20 Best Updos for Long Hair


The uniqueness of outfits and hairstyles is the first priority of every woman no matter what age. Women with long hair always have one question in mind that what kind of hairstyle they should wear that gives them a chance to flaunt their long hair and keeps them in comfort. Updos are the best hairstyles for long hair. Whether it’s a picnic or a wedding, Updos are always ready to give you a flattering look. We are here with our best collection of Updos for long hair. Read our article to end your dilemma and select the Updo that matches your accessory, outfit, and your footwear.

List of 20 Best Updos for Long Hair:

1.) Curly Updo for Long Hair:

curly updos for long hair

This is one of the most elegant Updos for long hair. Curly Updo looks great on most of the hair textures and colors. You can get an effortlessly sexy look with this hairstyle. It is a great to wear this hairstyle on formal occasions.

2.) French Braid Updo for Long Hair:

french braided updos for long hair

This hairstyle is actually a combination of two hairstyles. One is the French braid and the other is a normal Updo. Create a French braid along the hairline and combine it with your messy Updo. It looks awesome when your hair is a little messy.

3.) Low Messy Updo for Long Hair:

low messy updos for long hair

In the recent time, this hairstyle for long hair has gained a lot of popularity. It is a super feminine hairstyle to carry. Low messy Updo is an ideal hairstyle if you are planning to meet someone special or going to a wedding.

4.) Messy Fishtail Updo for Long Hair:

messy fishtail updos for long hair

You don’t need any hair stylist to create this look, it is easy and you can recreate it yourself. This chic and trendy Updo can be created in just 10 minutes. Leave the front tresses open to frame your face.

5.) Braided Mohawk Updo for Long Hair:

braided mohawk updos for long hair

This is one of the most stunning Updos for long hair. Though it is a little tough to achieve this look, but the end results are flawless. It is a cheeky and lively hairstyle for any occasion. The best part of this hairstyle is that it does not hide your facial features.

6.) Curly Side Bun with Fishtail Braid:

curly side bun and fishtail braid updos for long hair

This is one of the marvelous Updos for long hair. The combination of braids and bun can make anyone look fantastic. It is an improbable style to wear at weddings and other special occasions.

7.) Simple Bun with Side Swept Bangs:

simple bun and side swept bangs updos for long hair

If you are willing to take your everyday look to a next level, then this hairstyle is the right choice. It is both fashionable and simple. Leave the bangs loose so that this simple bun looks unique.

8.) Sock Bun for Long Hair:

sock bun updos for long hair

If you want to keep your hair away from the face, then this sock bun is here to serve you. For this, you need a sock in a doughnut shape. Make a simple high ponytail and pull it through the center of the sock. Wrap your hair around the sock so that it is completely covered.

9.) Messy Side Bun for Long Hair:

messy side bun updos for long hair

Sleek look not always work and messy can do wonders. This side bun looks amazing and you can achieve it in less than 10 minutes. A good hair accessory or floral pin around this side bun can give you a chic look.

10.) Big Front Bun for Long Hair:

big front bun updos for long hair

This is one of the most elegant Updos for long hair. It is an ideal style for girls who love big buns. This gorgeous Updo is going to make you look fabulous. This is bold enough and there in no need of extra hair accessory.

11.) Twisted Updo for Long Hair:

twisted updos for long hair

This is one of the most stunning Updos for long hair. This hairstyle makes sure that the eyes of people around you are lost in these twists. Twisted Updo is the first choice of most of the girls.

12.) Braided Messy Updo for Long Hair:

braided messy updos for long hair

Though it looks messy, but it is created with a lot of perfection. It is an exemplary style for all the girls who are French braid lovers. Create a French braid on one side and pull it into a high pony. Twist the flyaways to complete the look.

13.) Low Messy Looped Updo:

low messy looped updos for long hair

This is one of the gorgeous Updos for long hair. You can also call it a garden party bun because of it is a perfect style for a garden party. No, no, it’s not a compulsion you can even wear this hairstyle for brunch.

14.) Pinned Up Curls for Long Hair:

pinned up curls updos for long hair

It is a ravishing hairstyle for an upscale event. Curls add a lot of depth and volume to this hairstyle. You can add some jewels for a glamorous look. Get this elegant hairstyle by pinning up your curls.

15.) Twisted and Braided Bun:

twisted and braided bun updos for long hair

This ravishing hairstyle seems to be complicated but is fairly simple. The incorporation of twist and braids in this Updo makes it apart from others. Lock the twisted pieces at the nape.

16.) Loops and Braids:

loops and braids updos for long hair

This is one of the stunning Updos for long hair. The incorporation of braids and loops will upgrade your bun. Try this beautiful hairstyle of loops and pin up at the nape. Keep it loose for a chic look.

17.) Red and Black Messy Updo:

red and black messy updos for long hair

The combination of red and black makes this intricate Updo look wonderful. Another plus point is that the shine gives it a glamorous look. Use a good hair spray for a wow effect.

18.) Classic Updo for Long Hair:

classic bun updos for long hair

This full bun is a perfect hairstyle for girls who are looking for glamor. French twist and chignons looks are a great choice for a sophisticated look. Keep this hairstyle reserved for special occasions.

19.) French Twists for Long Hair:

french twist updos for long hair

This is one of the most stunning Updos for long hair. The beauty of this hairstyle is enhanced when you wear it with a mermaid gown. A good texturizing spray and your Updo will last the whole day.

20.) Teased Updo with Headband:

teased updos for long hair

This is a cute and youthful style deserves a try. This is an exemplary hairstyle for informal events and parties. You can use a headband so that you can concentrate on other stuff.


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