Zinc Rich Foods (Foods High in Zinc)


In this article, we will discuss about zinc rich foods or foods high in zinc. Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role to keep your body healthy. Intake of mineral is necessary in small amounts in your food for good health. Zinc is good for healthy skin, hair and eyes. The 90 percent of zinc is found in muscles and bones. Zinc is an active agent in the body that helps to metabolize food and nutrients. It also has the ability to heal the injury. It is found in a variety of foods. Zinc is abundant in whole grains, red meats and certain seafoods. Zinc deficiency usually occurs in vegetarians. This is the only reason that zinc is found mostly in non-vegetarian foods. Signs of zinc deficiency include loss of appetite, diarrhea, growth retardation, hair loss, delayed healing of wounds and impaired immune system. So, include zinc rich foods in your diet every day.

Health Benefits of Zinc:

Zinc has several health benefits and few of them are below:

  • Zinc treatment helps to heal the process of gastric ulcers.
  • Zinc is important for the proper working of the immune system.
  • Zinc may help to treat diabetes.
  • Oral and topical use of zinc is a safe and effective treatment for acne.
  • Zinc also necessary for hair growth. Also, it helps to reduce dandruff.
  • Zinc helps to improve blood cholesterol levels.

Zinc Rich Foods (Foods High In Zinc):

There is a wide range of foods that contain zinc. Here is the list of foods that are rich in zinc.

1.) Zinc Rich Foods During Pregnancy

Zinc is very important to eat zinc rich foods during pregnancy to maintain the level of zinc. It is  essential for cell division and growth. Zinc also helps to avoid pre-term delivery and congenital abnormalities. It plays an important role in activating weight, height and bone development in infants and kids. A pregnant woman should eat foods that are high in zinc such as Red meat and fortified cereals. Foods that are high in zinc include beans, shellfish, nuts, poultry, dairy products and whole grains. Oysters are one of the richest food sources of zinc. During the pregnancy, infant are not able to grow and your lower immunity gets infected due to the deficiency of zinc. So consume proper foods high in zinc during pregnancy.

2.) Zinc Rich Foods for Men

Men need zinc rich foods to maintain the male hormone levels (testosterone). In men, zinc protects the prostate gland from getting infected and from inflammation. This nutrient helps to maintain sperm count and normal levels of serum testosterone. It is recommended that zinc supplements should be taken with antibiotics as it will be more effective than taking antibiotics alone. So, it will reduce the pain, quality of life and urinary symptoms. Men should include foods that are high in zinc such as egg yolk, sesame foods, oysters, peanuts, beef liver, garlic, red meat, mushrooms, flax seeds, kidney beans, crabs, brown rice, spinach, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds.

3.) Zinc Rich Foods For Women

Zinc helps to prevent osteoporosis in women, especially those women who have gone through menopause. Due to the low levels of zinc in women, the density of bone decreases. So, eat foods that are high in zinc, which can help to decrease bone loss in women. Zinc also boosts skin health, prevent hair loss and dandruffs. Women should include cereals, wheat germ, meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushroom, spinach and dark chocolate.

4.) Zinc Rich Foods for Hair

It is necessary to include zinc rich foods in your diet for healthy hair. The lower levels of zinc may result in hair loss, dull, thin and graying hair. It is a vital mineral for healthy hair and skin. The zinc deficiency reduces the protein structure that makes the hair follicle. This weakening of hair follicles can cause hair loss. Include zinc foods for hair growth such as nuts, oysters, chickpeas, eggs, sweet potatoes and spinach.

5.) Zinc Rich Foods for Vegetarians

Zinc usually present in white and red meats and its products. Zinc levels may not be sufficient in vegetarians. Plant foods contain phytates compound that can reduce zinc absorption. Some researchers have suggested that this compound increases the levels of zinc of vegetarians by 50 percent. So vegan doesn’t need to feel bad because zinc levels can be maintained by eating spinach and numerous seeds like pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds. So, consume these zinc rich foods.

