Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


After writing cute things to say to your boyfriend, funny things to say a girl and questions to ask your crush, we are now writing cute things to say to your girlfriend. Now you are in a relationship and therefore, it is your job to keep your girl happy all the time. When it comes to keeping the love flowing in the relationship then one should never stop doing sweet things to their partner. Say cute things to your girlfriend to keep her happy in your relationship. A true man feels his responsibility to keep her girl feel special. If she is special to you then make her realize how much she means to you by saying cute and sweet things to your girlfriend. If you are wondering what cute things to say to your girlfriend then you are at the very right place. We have enlisted the cutest things which you could say to your girl.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1.) I fall harder in love every time I see you.

Let the things be cheesy when it comes to impressing your girl. Cheesy things would also be loved by her when the one who is saying is her love of the life. Do not hesitate to say to her what is in your mind and see her going scarlet. She would definitely love these lines as it says her about how much she means to you and how crazily you are in love with her.

2.) I can spend every second looking at you and do nothing else and still not be satisfied.

Aww!! These cute lines can get any girl’s heart beat running fast like the flash! She would surely love it. Do not hesitate to say this to her and make her realize how much she means to you by saying these words. When you say these lines to her say it with the emotions and look her in the eye. Also, do not forget to give a warm smile.

3.) You are the one made for me.

Hold her hand look into her eyes and tell her these romantic lines. Tell her these lines and make her fall in love with you more. You can always make a girl feel special being with you by saying these words. You do not need to try hard you can even text her this randomly with smilies to make her again fall in love with you.

4.) Finding you was the best thing in my life which ever happened to me.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend nothing takes much time and who would not love this loving lines. She would love it very much. Say her these line without any reason to give her a mini sweet attack of bliss. She would feel blessed to have you in her life.

5.) The way you smell drives me crazy.

For guys, smell is a great turn on thing. When it comes to complimenting a girl staying limited to her looks would be a waste. She knows that guys go crazy for the smell of their partner and when you will compliment her this way she is going to love it for sure.

6.) Your smile is the best thing to watch in this world.

If her smile can brighten your day then let her know about it. Seeing the one you love smile is one of the greatest things to watch. If her smile is special to you then keep her smiling by saying this cute thing to your girlfriend.

7.) I feel so incomplete without you.

Well yes, you do and it is time to let her know too. When you are with a girl who completes you perfectly then she has rights to know about it. Tell her how much she is important in your life to keep her in your life forever.

8.) Your face is what I wanna see after I open my eyes in the morning and before I close it in the night.

I will convey her how much yo misses her and how desperately you want to be with her. She will love the way this sentence is formed. I can make any girl go crazy and love you all over.

9.) You give meaning to my life.

Tell this cute thing to your girlfriend to make her feel good and special. When it comes to making your girl feel special then saying these cute things will definitely get her to like you more.

10.) I feel like the richest person when you are with me.

And who would not love these lines. When it comes to making a girl feel special then telling her your genuine feelings would be a great thing to do. Feelings which emerges from the heart reaches straight to the heart. Tell her that she is the person who makes you feel lucky.

11.) After meeting you I have started to believe in the soul mate.

To make your girlfriend feel in the top of the world tell her these lines and tell her how much importance she holds in your life. Well, this line is also complete in itself so even if you do not say anything with it, that would be fine too.

12.) Miracle does happen I mean look at you.

When you want to compliment your girl but lack the few lines then tell her this great line and make her feel great. You would surely love the smile on her face after she hears these line.

13.) How do you always manage to take my breath away by looking this amazing?

When yo cannot look anything beyond her then say this romantic and cute line to her to make her feel special. It is indeed a very cute thing to say to your girl.

14.) Seeing tears in your eyes is the worst moment for me.

The depth of this line would melt her heart anytime anywhere. If you both had any fights recently and you made her cry then this line among the all cute things to say to your girlfriend would make her feel happy.

15.) I wish I could capture every moment spend with you.

Indeed a very cute thing to say to your girlfriend. It would make her realize how much you enjoy when you are together and she will love you more for it.

16.) Kissing you is the best thing that can happen to me.

Kissing is the greatest feeling and you share it with someone special. When you make out and talk in between sessions or anytime when you kiss her or miss kissing her you can tell her this line to make her realize how much you love kissing her. This probably is best among the cute things to say to your girlfriend.

17.) Are you an angel because you are the reason for my smile.

When your relationship is new then this line would be great to convey your feelings to your girlfriend. To tell cute things to your girlfriend you should try to analyze things and try to make a sweet sentence of it. Tell her those lines and see how lucky she feels to have you.

18.) I lost the track of time when we are together.

This one is another gem in the list of cute things to say to your girlfriend. Tell her his line to make her feel great and special. You can tell her that you love all the moments spending with her and you hate it when you both has to get away. Choose this among the cute things to say to your girlfriend to turn her mundane day to the magical one.

19.) I wish to be with you every second of my life.

Continue your cute things with adding this line to the previous one. It definitely would make her feel that she holds an amazing place in your life. Never fake compliments or never say anything which you do not mean it would also make her not believe you when you would be saying things which you actually mean.

20.) Growing old with you is what I really dream about.

Girls love it when you mention her in your future. It really makes them feel special and an important part of your life. To say cute things to your girlfriend you need to be more specific about giving her details. You can tell her that you would love to go on a planned trip around the world with her.

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