Questions to Get to Know Someone


After writing would you rather questions, truth or dare questions, and first date questions, we are now writing questions to get to know someone. When you want to know someone better then asking them the right question is all you need. Most of the time people tends to lack the topic and it makes others disinterested in talking to you. It would not help you to get to know better and you may even lack to have a better interaction with others. Ask given below get to know questions to get to know someone better.

Questions to Get to Know Someone

Ask These Questions to Get to Know Someone


1.) What are Your Hobbies?

Ask this question to get to know about someone’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. It will help you to decide how much that person differs from you and if you two can get along well or not? You can also get things which you both like and it will help you to talk more about common topics.

2.) How much do you think you are different from other people?

Well, you will get to know his or her perspective about themselves and it will help you to understand his or her nature. Try to observe what he or she is trying to say when they reply to this question to know them better.

3.) What is the best thing about you?

This would help you to know their strength and how they think about themselves. It will also tell you if that person is self-obsessed or proud or not.

4.) How do you want your life to be in next five years?

The answer to this question will help you to know how ambitious that person is. It will also tell you that how that person desires to be in next five years.

5.) Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

It is a very common question but great to know about the nature of that person. Both have different thoughts and perspective to view things. Knowing them would help you to know them better.

6.) Does being punctual matters to you?

If you are a punctual person or a person who never comes on time then you definitely would want to know the answer of this question.

7.) How would you define the best thing about having a life?

Know how deep that person can go by asking this question.

8.) Do you like to travel? If yes then how often?

If you are a wanderlust and that person is a couch potato then it might be tough for you both to get along.

9.) Do you like to listen to music?

If music is everything for you then you should ask him or her to talk about it.

10.) How do you find peace when you get frustrated?

It is a good question to ask when you want to know how much calm or aggressive that person is.

11.) How much money matters to you?

Money matters to everyone and indeed it is very important but family and friend comes before than money. Keep questions to get to know someone fun to keep it interesting.

12.) Do you think life should be planned or not?

Everyone has a different way to live life and you and him or her may also differ at this point.

13.) How much do you want to have a life full of adventure?

Adventurous souls are great to get along. If you are an adventurous person too then this question is a must for you to ask.

14.) Would you trust someone easily?

How emotional is that person? You will get to know by knowing the answer to this question.

15.) Which is the thing which hates you the most?

To know a person better you ought to know what annoys that person the most.

16.) What can make you smile instantly?

Ask this question from people whom you want to see happy.

17.) Ask “what is your source of inspiration?” In questions to get to know someone.

Every one has a source of inspiration and tries to find out about that person’s source of inspiration to know what motivates him or her the most.

18.) How often do you spend money on shopping?

If you are shopaholic then this question is a must for you to ask in the list of questions to get to know someone.

19.) What does being honest means to you?

Everyone has a different meaning to things which matter. Try to know what honesty means to him or her to know them better.

20.) What is the most important thing in any relationship according to you?

It is important to know if you want to know him or her better.

21.) Do you believe in long distance relationship?

Ask this question if you want to know his or her point of view on this topic.

22.) How often do you lie?

You might not get the honest answer to this question but it will also help you to know that person better.

23.) How much you think being honest is important?

Well, everyone wants honest people in their life but how honest they are to others matters the most.

24.) Have you ever done anything which you regret?

Knowing the past is a good way to know what kind of person he or she is.

25.) Do you mind going out for enjoying rather than sitting at home and relaxing?

Well, you should know this if going out is important for you. If you both have the same choice then it is perfect for you.

26.) How do you have fun when you are bored?

It will tell you how funny that person is and how much you will enjoy in their company.

27.) How much looks matters for you?

Looks are not everything but at some place, it might matter to people.

28.) How often do you think one should pray?

Try to know if he or she is a religious person.

29.) Do you believe in God?

Well, there are lots of theories and you should try to listen to them.

30.) Have you ever felt something unusual which you cannot express?

The answer to this question will definitely help you to know your mate better.

31.) How much loyal you think you will be with your partner?

If you are thinking of getting into a relationship with that person then it would be great to know how loyal that person is and how much it is important for them.

32.) What does music means to you?

Music can be soothing medicine for you and know what it means for him or she is very important too.

33.) How many close friends do you have?

Friends and family are important and when it comes to knowing a person knowing about their friends is also very important.

34.) Do you trust People easily?

Know if that person is a naive or emotional one by asking him or her this question.

35.) Do you want to have your own time? How often?

People might want to spend some alone time. Know if that person is also one of those people.

36.) What would you like to eradicate from this world if given a chance?

Ask this question to know views of that person about world and environment which is very important.

37.) Which super powers would you like to possess if you have an option?

This funny and entertaining questions would help you to keep the situation light. It will not only help you to know someone better but will help to make them laugh.

38.) What do your parents mean to you?

Know if that someone is a family person or not?

39.) How often do you read any book?

Ask this question to know about their favorite author and favorite genre.

40.) How much you think you are generous?

Ask this question to know how much a person think himself or herself generous. Keep questions like this in questions to get to know someone list to know a person deeply.

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