100 Truth or Dare Questions


After writing would you rather questions, 90 get to know more questions, and questions to ask your crush, we are now writing truth or dare questions. These questions are one of the most entertaining games, which can be played indoors. One can play truth and dare in a group or just the two people can also play this game. Rules are also very simple anyone will spin the bottle and the one whose side bottle points would have to choose between answering the question asked in truth or would have to choose a daring task to perform. You can choose any of them but answer honestly then only it would be a fun game. Playing games are also a great way to bring people together and know them better. Even you and you partner can also play this game to have fun and know each other better than before. Try to give below truth or dare questions to have great fun.

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare Questions

(A) Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

Truth and dare seem more personal when is comes to play between couples. When couples are playing this game then they should try focusing on truth or dare questions which would help them to know each other at a deeper level. Truth or dare between couples is fun yet intimate. You can get to know all about your partner’s past or what they actually think about you. Due to the competition of the game, you might get the honest answers too.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in your life?

2. What is the one secret of yours which I do not know about you?

3. Have you ever dated anyone which I do not know?

4. Who was your first kiss?

5. Have you ever been on a blind date?

6. What is the one thing which you hate about me?

7. Have you had any crush on someone when you are in a relationship?

8. What was the first thing which you noticed in me?

9. How much do you find me attractive?

10. Do you have a crush in any of my friend?

11. What is your secret desire?

12. Have you ever gone commando?

13. Have you ever gone skinny dipping with someone?

14. How do you find when you think that you are being cheated?

15. Do you believe in love at first sight?

16. Have you cheated anyone once before?

17. What was your first thought about me when we met?

18. Have you had any crush on your teacher?

19. Have you had any feelings for someone of the same gender?

20. Do you like to stay alone?

21. What would be the first thing that you would do if you will win a lottery ticket right now?

22. Have you stolen anything ever?

23. How often do you lie?

24. Do you really think I am smart or beautiful?

25. How much serious are you about our relationship?

(B) Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Your Friends

When in group truth or dare questions are way more fun to ask. You can make your friends ask them about their ex in front of their present. It is all about having fun and pulling leg of friends. Ask these given below funny truth questions in truth or dare game. You can lay his game anytime in any get-together. Just be sure not to hurt anyone’s feeling just think of having fun without hurting someone’s sentiment.

1. Have you ever been to a strip club?

2. Do you have any hidden secret?

3. Do you believe in ghosts?

4. Do you think aliens exists?

5. Have you ever had any crush on any of friends in our group?

6. Do you think you are attractive?

7. If given a chance would you date anyone in our friend circle?

8. Have you admired someone secretly?

9. Have you confessed your love for someone?

10. Have you ever bullied someone?

11. Do you really think that love at first sight exists?

12. Have you ever stolen someone’s food?

13. What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

14. Do you think that prayers work?

15. Have you ever cried for someone?

16. If you get to change one thing in your body what it would be?

17. Which superhero would you like to date in real life?

18. What could raise your temper suddenly?

19. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

20. Next life would you like to born in same gender or other?

21. Which superpower would you want to have?

22. Have you ever kissed a stranger?

23. Would you propose anyone at the first sight?

24. What do you most daydream about?

25. What is one thing you can die for?

(C) Dares: Tough Truth or Dare Questions

Dares are way more fun when the questions are tough. Just be sure hat you are not actually going to hurt while giving them any task. Any fun or interesting and tough tasks should be given unless it is actually going to hurt them. Truth or dare is really a fun game which all of your friends will enjoy.

1. Sing the song for the first coming stranger to this side.

2. Propose the person who is sitting at the next table.

3. Call your parents and say you are drunk.

4. Call your crush right now and tell him or her that you like them.

5. Ask your partner if they could kiss someone else?

6. Get the number of the first person (of opposite gender) coming this way.

7. Sing whatsoever you say till next 15 minutes.

8. Act the favorite actor of yours.

9. Do the belly dancing on any country music.

10. Talk in sign language till your next turn comes up.

11. Write a Facebook status mentioning your crush and telling him/her about your genuine feeling.

12. Post your ugly selfie online.

13. Text your parents that you are going on a date with the person they do not like.

14. Sing your favorite song.

15. Do something funny that will make everyone laugh.

16. Order food for everyone.

17. Make a fake interesting story and tell everyone.

18. Drink one can of beer in one go.

19. Do a strip tease for one minute.

20. Send a blind test to any random person from your contacts.

21. Ramp walk for two minutes in high heels.

22. Put makeup on your face (for guys).

23. Call any random number on your phone and tell them you love him/her.

24. Give a two-minute stand-up comedy.

25. Try make people laugh with your joke.

(D) Interesting Dare Questions to Ask in Truth or Dare While Playing with Friends

While playing with friends actual fun comes in dare questions. The larger the group multiple gets the fun. When it comes to asking dare questions while playing with friends you do not need to worry much about thinking what is right and what is wrong. Just dare them and have fun.

1. Slap the person sitting right to you.

2. Eat raw eggs right away.

3. Let one of your friends cut your hair.

4. Call your ex and tell him or her that you still have feelings for her.

5. Take two shots of tequila.

6. Shout out I love you in front of the person who would come first.

7. Call your parents and tell them you are going to drop out.

8. Tell your partner that you are cheating on them.

9. Do continuous sit ups for 10 minutes.

10. Take order from everyone till your turn comes next time.

11. Do mimicry of Mickey mouse.

12. Take a funny face selfie and post it on your social networking sites.

13. Eat something which you hates the most.

14. Blindfold yourself and make a sandwich.

15. Hold your breath as long as you can.

16. Jo hundred jumping jacks.

17. Record yourself while singing and post it on Facebook.

18. Tell your best friend that you have found a better friend.

19. Dance like nobody’s watching.

20. Compose a poem for the person sitting next to you on the right side.

21. Call an unknown number and sing happy birthday to them.

22. Tickle the person sitting on the left of you till they start laughing.

23. Try to balance a spoon on your nose until next round.

24. Walk like a kangaroo until your next round.

25. Do “quack quack” till your next round comes up.

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