How do You Know if a Guy Likes You?


To know if a guy likes you be observant, look for his behavior change especially any change in behavior towards you. When you like a guy and he is showing no signs of any interest towards you then you do not need to be disappointed. There are various tell-tale signs to help you to know if a guy likes you or not. It is better to be sure than to be embarrassed. If you like a guy then knowing about his feelings for you give you benefit on how to think what is next to do. If you will know about his feelings you can act accordingly. Follow the given tips in this article to know surely whether a guy likes you or not?

How do You Know if a Guy Likes You

Steps to Know if a Guy Likes You

1.) To Know if a Guy Likes You Look who Initiates Conversation

know if a guy likes you or not by looking if he initiates to talk or not? If he is the one who initiates always then you can be sure about it that he likes you. In any social networking site, you will get his reply instantly as soon as you will message him. You will see his efforts to talk to you. Even when you do not bother to reply him for long still he will be the one messaging you. You will see his messages in your inbox asking about your well-being.

To be sure about his feelings try to stop initiating talking with him and wait for his reaction on it. If he gets worried and misses you then it can be the case that he likes you. In Facebook or other chatting sites, you will see his reply comes as soon as you message him. These all means that he likes to talk to you and miss you when you are not around.

2.) Know if a Guy Likes You if He Asks You Out

You both will hang out a lot, he will be initiating this as well. You will see him making plans to go out with you or by any means to spend time with you. He would like to be with you and will do anything to be with you. You might find him to be in the same clubs as yours, playing same sports which you play.

He will start revolving around you to be with you. When it comes to impressing a girl then guys tends to do it very seriously. A lot of group plans would also be initiated by him to spend time with you. He will ask about your weekend plans to make plans with you. Somehow by any means, he would like to stay with you if he really likes you.

3.) He Has Same Interest as You

You will see him interested in your interests. It is indeed a miracle when you get to meet a person who is the exact replica of yours. It is very rare to get a person who would be interested in all of your interests and if you meet one then either it is a miracle or he is trying to get closer to you. When a guy likes you he will try to impress you by doing things which you like.

Doing things which you like to do will also give him time to be with you and know you more. You would see him doing all sorts of jobs in which you keep yourself involved. You will find him with you in your drama club and even in painting class or maybe even at swimming classes. His presence all over those places would tell you that he is into you.

4.) Know if a Guy Likes You if He Enjoys Your Company

Your company is something which he would cherish. He will not be there with you for just sake of being there rather he would actually enjoy it. You will see him happy in your company and he would wish more of it. You would see him enjoying and laughing or smiling when he is with you. It does not matter if others are there with you guys or not as he would not care. His main priority is you and that is all he would want.

To be sure you can make plans to go out in a group and then tell him “everyone else canceled let us cancel too”. Look how he responds, if he says that you both could go or is it okay if you both go? It means he is definitely into you.

5.) Check these Body Language to Know if a Guy Likes You

Body language tells you way more than you need to know. When you want to know if a guy likes you or not then look how his body responds in your company. Few body language is so obvious that it will help you to know about his feelings more that his words will ever do. Few body language signs which you can look for to know if a guy likes you or not are as follows:

  • Eye Contact; when a man likes you he will make a lot of eye contact. If you want to know if a guy likes you or not then try to look at his suddenly and if you find him looking at you then you caught him red-handed. Do not conclude anything until you see him many times doing it.
  • Deep Breath; you will notice him taking long deep breaths when he will be with you. Taking deep breaths and pulling belly in makes them appear smarter that is why they do so.
  • Stands Close; you can know if a guy likes you or not by observing how close he stands. It is hard for a guy to stand apart with the one they like. Physical contact matters a lot and he will try to make it either by touching your hand or standing close to you.
  • Licks or Touches His Lips; it is also a definite sign to tell if a guy likes you or not? This is a sign which humans tends to show when they like someone. To appear more attractive he will try to lick his lips or bite his lips often. He might even play with his lips like poking it with a pen.
  • Tall Posture; posture plays a great role in building a great personality. When a guy likes you he will try to exhibit his best form in front of you. To show his best form he will stand tall with broad shoulders in front of you. These signs help you to know that he really likes you.

6.) He Tries To Dig More (Know More of You)

He would definitely try to know more of you. A guy can do it either by asking about you to your friends or trying to know you directly and even both. You will see that he is taking a lot of interest in your likes and dislikes. He pays a lot of attention to what you say and how you feel. He remembers your small details because he is observant. You will start feelings that he knows you better than many people around you. He will know all of your hobbies likes and dislikes. He will know what make you happy and what makes you sad.

7.) He Treats You Differently

If a guy likes you he will treat you differently, he will act differently for you than he is with others. He might be introvert for others but talkative with you or vice versa. You will find him treating you differently in the group as well. You will see that he is paying most attention towards you as if no one else matters much. He might even be very friendly with others and get nervous when you are around. As few people get nervous in front of their crush.


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