Zinc Rich Foods Foods High in Zinc

6.) Zinc Rich Foods For Babies

Your growing child will need a combination of minerals and vitamins for their proper growth and healthy development. Include zinc foods to the diet of young children as it highly beneficial for their health. Zinc for kids is available in food items such as shellfish, red meat, mushrooms, beans, whole grain cereals, nuts, potatoes and a little amount of breast milk. Zinc helps to improve their immune system and protects from various diseases. It also fights against cough and cold.

Foods High in Zinc For Overall Health:

1.) Beef High in Zinc

Beef is a great source of zinc that maintains your zinc levels because it contains more zinc than other foods. Beef helps to keep the blood cells and body’s nerve healthy. The best way to eat beef is to grind up the beef and roast it in the oven. Eating lots of beef can increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and other health issues. So try to eat beef in a week.

2.) Spinach High in Zinc

Minerals and vitamins help to keep the body healthy with a proper balanced diet. Zinc is an essential mineral that helps in the proper functioning of the body. It can be easily obtained through spinach. Spinach contains many vitamins and minerals. You can include spinach in your salad which is the best way to get zinc into your diet.

3.) Oysters High in Zinc

Oysters are a type of shellfish that can be consumed by a variety of different ways. Oysters contain more zinc than other zinc containing foods. Oysters help in the production of enzymes and proteins. It is required for the proper growth of the fetus. It maintains a healthy immune system and it is required for the sense of taste and smell. Cooked oysters contain 188 percent of zinc while raw oysters contain 94 percent of zinc. So it can be consumed cooked or raw and in soups and sauces as an ingredient. It is also a good source of vitamin B-12, iron and selenium.

4.) Cereals High in Zinc

Fortified cereals are a great source of zinc. Whole grain cereals, bran and multi-grain is highly rich in zinc. Fortified cereals contain phytates compound which is bound with the zinc and helps to prevent absorption. Include cereal in your breakfast which is the only source of zinc. Don’t include cereals with high sugar levels which is not good for your health. Eat 100g of cereals daily to keep yourself healthy and strong.

5.) Pumpkin Seeds High in Zinc

Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which helps to prevent prostate cancer and maintain your healthy immune system. A 100 g of pumpkin seeds contains 10.3 mg of zinc that contributes to 69 percent daily value of zinc mineral. Eat raw roasted pumpkin seeds that can increase the level of zinc. They also help you sleep better at night by giving omega-3 acids. Pumpkin seeds are very important for physiological functions.

6.) Fruits High in Zinc

Some fruits contain a small amount of zinc, but many fruits are rich in zinc. Pomegranates are one of the fruits that are highly rich in zinc as it provides 1 mg of zinc. Avocados and some berries are also good sources of zinc mineral. Avocados provide 1.3 mg of zinc and berries contains 0.8 mg of zinc. Eating fruits protects you from many diseases. Fruits are low in fat and calories, that’s why fruits are very essential for weight loss.

7.) Vegetables High in Zinc

Some vegetables are a great source of zinc. Legumes, such as lima beans, soybeans and peas are rich in zinc. Other vegetables provide zinc include green beans and Brussels sprouts. Vegetables contain lots of nutrients that help to maintain your body and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. Corn contains 0.7 mg of zinc while the pumpkin and potatoes contain zinc with 0.6 mg per cup. Green leafy vegetables such as swiss chard is a great source of zinc that provides 0.2 mg per cup of zinc.

8.) Dark Chocolate High in Zinc

A piece of dark chocolate is one of best zinc rich foods. Dark chocolate is the best source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate helps to make your skin glow and smooth. A 100 gram of dark chocolate contains 9.6 mg of zinc, which is good for your skin. Eat one square of dark chocolate daily to improve your zinc intake. Dark chocolate helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases due to containing a high content of cocoa which is highly nutritious.


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