20 Long Bob Haircuts


A long bob is highly trendy and fashionable nowadays. It has been declared the hairstyle of the year as it works well for every hair texture and goes with every face cut. So pick your best classic and universal version. So jazz up your look with long bob haircuts that offers you fantastic styling options. Here are 20 long bob haircuts that absolutely inspirational.

20 Long Bob Haircuts:

1.) Asymmetrical Long Bob

Looking for an edgier and sharper look, try asymmetrical long bob haircut. In this hairstyle, the front pieces that half inches longer than the rest of tresses. Add a wow factor to your look with peekaboo highlights that give you a beautiful frame to your face. Go with lighter ends that are not only popular but truly flattering. Get a perfect look with a touch of styling creams.

asymmetrical long bob haircuts

2.) Long A-Line with Ombre

Flatter your look with uneven locks that is fun and playful. The hairstyle can achieve in short length but leaving the front locks longer that get easily tucked at the back of the ear. Get a mysterious look with ombre effect which is expertly done. The darker base with lighter ends is nothing less than sensational. Long A line with ombre is one of the stunning long bob haircuts.

Long A line with ombre long bob haircuts

3.) Blonde Bob with Darker Roots

Add the oomph factor in your hairstyle with darker roots look. It’s a sassy version of the grown out hair that looks amazing on with lighter ends. The great combo of light blond and brown will change your overall appearance. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone. Blonde bob with darker roots is one of the magnificent long bob haircuts.

blonde bob with dark roots long bob haircuts

4.) Messy Chic Bob

Messy chic bob is one of the sassy long bob haircuts. The super hair texture and so much volume in one haircut. Achieve this mischievous look by adding layers with a short back. Ask your hairstylist to give you balayage highlights for a more natural look.  You don’t need to use any heating tool,  blow your look with round hair brush. The messy chic bob is one of the dazzling long bob haircuts.

Messy chic bob long bob haircuts

5.) Highlighted Long Bob with Side Bangs

The highlighted long bob with side bangs is one of the striking long bob haircuts. Add a wow factor to your hairstyle with side swept heavy bangs with peekaboos that give you modern and sassy look. Bright blonde highlights make the hairstyle more lively. If you have thick hair then straight your hair to achieve the best look.

Highlighted long bob with highlights long bob haircuts

6.) Long Bob with Classy Copper Curls

The long bob with classy copper curls is one of the breathtaking long bob haircuts. In this hairstyle, the twisted locks with gorgeous lighter ends take you to the next level. The look is the best way show off the natural highlights. Go outside and see the magic when sunlight will hit your locks beautifully. The hairstyle is best suitable for medium length hair.

long bob iwth classy copper curls long bob haircuts

7.) Platinum Diva Lob

Platinum diva lob is one of the long bob haircuts. Enhance your long bob with trendy platinum blonde hue. You can how charming the hairstyle look in the straight hair. The hairstyle needs too high maintenance when it the roots gets grow out. The darker roots maintain the beauty of this hairstyle. The hairstyle is suitable for short to medium length hair.

platinum diva look long bob haircuts

8.) Pastel Pink Lob

Pastel pink lob is highly in trend. The multicolored pastel pink embraces the beauty of this hairstyle. Magnify your lob with pastel peach, pale yellow and pink. It is one of winsome long bob haircuts.

Pastel pink lob long bob haircuts

9.) Straight Bob with Side Bangs

The straight bob is widely done hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the long side bangs enhance the cheekbones and give you flirty look. Add caramel color with dark under layers that give you dimension and nice face frame.

straight bob with side bangs bob long bob haircuts

10.) Sunset Ombre Long A Line

Sunset ombre long A-line bob is one of amazing long bob haircuts. Style your haircut with different bright and vibrant hues, which make it different from natural hair. In this hairstyle, the purplish shade gets faded into the orange and then in the peach hue. Gorgeous!

Sunset ombre with a line long bob haircuts

11.) Caramel and Golden Bob

The best thing that truly outstanding is hair color. You can achieve this look in messy and unfinished look to get the sexier version of the look. Deepen the look with gold and caramel hue. The darker roots to lighter ends also help you to cut the ends without any worries.

caramel golden bob long bob haircuts

12.) Sandy Ash Toned Lob

Sandy Ash toned lob is one of the long bob haircuts. It’s a great combination of side part, layers and blunt cut. All together contribute to the very fashionable hairstyle. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone.

Sandy ash tones lob long bob haircuts

13.) Bob with Body and Volume

The cute hairstyle boost volume in the hairstyle. The look is extremely flattering that you can run your fingers throughout the day. Happy-go-lucky must try!

bob with body and volume bob long bob haircuts

14.) Smooth Cinnamon Bob

Smooth Cinnamon bob is one of the stylish long bob haircuts. A great way to style your long bob with solid hair color. The simplicity is the best way to achieve this look. It is suitable for all skin tone. Medium skin tone must try.

smooth cinnamon bob long bob haircuts

15.) Textured Lob for Round Face

Textured lob for round face is one of the awe-inspiring long bob haircuts. Women with the baby face or chubby cheek look best as it draws the attention away from the cheeks. Wavy hair works best to emphasize the round face shape.

textured lob for round face long bob haircuts

16.) Messy and Smoky Ombre Waves

Smoky and black blend look best in the wavy hair. The hairstyle is best suitable for any age. No limits. No restrictions. The messy and smoky ombre waves are one of the long bob haircuts.

messy and smokey ombre long bob haircuts

17.) Vibrant, Long and Red

Not only blonde intensify long bob, but the red-orange is new and sensational. The vibrant, long and red is one of the gorgeous long bob haircuts that takes you to the next level.

vibrant long and red long bob haircuts

18.) Flaming Bob

Spice up your flaming personality with flaming bob. The haircut can achieve on any hair texture and all skin tone. So pick your favorite hair color that goes against the dark base natural hair.

flaming bob long bob haircuts

19.) Classic Blonde Bob

The incredible side swept look add the soft frame that enhances your sharp feature. The hairstyle is best suitable for those girls who like to have shoulder length hair.

classic blonde bob long bob haircuts

20.) Bob with Blunt Edges

The long bob is very much in the trend that works on every type hair and texture, The bob with blunt edges is one of the long bob haircuts.

bob with blunt edge long bob haircuts


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