20 Simple High Ponytails for Girls


A high ponytail is a universal hairstyle that is used by all men and women with long enough hair. however not enough attention to paid to the variety of ponytail out there. It is considered as a simple way to arrange your hair, you deprive yourself of a chance to make some stylish arrangement.  In this article, you will see high ponytails for girls in different styles.

Top 20 Simple High Ponytails for Girls

1.) The classics

The classic high ponytail is easy to make but there is little tricks to make this hairstyle. The hair is not pulled in tightly to create some volume on the top of the head. This is very decent and professional hairstyle.

The classics high ponytails for girls

2.) Loose top

This high ponytails for girls look special due to loose and voluminous top it creates. To make this hairstyle you will need to make a middle part and brush your hair to the back and upward. once you will get the volume tie the ponytail with an elastic band.

Loose top high ponytails for girls

3.) Wavy ponytail

If you have always dreamed about wavy hair but didn’t want to get through hassle of perming damage, then this hairstyle has come to full your dream. You will just need to curl the lower part of your locks, which can save your hair some quality. The curls will also stay for longer.

Wavy ponytail high ponytails for girls

4.) High and mighty ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for that girl who are in sports. It is very tight and the hair doesn’t come into your face while you are exercising.

High and mighty ponytails high ponytails for girls

5.) Get creative with braids

If you have a bit of time and just tired of the simple ponytail, so you can enhance your look just by simply adding a braid into your hairstyle. You can also wear this hairstyle in special occasions.

Get creative with braids high ponytails for girls

6.) High hair

This hairstyle is a good choice for the girls with round square faces. It si little complicated to make and also require some hair products.

High hair high ponytails for girls

7.) Worry free

This worry free hairstyle is familiar to all women with long hair. it is easy to make, just pull it back and upward and tie with an elastic band.

Worry free high ponytails for girls

8.) Weave

If you have always dreamed about making amazing locks, but your own tresses just don’t live up to the standard, then don’t worry. Hair extension is the solution of all your problems. The easiest way to use weave is to attach it as a ponytail.

Weave high ponytails for girls

9.) Ponytail accessories

Elastic bands and scrunches are not the only tools you can use when making high ponytail hairstyles. There is a large variety of accessories that can make your ponytail really shine. Use one of the wide bands to make a ponytail shown in the photo.

Ponytail accessories high ponytails for girls

10.) High ponytail with bangs

If you have long bangs, then don’t always hide them in a high ponytail. You can also leave them hanging to create a more romantic look.  This is one of the best high ponytails for girls.

High ponytail with bangs high ponytails for girls

11.) Messy ponytail

Girls with thick and wavy hair know the problem to make hairstyle. it will take too much hair gel to make them tight and neat. You can straighten out your hair to enhance the look.

Messy ponytail high ponytails for girls

12.) Combined ponytail

If you have long bangs, so you can make a combined ponytail, it will definitely look amazing. All you need to do is collect your bangs and bush them backward. Make a regular high ponytail with a strand to cover the elastic band.

Combined ponytail high ponytails for girls

13.) Pinned ponytail

When you think about a ponytail the first thing which comes in your mind is an elastic band. You can make a special hairstyle by pinning your hair backward strand by strand.

Pinned ponytail high ponytails for girls

14.) Ponytail with a bun

If you have long hair so you can easily make this hairstyle.  TO make this hairstyle, start by making a bun, but he rest of your hair hang in a ponytail.

Ponytail with a bun high ponytails for girls

15.) Keep it neat

If you have wavy hair, it is very hard to keep it neat in a ponytail. To make this hairstyle pull back your hair tightly from the side and loose from the top of the head.

Keep it neat high ponytails for girls

16.) High ponytail on the side

It is one of the easy and simple high ponytails for girls. It looks as great on the side as in the middle. This hairstyle is perfect for the photoshoot as the ponytail will be visible. You must try this hairstyle.

High ponytail on the side high ponytails for girls

17.) Real high and colorful

If you really want to make a long lasting impression then go for a very high ponytail that starts at the top of your head. If you want to make them more interesting, use some wild colors to highlight it.

Real high and colorful high ponytails for girls

18.) Go wild

You can add some crazy accessories to your simple ponytail to make them wild. Accessories will help to enhance the look of your ponytail. It is one of the best high ponytails for girls.

Go wild high ponytails for girls

19.) Color play

If high ponytail is your favorite hairstyle, then you can highlight your hair according. Keep the top part one shade and make the ponytail itself look completely different.

Color play high ponytails for girls

20.) Medium-length

If your hair is not so long, that doesn’t mean a high ponytail hairstyle is not for you. All you need is to make sure it should be neat. Shorter hairstyle is often layered and it creates the problem to collect all the strands inside the elastic band. It is one of the best simple high ponytails for girls.

medium length high ponytails for girls


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