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After writing questions to get to know someone, truth or dare questions and get to know questions, we are now writing would you rather questions. These questions are fun to play. It can be played in groups or with two people. Also, this games does not require anything to play. In a weekend or when you and your friends or your partner look for an option to pass time then this could be the best game. Few of the questions are so confusing that you would wish to choose for neither option. In this game, you will be given two options and you have to choose one of them. Playing would you rather will also help you to have a wonderful memory of the event. We have arranged few of the best would you rather questions to play in all sort of occasions.

Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions to Ask Anyone

There are various types of would you rather questions. Some are easy few are tough. Few are interesting one’s and few are really confusing ones. If you want to get the person you are playing with a tough time then ask these below questions from them. Would you rather questions are also a great way to know someone better.

(A) 30 Tough Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather disappear from the world and will able to see everything or would you prefer to be blind in this world?

2. If you get the option to choose between going to past or future which one would you choose?

3. Would you rather like to experience the end of the planet earth or the beginning of it?

4. If given a chance to choose would you rather be the most intelligent person or the most important person then what would you choose?

5. Would you rather choose to have books worth of a luxurious car or a car instead?

6. Would you rather want to read the mind or to control people?

7. Would you rather like to go inside any fiction or want any fictional character to come alive?

8. Would you rather prefer to speak everything on your mind or would never be able to speak again?

9. Would you rather restart your life or would like to continue with it?

10. Would you rather be color blind or have no taste buds?

11. Would you rather live in water or in the space?

12. Would you rather live 10 years in prison or 10 years in a coma?

13. Would you rather eat tasteless food for one month or eat tasty sand for a month?

14. Would you rather sacrifice the sense of taste or sense of smell?

15. Would you rather live with blame for the crime you haven’t done or actually do the crime?

16. Would you rather read books or watch movies?

17. Would you rather lost your past memories or lose an important person in your present?

18. Would you rather work all day long and stay fresh or sleep all day long and feel tired?

19. Would you rather have a fun time with your friends with no money or have luxurious time alone?

20. Would you rather lose your best friend or lose a great job?

21. Would you rather get your one desire come true or get your enemy’s wish come untrue?

22. Would you rather have the power to fly or have power to breathe under water?

23. Would you rather be happy or would you rather be successful?

24. Would you rather look ugly and have great people around you and look beautiful have no one with you?

25. Would you rather be living as a hero and live short or live long but achieve nothing?

26. Would you rather have a great height and ugly body or a beautiful face but ugly body?

27. Would you rather like to travel always and always stay sleepless or stay at home and keep wishing to travel?

28. Would you rather lose your friend to get your soul mate or keep your best friend to never meet your soul mate?

29. Would you rather be beautiful but unlucky or lucky but ugly?

30. Would you rather meet a celebrity or a person of your dreams?

(B) 30 Funny Would You Rather Questions

Well, playing would you rather is all about having fun. It is one of the best ways to enjoy fullest with your partner and your friends. Ask these funny would you rather questions to make others enjoy your company. You can even play group games and ask each other this fun would you rather questions to have unlimited fun.

1. Would you rather be rich or find true love?

2. Would you rather have a skill and never get credit for it or be credited for someone else’s work?

3. Would you rather have fun and never make money or make money and never have fun?

4. Would you rather not shower for weeks or not brush your teeth for same time being?

5. Would you rather date an ugly celebrity or would prefer to go out with a very pretty or handsome partner?

6. Would you rather feel stuck something in your eyes for a year or get sneeze but never be able to do it?

7. Would you rather go to Mars and live without your loved one’s or stay here and do nothing and get scolded for doing nothing?

8. Would you rather have hair on all over your body and not being able to shave or would have no hair on your body at all?

9. Would you rather be naked in Antarctica or wear a heavy suit in Sahara desert?

10. Would you rather be able to see the future or be able to change the past?

11. Would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon?

12. Would you rather go in Harry Potter world or in Narnia?

13. Would you rather love to swim across the sea very long or fly in the sky?

14. Would you rather understand animals or be fluent in every language in this world?

15. Would you rather make your own decisions and be wrong or listen to someone and be right?

16. Would you rather be good with studies or be good with sports?

17. Would you rather be famous or be the most beautiful?

18. Would you rather stay loyal and get cheated or cheat your loyal partner?

19. Would you rather marry a beautiful stranger or an ugly known person?

20. Would you rather get true love or get best friends?

21. Would you rather break up with the person you love or stay with the person even if you have no strength to stay?

22. Would you rather like to live beside sea or up on hills?

23. Would you rather have smelly feet or a bad breath?

24. Would you like to live a poor but interesting life or rich but boring life?

25. Would you rather be super fast or super strong?

26. Would you rather fall in love with your best friend or wait for a stranger to falling in love?

27. Would you rather be the most famous person or the most intelligent person in the area you live?

28. Would you rather be able to make people smile or be able to never cry again?

29. Would you rather be invisible or the center of attention?

30. Would you rather be the perfect person or the smartest person?

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