports to daily soaps. This first date question will help you to know your date better and will also give you interesting topic to talk.

7.) What was the first movies which you watched?

Everyone has a particular taste in movies and it can be an interesting topic to talk when you are on the first date.

8.) How often do you visit your parents?

On your first date talking about parents is a good way to know about each other more.

9.) How do you like to spend your free time?

This would help you to know the preferences of that person and it is different from yours.

10.) Do you like to read? Which one is your favorite book?

A favorite book tells a lot about a person. When you will talk about books you can even know what kind of person he or she is.

11.) How much romantic you think you are?

Getting to know how much romantic your date is always a great way.

12.) What was your first reaction when you saw me today?

Your date might give you genuine reaction or may not but it will always prove top be a good way to start a conversation.

13.) What was your first impression about me?

The first time what your date thought about you would be an interesting thing to know.

14.) How much love is important for you?

Is it very important fact to discuss when you are dating a person.

15.) Do you like to dance?

Light and fun questions like these can also be asked while dating someone for the first time to know them more.

16.) What is your favorite cuisine?

Knowing about the person you are dating also means to know about their likes and dislikes.

17.) Is there any particular place you would like to settle when you grow old?

Ask your date about his or her favorite place where they dream to settle and check if it matches yours.

18.) If you win a lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Such interesting questions would help you to keep the conversation light and know your date better.

19.) What do you think is the meaning of your life?

If you are trying to know a person better than think of asking this question to him or her to know them more.

20.) How would you like to spend your rest of your life if provided with an option to live the way you want?

Know what is the perfect way to live according to your partner as it would help you a lot to know them.

21.) The most beautiful gift you have ever received?

Favorite gift would help you to know what matters or who matters the most for that person. It could either be the feeling attached to the gift or the net worth of the gift.

22.) The most amazing moment of your life which you would like to share.

This would bring up many amazing moments to share with your partner.

23.) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Know if that person is same as you are or different from you.

24.) Do you like coffee or tea?

It can be a great question for a coffee lover.

25.) Do you want to be rich or you want to be happy?

Indeed it a must ask question to know what kind of person they are at the inner level.

26.) Were you ever successful to keep a new year’s resolution?

And the more untold stories to share and laugh.

27.) Who is the closest person to you?

This would help you to know how many close people he or she have in their life.

28.) What was your favorite subject when you were in the school?

Also, tell your date about your favorite subject and the reason behind it. You can even share some funny moment of your school days to keep the situation light and funny.

29.) What are your top five bucket list items?

By asking this first date question you will get to know things which important most to your date will be in front of you without asking directly.

30.) Who has had the biggest influence in your life?

Ideal tells a lot about the characteristics of a person.

31.) Which one is your favorite perfume?

It might help you to seduce him or her on the next date or after few dates.

32.) What was the most funniest moment which you encountered recently?

Funny moments should always be added in the first date to keep it interesting and your date enjoy your company.

33.) How many siblings do you have?

Ask your date about his or her family and tell him or her about yours to know each other better.

34.) What you aspired  to become when you were younger?

Everyone has lots of stories related to it.

35.) How often do you visit your parents?

It would help you to know their relationship with their family members.

36.) Which is your favorite holiday destination?

You might get places in which you both are interested and can plan to go out together.

37.) What annoys you the most?

It is always good to know what annoys the person you are dating. Also, tell him or her what annoys you the most. Ask this interesting question among the first date questions to know your date better.

38.) What is the worst habit of yours which you would like to change if any?

Tell your date about bad habit of yours to help them to open up about it.

39.) How much do you love animals?

Animals lovers are good at heart and if your date is one of them then it is great.

40.) What you notice first of all in a person?

What a person notices first in another person tells a lot about themselves.

41.) How do you deal with criticism?

A person who can deal with negative things positively is really a great person therefore, ask this great question among the first date questions to know your date better.

42.) What does relationship means to you?

Well, you are about to start a relationship and therefore, it is good to know about the person you are dating. If your views differ and you still are okay with it then it is okay to date otherwise, you can separate your ways.

43.) Do you believe in soul mates?

Ask this first date question to know if your partner does and you too believes in soul mates then you both can get along well.

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