Mesmerizing Box Braids Updo Hairstyles


Accentuate your look with unique and trendy box braids updos. Box braid is easy to maintain and long lasting. The look allows you to show off the inner creative personality by styling in different and amazing styles. We have shared many ideas in our gallery to give a new look to the box braid every day. Here are mesmerizing box braids updo hairstyles that surely grab many hearts.

Mesmerizing Box Braids Updo Hairstyles:

1.) Box Braids Half Top Knot

Box braids half top knot is one of the captivating box braids updo hairstyles. The hairstyle is best suitable for every hair texture. But it looks flawless on big braids as they give you high volume in the hairstyle. To get this look, you need to separate the top sections at the temple for the perfect look. Take the top section and twist into the bun. Bold eyebrows and winged eyeliner make it more appealing.

box braid with top knot braids updo hairstyles

2.) Cute Bun Style

You cannot imagine the cute look can be highly sensational. You can see in the picture, the hairstyle is adorable. Magnify your look with swirl braids that turns into a cute bun. The hairstyle also protects the hair from damage and breakage. For a better look, you can apply make to enhance your look. The cute bun style is one of the box braids updo hairstyle.

Cute bun box braids updo hairstyles

3.) Silver Crown Updo

Chin up princess or crown slip. Don’t worry, your crown will never slip when you make it with your natural hair. As we immensely love box braid, but silver makes them more fashionable. You need to required little practice, but not that much complicated. You just have to begin the French braid from both sides of the ear, then stretched across your hairline.  Secure this hairstyle with bobby pins that will not get visible in the beautiful crown.

silver crown updos box braids updo hairstyles

4.) Box Braid Pigtails Twists

The box braid pigtails are one of the cute version of box braids updo hairstyles. When in a mood of romance, go with soft and low. The box braid pigtails are one of the amazing box braids updo hairstyle. You can achieve this look by parting them down to create the low pigtails. Stop the braiding process in the middle and wrap the end to get the perfect look. You can magnify your look with hair accessories.

pigtail twist box braids updo hairstyles

5.) Triple Bun Updo

The adorable style is for those beauties who never compromise with styling. You really don’t care about the other’s view, then try triple bun updo. The hairstyle takes your time as it needs a little effort. The hairstyle is easy to manage into super three buns. The style adds volume and thickness to the hairstyle. The triple bun updo is one of the box braids updo hairstyles.

tripple bun updo box braids updo hairstyles

6.) Pull Back Box Braids with Beads

 Updos for braids don’t have to be daunting and complicated. The hairstyle allows you to flaunt your facial feature. To get this look, you need to take all the front braids and pull them back. Just secure the hairstyle with pony holder or blend them in the high ponytail. For the perfect look, showoff your braid by taking them in one side. The pull back box braids with beads is one of the box braids updo hairstyles.

pull back box braids updo hairstyles

 7.) The High Bun Updo

Spice your hairstyle with beads that add special attention to the look. the high bun updo is one of the box braids updo hairstyles. Bright bead gets pop up in the high bun which is wow factor in the look. The hairstyle adds height, dimension and boost the volume of the twisted bun. Go for golden chunky braids to get the complete look. The high bun updo is one of the classy box braids updos hairstyles.

the high bun box braids updo hairstyles

8.) Box Braid in Twisted Crowns

Highlighted braids add fire in the boring box braid look. The box braids in twisted crowns are one of the gorgeous box braids updo hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the sides get the twist out. For this look, you need to twist the braids of your top section and wrapped along the one side. Secure it with hairpin to get the perfect look.

box braids with twisted sections box braids updos hairstyles

9.) Golden Blonde and Platinum Box Braid

You will definitely forget all the natural hair color for a second, after watching the hairstyle in the picture. The golden blonde and platinum box braids are one of the elegant box braids updo hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the low-lights and highlights work best with golden blonde and platinum. Take all the strand and twist them into a classy bun.

golden blonde and platinum blonde box braids updos hairstyles

10.) High Ponytail style

Big braids add offers you plenty of styling option. Then why not try half-updo? High ponytail? In braid hairstyle, the high ponytail works best with amazing hair texture. As the hairstyle has so much of the volume, which look perfect when it get secured into a ponytail. Adding few silver highlights is not a bad option to flaunt the look.

high ponytail box braids updo hairstyles

11.) Bundle Up

Wear your favorite scarf that matches with your dress is not bad ideas to get the best look. In this hairstyle, wrap the scarf around the head into turban like the look. You can also make the scarf your headband to secure the box braid. Black women pull off the look nicely. You can use floral design scarf with casual shirts for a stunning look.

bundle up box braids'box braids updo hairstyles

12.) Double Trouble

Double trouble is one of the cute box braids updo hairstyles. Show off your quirky buns with amazing box braids. The cute buns give you the illusion of Minnie mouse ears. The hairstyle reveals your inner sassy girls with this look.

double and trouble box braids updo hairstyles

13.) Twist and Turns

There is plenty option available to turn the braids into a standard bun. Enhance your hairstyle with fetching hair accessories. The twist and turns are one of the cool box braids updo hairstyles.

twist and turn bun box braids updo hairstyles

14.) Playful Ponytails

Embrace the box braid with a high straight ponytail with gorgeous makeup. Magnify your look with any solid hair color that takes your look to the next level.

playful ponytail box braids updo hairstyles

15.) Candy Colored Updo

Don’t get away from the bright and vibrant hue for box braids hairstyle. If you are going to the party or attending any festival then try candy color updo which surely highlights your personality between the crowd. The candy-colored updo is one of the box braids updos hairstyles.

candy colored updo box braids updos hairstyles


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