20 Best Hairstyles for Little Girl


Whether the age is 5 years or 25 years, a girl is just the same when it comes to beauty matters. From childhood, a daughter copies her mother, whether it’s her dress, makeup or hairstyle she wants to look as beautiful as her mommy. Just relax! We have jotted down some creative and beautiful hairstyles for little girl. Create one for your daughter and bring a smile on her face.

List of 20 Best Hairstyles for Little Girl:

1.) Loose Braided Pigtails Hairstyles for Little Girls:

loose braided pigtails hairstyles for little girl

School, dance class, painting class, sports etc. Your little girls have to do so many things during the day. So choose a hairstyle that doesn’t come between her learning, but at the same time makes her look adorable. These loosely braided pigtails offer the same cuteness and comfort. Create a side part and make a loose braid on both the sides.

2.) Ribbon Braided Updo Hairstyles:

ribbon braided Updo Hairstyles for little girl

This messy braided bun will make you look pretty. The best part of this hairstyle is that your doll doesn’t have to sit for too long. Make different braids and use a ribbon. Combine these ribbon braids together into a messy bun.

3.) Braided Ponytail for Little Girls:

braided ponytail hairstyles for little girl

No doubt your little girl looks like a doll with open hair, but you can’t leave her hair open all the time. This hairstyle is great to make your daughter happy. Make a ponytail and then braid is simply. Also, include two mini braids from the sides. Use a Saturn hair pin to beautify your braid.

4.) Basket Weave Hairstyles for Little Girl:

basket weave hairstyles for girls

This hairstyle is going to make your little girl look no less than a princess. It is fairly simple to create this hairstyle. Weave your hair from one side and leave the rest open. Use a flower clip to secure the basket weave. Create loose curls at the end and let your daughter shine.

5.) French Braided Hairstyles for Little Girl:

french braided hairstyles for little girl

You know what’s the best part of this hairstyle. It is can be used up in different ways. You can make a French braid bun or a simple side French braid. The hairstyle that the girl is wearing in the image is simple to create. Make a side braid on the front of the head and cover the hairline. Leave the rest of the hair open.

6.) Twisted Bun Hairstyles for Kids:

twisted bun hairstyles for little girl

Do you want your little girl to look different in the upcoming marriage in your home? Do you want her to look prettiest among all other children? This twisted bun is just perfect for your little girl. It will make her feel comfortable and you will be tension free. Create some twist at the ends and then wrap them and tuck them together.

7.) Side Braids with a Side Bun:

side braids with a side bun hairstyles for little girl

You can create this easy hairstyle within minutes. Create a side part and use a brush to comb your hair. Create three thin side braids on one side of the head and mix them with a side bun.

8.) Upside Down Braided Bun:

upside down braided bun hairstyles for little girl

If your child is bored of those braided hairstyles or the buns, then why not try something creative. This modern and unique hairstyle incorporates both braids and bun. Create an upside down French braid and then blend it into a bun.

9.) Half Updo Hairstyles for Little Girl:

half updo hairstyles for little girl

Half Updo is easy to create and for sure, your daughter will rock the stage. Use some hair pins to tuck hair at the back. You can use ribbons to make this half Updo unique. Use a curling iron to create some curls.

10.) Triple Lace Braids Hairstyles:

triple lace braid hairstyles for little girl

Hairstyles for kids can be very attractive and appealing. Weave three lace braids diagonally starting from the front and bring it towards the nape. Combine the three lace braids into a pony. Use an attractive hair clip as an additional bonus.

11.) Heart Braids and a Ponytail:

heart braids and ponytail hairstyles for little girl

This hairstyle is overloaded with creativeness and uniqueness. You may find it a little difficult, but a proper parting and tight braiding will make it easy. Blend this heart-shaped braid into a pony.

12.) Diagonal Bow Braids for Little Girls:

diagonal bow braids hairstyles for little girl

This diagonal bow braid seems to be little intricate but it is easy to make if you follow the correct steps. Part your hair and secure one section with a hair pin. Create a diagonal French braid with the other section and use a hairpin to create bows with other section of hair.

13.) Tied Mini Ponytail Hairstyles for Little Girl:

tied mini ponytails hairstyles for little girl

This is a cute and creative hairstyle which can be created within minutes. These mini ponytails will create a criss-cross design on your head. Use a cute ribbon to tie your long ponytail.

14.) Four-Strand Braided Hairstyles:

four strand braided flower hairstyles for little girl

This gorgeous Updo with a flower shape will make you look stunning and cute. The ribbon combined in this four strand braided Updo is something unique in the hair world.

15.) High Ponytail Hairstyles:

high ponytail hairstyles for little girl

High Ponytail for your little princess is just a wow hairstyle. Pull back her and make a high and tight ponytail. The bangs on the forehead will make her look super cute and adorable. The bow accessory will make this hairstyle prettier.

16.) Crown Braid Hairstyles:

crown braid hairstyles for little girl

Every little girl wants a princess crown. Why not surprise her by making a crown? Make a crown braid along the hairline and make her feel like a real princess. Keep it a little messy so that your princess can look cuter.

17.) Fishtail Braided Hairstyles for Little Girl:

fishtail braid hairstyles for little girl

A mother and a daughter share a very special bond. So why not make this bond more special by wearing the same hairstyle. A fishtail braid is easy to make and both of you together can rock the world.

18.) Braided Headband Hairstyles for Kids:

braided headband hairstyles for little girl

Dressing up your little girl for a birthday party and unable to find her favorite headband? Don’t worry your doll will not get sad as this hairstyle will make her forget about her headband. Create a headband using her hair and you can also use beads to decorate it.

19.) Two Ponytails Hairstyles:

two ponytail hairstyles for little girl

These two ponytails will make your little girl look winsome. It is a perfect hairstyle if your doll has Rapunzel’s hair. Use two cute elastics to make your ponytails attractive and enchanting.

20.) Waterfall Twist Hairstyles for Little Girl:

waterfall twist hairstyles for little girl

If you daughter has to attend a function at her school then why sacrifice with some medium hairstyle. This waterfall twist is easy to create. Create two braids starting from the temples and ending at the back of the crown.


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