How to Get Rid of Mice?


In this article, we will discuss different ways to get rid of mice. One of the most common problem face by many people in their home is mouse infestation. Mice are not only the nuisance creating animals, but also works as a carrier of diseases, such as plague. Diseases carried by them are spread through mites and fleas, finally making their way to your beloved pets. This increases the problem even more. Apart from health mice are also responsible for causing damage to your house, especially the kitchen for food. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to get rid of mice. Below are some of the homemade methods to treat mouse infestation. Use these remedies to get rid of mice before they multiply and cause more damages your health and home.

How to Get Rid of Mice

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mice:

1.) Homemade Mouse Repellent to Get Rid of Mice

The homemade mouse repellent is one of the best methods to treat mouse infestation. The mouse repellent which is mentioned below, work best for outdoor. Thus help get rid of field mice in the yard easily.


  • Take a plastic bowl, add 2 tbsp castor oil.
  • Now, add 6 tbsp liquid dish washing soap, and 1 tsp sauce (capsicum pepper sauce) to it.
  • Chop a garlic clove and add it to the bowl.
  • Mix all the ingredients together by adding 1/4th of water to it.
  • Afterwards, keep the mixture around the holes and cracks of the mice or rats.
  • Repeat this process for several days to get rid of field mice.
  • Use a fresh mixture every time.

2.) Peppermint Oil for Mice Extermination at Home

Peppermint essential oil is one of the fastest ways to get rid of mice at home. It works as a natural mouse repellent, that is completely safe for kids or pets also. Make sure, you use 100% pure peppermint oil.


  • Take several cotton balls, and pour a few drops of peppermint oil on all the cotton balls.
  • Now, keep these balls in the areas where you usually find mice.
  • As the oil evaporates fast, you should change cotton balls after a few hours.
  • This remedy helps in getting rid of mice without even killing them.
  • If you are facing the problem of mice in your car, then follow the same process to get rid of mice in cars.

3.) Homemade Mice Repellent Sprays to Get Rid of Mice

Many mice repellent sprays are available in the market, but they contain harmful chemicals, which can affect the health of your kids and pets at home. Instead of such harmful sprays, you can make a mice repellent spray at home. This natural spray is safe for kids and pets at home.


  • Take ½ cup of liquid detergent and 1 tbsp of sauce (capsicum pepper). Mix them well.
  • Add it to a gallon of water.
  • Fill this mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Spray with this solution in the holes or near the area where you usually find mice.
  • It is advised to spray this natural repellent after each rain to prevent mouse infestation.

4.) Homemade Mice Trap

Many mouse traps are available in the market, but they can be a quite expensive. Instead of buying costly traps, prepare one yourself. Below are the steps to make a mouse trap at home.


  • First, ensure that there is no food or crumbs in your house in open. Clean all the food storage area to deprive the mice of food.
  • Now, Take a half water filled bucket.
  • Then take a rectangular cardboard. Place this piece on a counter in such a manner that when a mouse come in search of food, it falls into the bucket.
  • Remember to use a thin cardboard, and make sure it overhang the counter.
  • Take any food such as peanut butter, cakes, a piece of banana and place it on the end of the cardboard that is hanging outside the counter.
  • Keep the bucket below the cardboard.
  • When the mouse smells the food and in order to eat food, it will go and get itself trapped.

5.) Homemade Mice Poison to Kill Mice

You can make a mice poison at home. It is safer as compared to those available in the market. Ready made poison can be harmful for your pets if they consume it.


  • Take an equal amount of dry cement powder and corn flour in a flat dish.
  • Mix them well and keep it in the one corner of your house.
  • You can also keep it in different places in your house where the mice are seen often.
  • As the mice consume this powder, they will look for water and move out.
  • Cement powder reacts quickly,which will kill mice quickly.
  • This poison is quite effective in eliminating mice outside your house.

6.) Ultrasonic Mice Repellent to Get Rid of Mice

It is one of the best ways to control mice infestation. The mouse repellent machine makes beep sounds, that mice are not able to tolerate. It is one of the humane ways to get rid of mice without even eliminating them.


  • Keep this machine near to the walls in your home to get rid of mice in walls.
  • You can also place it anywhere in your house where mice are usually seen.
  • It is always advised to use it after rains to prevent mice infestation.

7.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Eliminate Mice


  • Mix ½ liter apple cider vinegar with 2 liter water in a spray bottle.
  • Shake it and spray it in the places where you generally find mice.
  • It is among the best methods to get rid of mice in your house.

8.) Diffusing Essential Oils to Prevent Mice

Diffusing essential oils can also help clear your rat-infested houses or apartments. This method is quite effective in eradicating rats from your home without killing them.


  • Take a diffuser and add any essential oils, preferably mint such as basil, spearmint, peppermint, lemongrass, catnip oil, etc.
  • The mice are not able to bear the smell of mint-based essential oils, so they will be forced to leave your home.

9.) Carbonated Soft Drinks to Get Rid of Mice

Soft drinks like Coca Cola or Pepsi can help in avoiding mice infestation. It is a simple home remedy and is not harmful to your kids, pets and the environment. The mice are not able to free their bodies from carbon dioxide. So, if they drink such carbonated drinks, they die due to the accumulation of  carbon dioxide in their body.


  • Take several small bowls and pour 3 to 5 tbsp of any carbonated drinks in each bowl.
  • Keep these bowls near the cupboards, passages, corridors, under the sink, dustbins, etc.
  • Mice will get attracted to it and the moment they drink it, they will die due to the accumulation of the carbon dioxide in their body.

10.) Clove to Get Rid of Mice at Home

Clove is another effective way to prevent mouse infestation. The aroma of clove oil is distasteful to the mice. So, you can use either whole cloves, or clove essential oil in this remedy.


  • Simply pour 20 to 30 drops of clove essential oil on a few cotton balls.
  • Keep these balls all around your home.
  • Remember that your pets don’t gulp it down.
  • In case of whole cloves, wrap them in a piece of cloth and place them everywhere around your house..


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