20 Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles


The side ponytail is a trendy and stylish variation of an old ponytail hairstyle and it an easy hairstyle that suits every hair type and face shape. We have chosen a 20 best side ponytail hairstyles that we adore, and we hope that these celebrity hairstyles will inspire you to experiment with the own look.

20 Best Side Ponytail Hairstyles

1.) Side Swept Fringes

The actress rose Byrne is looking pretty in this side ponytail and a large side swept fringe hairstyle. Her long hair si secured at the nape of her back and her side swept add the aroma in her beauty. This is one the best side ponytail hairstyles.Side swept fringes side ponytail hairstyles

2.) Voluminous wavy pony

Singer and actress Selena Gomez are looking beautiful is her unique point hairstyle. This adorable little side curl gazes her cheeks.  To get a super shining hair like Selena, use some conditioner on your hair. This is one of the best side ponytail hairstyles.

Voluminous wavy pony side ponytail hairstyles

3.) Thick and chunky side plait

British singer Rita ora rocks a thick and chunky platinum side plait and with her pink lipstick. Briad and plaits are trending at the moment and this is a great way to spice up on simple ponytail hairstyle.

thick and chunky side plait side ponytail hairstyles

4.) Glamorous curls

American actress and model molly sims are looking stunning with her honey blonde hair and glamorous curls. This is one of the best side ponytail hairstyles. You must try this hairstyle.

glamourous curls side ponytail hairstyles

5.) Side pony with peekaboo fringe

Actress Jennifer loves Hewitt is looking awesome in her peekaboo fringe and sleek side pony. This is an elegant an glamorous hairstyle for a night out and it is also very easy to make. You must try this hairstyle.

side pony with peekaboo fringe side ponytail hairstyles

6.) Sectioned pony with rounded bangs

Singer and model Bella Thorne looking funky with her long sectioned ponytail and rounded bangs. Sectioned ponytail are easy to make and they also look great when secured with simple, thin hair ties. This is one of the best side ponytail hairstyles.

sectioned pony with rounded bangs side ponytail hairstyles

7.) Curled side pony and blunt bangs

New girl actress Zooey Deschanel looking cute with her curled side pony and her signature blunt bangs. This is one of the best side ponytail hairstyles which you should at least try at once.

curled side pony and blunt bangs side ponytail hairstyles

8.) Sleek simple low ponytail

Taylor swift keeps her looks simple and polished with her sleek and low side ponytail. Her hair is secured at the nape of the neck. Taylor wears jewel green earring for extra impact.

Sleek simple low ponytail side ponytail hairstyles

9.) Thick braided side pony

Actress Emma Watson is looking adorable with her thick braided side pony. She keeps her looks stylish by wrapping the end of her ponytail with a section of her own hair to conceal the hair tie. This is one of the best side ponytail hairsyles.

thick braided side pony side ponytail hairstyles

10.) Soft fluffy ponytail

Actress Kristin Dunst is looking ethereal with her soft fluffy side ponytail. We love the texture of her hair which is matching with her pink lipstick that brings out her blue eyes. To recreate this look secure your hair in a loose side ponytail.

soft fluffy ponytail side ponytail hairstyles

11.) Fancy fishtail plait

Kim Kardashian wears her thick raven locks in a fancy fishtail plait secured to one side. Instead of wearing a traditional ponytail plait your hair before securing it at the nape of your back. This hairstyle is intricate and stylish and they look good with long hair.

fancy fishtail plait side ponytail hairstyles

12.) Super Long Knotted Side Pony

Actress Jessica alba is looking fabulous with her long knotted side ponytail. We love how her straight hair has been pulled back into a ponytail and knotted at the nap of her back. You must try this hairstyle as this look professional.

Super Long Knotted Side Pony side ponytail hairstyles

13.) Short stubby ponytail

English model and tv presenter Alexa Chung is looking gorgeous in short stubby ponytail and quirky parted bangs. She looks professional in her looks. You should also try this hairstyle.

short stubby ponytail side ponytail hairstyles

14.) Messy side pony with fishtail plait

Actress blake lively is looking adorable with her messy side fishtail plait. Blake sports a combination of a side ponytail and a pretty fishtail plait. Her golden hair color is enhancing her hairstyle.

messy side pony with fishtail plait side ponytail hairstyles

15.) Teeny weeny ponytail

Kate Bosworth tiny plaited ponytail is tiny. We love how she incorporated a little ponytail into her short hairdo. This hairstyle is good for those who don’t have long hair.

teeny weeny ponytail side ponytail hairstyles

16.) Intricately braided hairdo

Singer Rihanna wowed us with her red braided hairdo. Her braid starts close to her side parting and joins a thicker side braid that rests on her shoulder. Although this is slightly unconventional. This hairstyle and unique and gorgeous.

intricately braided hairdo side ponytail hairstyles

17.) Edgy side pony

Actress Kristen Stewart is looking drop dead gorgeous with her edgy side pony. Her hair has been teased at the crown into a puffy bouffant with sleek sides and a short layered ponytail. You must try this hairstyle.

edgy side pony side ponytail hairstyles

18.) Girl next door ponytail

Country music singer Carrie underwood has nailed the girl next door look with her pretty side ponytail. With her dreamy golden curls and a side parted fringe. You should try this hairstyle. It si one of the best side ponytail hairstyles. This hairstyle is ultra feminine and very flattering.

girl next door ponytail side ponytail hairstyles

19.) Sweeping fringe and loads of curls

Actress Eva Longoria is looking gorgeous with her curled side ponytail and her swooping side fringe. This hairstyle works best with thick and long hair that has natural waves in it. but you can recreate it with the right heat styling tools.

sweeping fringe and loads of curls side ponytail hairstyles

20.) Braided Side Pony

TV personality and socialite Nicole Richie is bang on trend with her pretty braided hairdo. Her whole head of hair has been braided, from her middle parting down to her little side pony.

Braided Side Pony side ponytail hairstyles


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