20 Easy Mid-Length Hairstyles


Medium length hair is universally famous as your hair is neither too short nor too long. It is perfect for women who can’t give a lot of time to hair styling. Medium length hairstyle offers you the same feminine, classy, gorgeous and elegant look that long hairstyles offer. In this article, you will come across the list of 20 easy mid-length hairstyles. Just chill! We are not going to land your medium length hair in the boring category.

List of 20 Easy Mid-Length Hairstyles:

1.) Over Handed Braid for Medium Hair:

over handed braid mid-length hairstyles

This is a modern and fresh take on the common braid. Create a section of hair towards the forehead and at the side of your face. Plait this overhanded braid in a forward direction and use an elastic to fix it.

2.) Braided Pompadour for Mid-length Hair:

braided pompadour mid-length hairstyles

It is not always necessary to have a haircut to transform your look. You can simply do it by styling your locks in a creative and unique way. This braided pompadour is one such style. Just try the childhood French braid on the top section and give it a little volume.

3.) Front Braided Mid-length Hairstyles:

front braided mid-length hairstyles

This is a perfect solution for keeping the hair away from the face and adding something attractive to medium length hair. Weave a braid across the front using a small section of hair. The blonde hair color will increase the beauty of this hairstyle.

4.) Messy Updo Mid-length Hairstyles:

messy updo mid-length hairstyles

This messy Updo is a great style for your mid length hair as no one will be able to guess the real length of your hair. Create a messy ponytail and then twist it around to form a messy bun. Tease it to add volume and you can even add thin braids.

5.) Ribbon Braid Updo for Mid-length Hair:

ribbon braid updo mid-length hairstyles

Ribbon braid Updo is an optimal hairstyle for weddings and other special occasions. Select a ribbon color that enhances the color of your hair. It is simple to create and looks very eye-catching.

6.) Medium Curly Updo with a Braid:

medium curly updo with a braid mid-length hairstyles

Curly hair looks beautiful when tied up in a bun. It gives a naturally messy touch to the bun. Weave a braid on the side with your curly hair and blend it in the bun. It is a flattering hairstyle for casual purposes.

7.) Puffy Pony Mid-length Hairstyles:

puffy pony mid-length hairstyles

If you want to achieve extra volume to your medium length hair, then the easiest way of doing this teasing the hair. Your hair gets volume and you get a captivating hairstyle. Tease your hair and use pins to secure the puff. Tie back a ponytail including all the hair.

8.) Half Up Half Down Ponytail:

half up half down medium ponytail mid length hairstyles

Searching for a classy and feminine style for your shoulder length hair? Try this half up and half down pony to achieve the style you want. Give it a little messy touch by teasing the hair.

9.) Golden Curls for Medium Length Hair:

golden curls mid-length hairstyles

If you have fine hair and a medium length haircut, then try adding some curls to boost volume. The flowy golden curls going in alternative directions will give a wow look. Use a large curling barrel to create loose curls.

10.) French Roll Updo Mid-length Hairstyles:

French roll updo mid-length hairstyles

This French roll Updo is a new and upgraded version of the French roll twist. It looks great on professional women. It is a perfect hairstyle if you are seeking for a mature look. The messy texture and the wispy layers will make you look stunning.

11.) Low Updo with Pin Curls:

Low updo with pin curls mid-length hairstyles

This low messy Updo is all the vogue right now. Use a large curling barrel to create some twisted curls. Create a low bun and then fix those twisted curls with a handful of hair pins.

12.) Four Strand French Braid with a Pony:

Four strand French braid with Ponytail mid length hairstyles

Medium length hair offers a lot of versatility. You are free to try all the hairstyles that you create for long hair. Make a four strand French braid starting from the top and tie a simple pony at the nape.

13.) Fishtail Braid with a Twist:

fishtail braid with a twist mid length hairstyles

No doubt fishtail looks resplendent and gorgeous on girls with long hair, but you can also incorporate a fishtail style in your medium length hair. Twists your hair along the hairline and then grab a thin section of hair to make a fishtail.

14.) Headband with a Middle Part and Wavy Layers:

headband with middle part and wavy layers mid length hairstyles

This is a wonderful and simple style that you can make when you are short of time but can’t go out like this. Part your hair from the middle and make a medium sized braid on one side. Cross it over the head and secure it with hair pins on the other side.

15.) Side Braid with a Scarf Headband:

side braid with a scarf headband mid-length hairstyles

A simple hair accessory has the ability to transform the look of your hairstyle. It increases the beauty of the hairstyle. Though this is a simple braid, but this scarf headband makes it unique.

16.) Fishtail Braid with a Pony:

fishtail braid with a pony mid-length hairstyles

It is a great hairstyle for casual purposes and social goings. Make a simple high pony and keep it a little high. Tie the pony with an elastic and then weave a fishtail braid. Tease the hair from the top to create a puff.

17.) Punky Side Braid Mid-length Hairstyles:

punky side braid mid length hairstyles

Accents are perfect if you are thinking for a hairstyle for your shoulder length hair. This accent braid is a good choice for special occasions as well as for daily goings. Create a side part and then make an accent braid.

18.) Bouffant Updo Mid Length Hairstyles:

bouffant updo mid length hairstyles

This bouffant Updo is perfect for girls having fine hair. The color contrast in this bouffant is amazing. Create a high bouffant at the crown to make your Updo look appealing and captivating.

19.) Retro Bouffant Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

retro bouffant mid length hairstyles

The center part in this bouffant gives it a retro touch. Give your eyes a cat-like flick to nail the retro. Make sure your ends are curled to get a stunning look.

20.) Low Side Bun with Braids:

low side bun with braids mid length hairstyles

Braids are just exemplary to add texture and interest to your boring and dull Updo. Braids create a perfect frame for your face. This trendy hairdo is going to turn the heads around. It is a great hairstyle for prom night.


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