20 Curly Hairstyles for Girls


If you have curly hair, you once must have heard a comment like ‘your curls are so beautiful, I wish I had the same’. This is for sure is a compliment, but girls with curly hair only know that how hard it is to manage your curls. Hairstyles for curly hair could be a tough task. But don’t worry, you are on the right page. Read our article to discover the top 20 curly hairstyles for girls.

Top 20 Curly Hairstyles for Girls:

1.) Curly Ponytail with a Side Braid:

curly ponytail with side braid curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the charming curly hairstyles for girls. The plus point of this hairstyle is that you don’t have to spend hours to create it. You can keep your curls tamed and together with this hairstyle even through the longest day.

2.) Waterfall Braid on Curly Hair:

waterfall braid curly hairstyles for girls

The waterfall braid on curly hair looks amazing. It is something that you can’t describe in words. It is easy to do hairstyle and the waterfall braid will also hold your curls in place.

3.) Thick Gray Waves Hairstyles for Girls:

thick gray waves curly hairstyles for girls


Grey is the favorite color of girls who want perfection, seriousness, and class in their look. The gray color on the gorgeous curly hair gives it a little modern touch. It is perfect if you are ready to change your hair color.

4.) Curly Pin Up Hairstyles for Girls:

curly pin up curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the splendid curly hairstyles for girls. It looks stunning on girls who have both tight and loose curls. Use several pins to tuck back your curls. You can use jeweled pins to make your hairstyle attractive.

5.) Purple Hair with Defined Curls:

purple hair with defined curls curly hairstyles for girls

Sometimes you are in no mood to take a haircut or waste time in making complex hairstyles. For this, we have a solution that is a striking color. This striking is a perfect for a temporary hairstyle. This purple color will make your curls appear more radiant.

6.) Golden Waves with Thick Bangs:

golden waves with thick bangs curly hairstyles for girls

Golden color has gained a lot of popularity in the hair world. The golden waves will make you feel like a fairy and bangs will compliment your beauty. Keep the bangs short and blunt for a better contrast.

7.) Half Updo Curly Hairstyles for Girls:

half updo curly hairstyles for girls

This half Updo is ideal for managing your stubborn curls. It is perfect if you want to flaunt to the beauty of your curls and at the same time, you don’t want them to spread on your face. Whether you are a school girl or a young girl, it is an ideal option.

8.) Blonde Curls with a Center Part:

blonde curls with a center part curly hairstyles for girls

Are you bored of your jet black hair? If yes, then go for a blonde shade to bring the wind of change. The blonde curls and the tight ringlets will make you look dazzling. You will just fall in love with the volume and messy texture.

9.) Twist and Pin Half Up Hairstyles:

twist and pin up half curly hairstyles for girls

There are two basic keys that can make your curls look beautiful and perfect. These two keys are layers and length. Layers will relieve you of the excessive thickness and the length will maintain the tightness of your curls. This twist and pin up hairstyle is a perfect option for a lot of occasions.

10.) Textured Curls Rolled Back to Side:

textured curls rolled back to side curly hairstyles for girls

It is an outstanding hairstyle for all the girls with medium length hair. Apply a little mousse to the roots and then roll your textured curls back. Bring your curls to one side and let them rest on your shoulder.

11.) Super High Ponytail with Wispy Ends:

super high ponytail with wispy ends curly hairstyles for girls

This super high ponytail will enhance the beauty of your curls. Grab all your coils and pull in back into a super high ponytail. Secure your super high ponytail with a jeweled hair accessory. Let the wispy layers rest on your head and face.

12.) Curls with Multicolored Highlights:

curls with multicolored highlights curly hairstyles for girls

If you want your curls to move freely and want no pins and headband, then why not add some streaks of different colors. The chunky highlights will beautifully define your curls. If you are a bold girl, then this is the most suitable hairstyle for you.

13.) Curly Bun Hairstyles:

curly bun curly hairstyles for girls

Who said that buns look pretty on straight and wavy hair only? The image below will prove you wrong. This curly bun is ready in less than 5 minutes. It is a marvelous hairstyle for girls with both tight and loose ringlets.

14.) Vintage Updo for Wavy Hair:

vintage updo for wavy hair curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most stunning curly hairstyles for girls. The messy touch in this voluminous Updo is improbable. It is very easy to implement this Updo. You need some bobby pins to fix your locks.

15.) Bouncy Curls Hairstyles for Girls:

bouncy curly hairstyles for girls

This thick and curly hairstyle has won the hearts of many girls. It is a universally flattering hairstyle but girls with broader faces should avoid it. There no need of any straightening treatment as these bouncy curls are enough to give you a feminine and appealing look.

16.) Curled Lob with Horizontal Bangs:

curled lob with horizontal bangs curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the magnificent curly hairstyles for girls. It is a perfect hairstyle for girls with high cheekbones and a prominent forehead. You can apply a little mousse to texturize your beautiful curls.

17.) Low Side Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls:

low side ponytail curly hairstyles for girls

If you are in the middle of an event and the curls hanging on your face are irritating you, then finger comb your curls and tie them back into a low ponytail. Rest your ponytail on one of your shoulders.

18.) Curly Pigtails with Twisted Front:

curly pigtails with twisted front curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most enchanting curly hairstyles for girls. Pigtails have been a girl’s first love since childhood. The two coiled pigtails will take you back in the world of your school days. It is a cute and adorable hairstyle to wear.

19.) Spiral Curls with Even Fringes:

spiral curls with even fringes curly hairstyles for girls

The spiral structure of your glossy curls will make you look more graceful and beautiful. The even front fringes and an eye-catching headband are going to complete your hairstyle.

20.) Curly Mohawk with Single Side Braid:

curly mohawk with single side braid curly hairstyles for girls

This is one of the most alluring curly hairstyles for girls. This Mohawk is going to give you an opportunity to flaunt your curls. It is a simple hairstyle to implement on your curly locks.


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