Biotin for Hair Growth


This article is about biotin for hair growth. Biotin is also known as vitamin H and it is a type of vitamin B complex that present naturally in a variety of foods. The optimum amount of food helps in the metabolization of amino acids and fatty acids. Biotin plays a very important role in the stabilization of blood sugar levels. Biotin promotes hair health and its roots. Biotin deficiency is characterized by symptoms of hair loss, hair breakage, hair thinning and brittle nails. Taking extra biotin helps in getting healthier hair.

Biotin and hair growth both are closely related. Biotin promotes healthy hair growth and also prevents hair dryness or scalp dryness. Biotin increases the elasticity of a cortex of a hair, hence preventing hair breakage. Therefore, biotin helps to induce growth of new skin cells and hair that makes your hair healthy. For people who are suffering from hair loss, should take extra biotin that can grow your hair longer, thicker and healthier.

Biotin is present in a variety of foods such as wheat products, halibut, carrots, eggs and dairy, liver, nuts, soy, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and beans. There are some hair products, supplements and foods which are highly rich in biotin and helps to make your hair healthy, strong and long. These foods and hair products are listed below.

Best Foods with Biotin for Hair Growth:

1.) Yeast and Grain for Hair Growth

Yeast and grains are the best biotin foods for hair growth. By taking yeast and grains you can improve your overall health. Brewer’s yeast and nutritional yeast are the best dietary sources of biotin. A 7-gram of yeast contains 1.4 to 14 micrograms of vitamin H. Whole grains and the other products which are made from whole grains provide a high level of vitamin H. Eating one slice of whole wheat bread is sufficient to get about 0.02 to 6 micrograms of biotin for hair growth.

2.) Almonds for Thicker and Long Hair

Almonds are the best in the list of biotin rich foods for faster hair growth. Almonds are jam-packed with biotin and other nutrients such as protein and vitamin E. These nutrients help to keep your skin smooth and wrinkles free. Almond is also a great source of monounsaturated fats that helps to enhance and improve your skin, nails and hair.

Almond is a great snack that you can enjoy it anytime. You will be able to avoid junk food cravings such as chips with the help of almond. It is a great source of biotin and it also contains a high level of calcium and healthy fats. Eat a handful of almonds and you will get a lot of calories.

3.) Halibut for Hair Growth

Halibut is one of the best foods that are rich in biotin for hair growth. Halibut is a flaky white fish which is very easy to be processed into delicious dishes. It is a little expensive, so you can keep it for a beauty food splurge if needed. It is highly rich in magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and biotin.

You can also take a biotin supplement if needed. Start with a small amount of biotin. This is one of the best biotin rich foods that everyone should include it in daily meals to improve overall health without taking any type of drugs, pills or medications.

4.) Nuts for Faster Hair Growth

Nuts contain high nutritional value. If you want to get beautiful hair, nail and improve your health then you need to consume nuts. There are many types of nuts such as cashew nuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. These nuts are highly rich in biotin that you should take in your daily meals. These nuts also include omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your nails and scalp. These nuts are the best food that contains biotin for hair growth and healthy hair.

Biotin for Hair Growth

5.) Dairy Products with Biotin for Hair Growth

Dairy products are healthy and highly rich in biotin that you should take advantage of it. Dairy products are also rich in calcium which is good for your overall health and your hair. You can choose cheese, cottage cheese, milk, buttermilk and yogurt. Dairy products help to make your bone strong, reduces osteoporosis and prevent from cardiovascular diseases, etc. Particularly, eggs are the best for your hair health as they supply full nutrients for faster hair growth. This is also a great and the most common foods with biotin that you should consume to maintain good health, especially the health of nails and hair.

6.) Vegetables and Fruits with Biotin for Hair Growth

Both the fruits and vegetables are high in biotin which helps to make your hair longer and thicker. Vegetables are highly rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your health. Some vegetables such as cabbage, onions, cucumbers and cauliflowers are best for your hair. It is very easy to cook vegetables when you can boil, cook or eat them raw. If you want to get high amount of biotin then you should not avoid fruits as they are highly rich in biotin.

A cup of raw cauliflower contains 0.2 to 4 micrograms of biotin while avocados will give you 2 to 6 micrograms of vitamin. Peas, soybeans, mushrooms, legumes, bananas and nut butter are high in biotin that can take daily. These foods are the best sources of biotin that people should consume daily for their hair healthy.

7.) Meat and Seafood with Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin is good for skin, hair and nails development as it promotes the nerve tissues and reduce the pain in muscles. Getting biotin through a healthy diet is the best option to save your time, health and money. You will get lots of biotin in some animal meats and fishes. You will get 27 micro milligrams of biotin in 3 ounces of cooked liver. Some fishes like salmon, sardines and some other saltwater fishes are rich in biotin and vitamins such as low-fat and protein. If you like meat then you should eat turkey, beef, red meat and pork to get the high content of biotin. Meat and seafood are the best food for faster hair growth.

Best Hair Products with Biotin for Hair Growth:

1.) Organic Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo

This shampoo is rich in pro-vitamin B7 that increases your hair growth and strengthens your weak hair. This shampoo helps to nourish and hydrate your hair. Regular usage of this shampoo makes your hair thick, healthy and full. It is also rich in wheat proteins which are good for your hair growth and makes your hair healthy and smooth. This hair product based on volumising formula and hence, it makes your hair thicker. You can get this shampoo online. It comes in a very classy bottle that you can carry while travelling.

2.) Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo

Avalon organics are the best shampoo that contains biotin for hair growth. Avalon is an organic brand that contains natural ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, wheat protein and saw palmetto that energizes your scalp and give you long and thick hair. This shampoo adds volume to your thin hair. It promotes hair growth and hydrates your hair follicles. Regular usage of this shampoo makes your weak strands strong, thicker and softer. This shampoo is the best shampoo as it contains natural ingredients.

3.) Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo

Aloe Veda is a nourishing shampoo which is made from biotin, allantoin and aloe vera. The green apple fragrance in this shampoo helps to treat dandruff, nourish your hair and make your hair smooth. This shampoo makes your root healthy and strong and thus, it promotes hair growth. This shampoo also cleans your scalp and remove dandruff. Use it regularly that will soothe and heal your scalp. This shampoo is mild and you can purchase it online.

4.) Nexxus Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Nexxus is a USA brand and it contains natural ingredients for its products. Nexxus Biotin is the best shampoo that is rich in biotin for hair growth. The shampoo from nexus contains biotin that makes your hair smooth and grow your hair faster. You need to take a small amount of this shampoo. It is especially made for curly hair and faster hair growth. It hydrates your hair and regular usage of this shampoo improves the texture of hair. It is expensive as it is an imported product, but it is worth to use due to its best results.

5.) Nexxus Vitratress Biotin Shampoo for Faster Hair Growth

Nexxus is a USA brand that contains biotin, chamomile, lavender and other natural ingredients which are  good for your hair. It is an environment friendly brand that you can use without worrying about harmful chemicals. This shampoo makes your hair silky, smooth and improves your hair texture as it contains the highest amount of biotin.  This shampoo is available online so you can purchase it and it comes in recyclable bottle that are good for the environment.


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