Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth


In this article, we are discussing several benefits of castor oil for hair growth. Castor oil is well-known for having several benefits, but it is widely known for its positive effect on hair growth. If you are worried about thinning hair, then you should use castor oil for hair growth. Encouraging hair growth is not the only thing this beneficial oil can do for your hair. Castor oil helps make your hair thicker, easier and smoother to manage. If you want to know more about castor oil for hair growth, continue to read this article.

Many castor oil users know the major improvement in their hair when they start using castor oil. What makes the castor oil so beneficial for the hair because it is a rich source of vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant. Antioxidants help prevent free radicals in the environment that may harm your hair and skin. Furthermore, castor oil boosts blood circulation in the scalp.

Does Castor Oil Make Hair Grow?

Castor oil is well-known for its effectiveness in encouraging hair growth. Actually, hair growth and castor oil go hand in hand for many people using it for thicker and healthier hair. There are many castor oil products available in the market as hair growth supplements.

Castor oil for hair growth works great by promoting the blood circulation in your hair follicles that further promotes hair growth. If you are not experiencing from any type of baldness, but frustrated with thin hair this could be the signs and symptoms of baldness. Castor oil can also relieve you with that, regular use of castor oil can help regain the growth of new and thicker hair. There is no need to buy expensive hair growth products when you have an effective and easy treatment for hair growth by using castor oil.  Castor oil alone may be sufficient to resolve all your hair problems.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth:

1.) Castor oil Acts as a Hair Conditioner and Moisturizer

Castor oil consists of omega-9 fatty acids that help hold moisture into your scalp and hair, thus making your hair look glossier than usual. Castor oil is frequently applied 15 minutes before shampooing the hair; it also works as a conditioner after applying shampoo. Another option is to keep your hair moisturizer by massaging with a few drops of castor oil and keeps it overnight then rinse it off next morning.

2.) Moisturizes Scalp and Treats Scalp Infections

Since castor oil has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, it can help prevent common scalp infections that cause baldness and itchiness. Its moisturizing properties can also help get rid of a dry scalp due to dandruff, thus reducing the amount of dandruff and potentially eliminating it altogether in the long run.

3.) Reduces Hair Split Ends and Breakage

Not only is castor oil benefits for hair growth, but also promotes health and looks of your existing hair. Apart from omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E, castor oil also has amino acids and omega-6 fatty acids that aid heals uneven hair cuticles, resulting in smooth and strong hair with less damage and fewer split ends.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair Growth

4.) Balances pH Level of Scalp

There is a Ricinoleic acid present in castor oil that helps restore the pH level of the hair and scalp. It treats the problems like scalp dandruff and acne caused due to an excessive pH level of the scalp. This directly fights back dry scalp and makes hair longer, stronger, thicker and shinier.

5.) Treats Frizzy and Dull Hair

Castor oil also consists of anti-oxidants that help treat dullness and frizziness of the hair. Antioxidant property improves blood circulation throughout the scalp. Boost in blood circulation means boost in oxygen supply all over the scalp. This makes the hair roots durable. It naturally provides deep conditioning to hair follicles, hair roots and scalp. As a result, the hair becomes radiant, frizz free and stronger.

6.) Castor Oil Adds Gloss to the Hair

It is an amazing solution to add gloss to your hair. It helps coats each hair thread when applied regularly. The keratin increases strength from the antioxidants in castor oil. Hence, the hair looks silky and glossy after wash. Castor oil is loaded with important vitamins essential for strong and healthy hair.  It has long been used for treating numerous hair disorders, including hair fall.

7.) Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil is beneficial in promoting hair growth rate in more several ways. When massaged gently into the scalp, it encourages the scalp and thus boosts blood circulation to the follicles, making them improved and more liable to produce stronger hair. When consumed orally it has also been noticed to have similar results. In addition, due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, castor oil increases your scalp quality by finishing infection causing bacteria and thus makes it easier to grow hair longer and faster.

Other Useful Benefits of Castor Oil:

1.) Castor Oil for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Application of Castor oil to the skin penetrates deep in the skin and encourages the production of elastin and collagen. This in turn helps relax and hydrate your skin. It prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin softer, smoother and younger. The fine lines around the eye area can be cured with the castor oil application. For best results, apply it regularly, after washing your face, over fine lines and wrinkles. You may also apply castor oil for before going to bed daily.

2.) Castor Oil for Acne

Castor oil consists of Ricinoleic acid that helps fight off the acne-causing germs. It efficiently penetrates the skin layers, making it an outstanding remedy for acne. To use castor oil for skin, wash your face with lukewarm water, as this will help open your skin pores. Simply massage gently on your face using your fingers in a circular motion. Keep the oil overnight. Then next morning, wash your face with normal water.

3.) Castor Oil as Moisturizer

Castor oil acts as a natural moisturizer for skin. The high amount of fatty acids penetrates the skin easily. This helps get rid of dry patches and restores hydration of the skin. Only a small amount of castor oil is sufficient for this purpose. The fatty acids in castor oil make it popular among other kind of oils. Castor oil is used in several industries, but it is most valued in the skin care section for its ability to quickly moisturize. So if you are looking for a low-cost and a natural skin moisturizer, you know what to choose. To use castor oil, apply 2-3 drops of castor oil on your face and gently massage it well using your fingers in a circular motion every night.  Just follow this procedure to wake up with supple, smooth and revitalized skin every morning.

4.) Castor Oil for Fading Scars

Castor oil is also used for fading marks and scars. Though it works slowly and gradually, but it produces a lasting solution naturally by using this on a regular basis. Once again, the fatty acids present in castor oil help to rescue your skin problems. They penetrate deep within the tissue and plump it out while boosting the growth of healthy tissues around it. It helps reduce scars slowly but efficiently.

5.) Castor Oil for Longer Eyelashes

If you wish to have longer eyelashes, but you don’t want to go for fake eye extensions, then try using castor oil on your eyelashes regularly before going to bed. In a few days, you can see great results. This is one of the best remedy to get thicker and longer eyelashes naturally.

6). Castor Oil for Thickens Eyebrows

This is one of the best remedy to get thicker eyebrows. Massage with a few drops of castor oil into your eyebrows every night before going to bed. Castor oil will help thicken and nourish your eyebrows. It also encourages the growth of hair, so it’s wonderful if you’ve over pulled your eyebrows. After a couple of days you will see positive results with castor oil massages your eyebrows will become longer and thicker.


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