Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend


After writing Questions to get to know someone, questions to ask your crush and cute things to say to your boyfriend, we are now writing questions to ask your boyfriend. Once someone gets into a relationship it is fun and interesting at the start but as the time passes it starts to fade out. Couple starts talking less and things become quite boring. Many at times this is due to lack of topic available to them. As they have already known about each other and they lack proper topics to talk on. When you start feeling like you need some spark in your relationship then communication is the only way to keep it alive forever. Questions to ask your boyfriend are given below and you can ask him these questions to make things fun and know him at a deeper level.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

(A) Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

When you want your relationship to be a bit cute then try asking these cute questions to make your boyfriend feel good and to develop your relationship further.

1. When was the first time you realized  that you love me?

2. How do you feel when we hold each other’s hand?

3. How much far would you go to find me if I will not be anywhere near?

4. What do you find special in me?

5. How lucky do you feel yourself being with me?

6. How much has your life changed after getting into a relationship?

7. What was the first thing you noticed about me?

8. Would you take me to meet your parents?

9. How do we both look together?

10. Which song would you love to dedicate me?

11. How much do you feel happy when we are together?

12. Do you believe us to be soul mates?

13. What is love according to you?

14. What do my eyes speak to you?

15. Why do you start liking me what attracted you the most?

16. Do you miss me when we are not together?

17. How often do you think of me?

18. Would you want to be in a long distance relationship with me?

19. Would you love me even when I won’t look beautiful?

20. Do you feel bad when we can’t meet for long?

(B) Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Romance and flirting are an important part of a relationship to keep the spark alive. When you want to keep your relationship interesting do not always wait for your boyfriend to flirt with you. You can too start flirting with him and he would definitely love it. Ask these questions to your boyfriend to flirt with him.

1. How much good kisser I am?

2. Do you like to kiss me in the public?

3. What dresses suits me the most?

4. How would you like to spend an evening with me?

5. Do you miss me when we can’t kiss?

6. How would you describe my eyes the way they look at you?

7. How long can you cuddle with me?

8. Do you feel good when I touch you?

9. How long can you hold me while hugging?

10. Do you want to go on a long drive with me?

11. Do you like me in open hair or tied one?

12. How long have you waited to find me?

13. How great are we doing together?

14. Do you like to hold my hand in public?

15. Do you like looking at me for no reason?

16. Would you like to go swimming with me?

17. Do you like to shower or bath?

18. Do you like it when I bite my lips?

19. How much you think I am hot?

20. Would you like to spend a night with me just watching stars?

(C) Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Asking fun questions will make the situation light and funny. You can ask these questions when you feel the lack of topic available to talk with him.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing ever you had to face?

2. Would you change your change your gender if given a chance?

3. How much do you love rains?

4. Have you ever disguised as a girl?

5. The most crazier thing you had ever done?

6. How much do you enjoy eating? Are you a foodie?

7. Your favorite place to eat?

8. How you want your old age days to be?

9. What is the thing you are scared of the most?

10. Which superhero powers do you want to have?

11. If you get lost in the jungle who is the first person you would like to see?

12. What is the funniest thing to do according to you?

13. Do you like to spend time alone?

14. Which one is your favorite movie so far?

15. How much do you miss your childhood?

16. How much crazy you think you can be?

17. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

18. What is the thing which fascinates you the most?

19. What do you want to be in your next life?

20. How do you spend your weekends and how do you want to spend it?

(D) Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Deep questions will help you to know him better. Maybe you are in love with your boyfriend and you want to know everything about him. Ask him deep questions which have hidden meaning behind it. It can not only help you to know him as a better person but will also help you to know his point of view about various things. Ask this given below deep questions from your boyfriend to know him in a better way.

1.  What does love means to you?

2. What being in a relationship means to you?

3. How would you want your relationship to be?

4. What do you want to change in us as a couple?

5. If one thing you could add in me what would it be?

6. How much do you love me?

7. How do you think we are different from other couples?

8. Would you stay in long distance relationship?

9. What was the best moment about us which you remember?

10. Why did you fall in love with me?

11. Would you give up something precious to save me?

12. How much our relationship means to you?

13. What is the most important thing apart from love in a relationship according to you?

14. Does looks matters for you?

15. What is the one thing which annoys you the most?

16. What is the one thing which can make you smile anytime?

17. How do you define happiness?

18. What is your strength?

19. What is your weakness?

20. How long can you live without talking to me?

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