How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally?


In this article, we will outline some of the effective ways to get rid of rats. Rats are warm-blooded rodents which have large teeth in front of their mouth. They are found everywhere in the world. With their teeth they can chew almost anything. They are carriers of parasites and diseases. If they are staying in your home then it could be a big problem for you. They reproduce very fast and can be multiplied in numbers within a few months. These small rodents can turn your home upside down. Luckily, there are various techniques which you may use to get rid of rats naturally. Read more to know about them.

How to Get rid of Rats

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Rats:

1) Glue Boards to Get Rid of Rats

You may try using glue boards to trap rats residing in your house. These small rodents can stick themselves on this glue boards while crossing them. Sometimes, they get to stick with it through their head and mostly their feet stick to this board. Once they are trapped on this board, you may throw them into a trash can. This is indeed a simple way to get rid of rats. This method is commonly used by people from years.

2) Use Rat Poison to Make Your Home Rat-Free

You may try rat poison to kill the rats. It is available in stores nearby your home. You can mix it up with some eatables and place these in highly-activity area of rat colony. Within a week or so these rats will start dying. Mostly they are found lying dead near water sources. Keep in mind to check for their corpses at regular intervals otherwise it may spread a foul smell in your home. Throw out their corpses in a trash can.

3) Rat Traps to Get Rid of Rats

Using a rat trap to capture a rat can be a better idea to get rid of them. Place a bait into this rat trap and you are all set to capture a small rodent into it. There are certain rat traps which do not kill them while capturing. So, you may set the traps all over your home, especially where they are infesting. When they get trapped in it, you may take them with you and set them free in the woods. This is a more humane way to get rid of rats.

4) Keep Your Home Clean to Get Rid of Rats

This is the simplest thing which you can do to keep rodents away from your house. Place all the eatables in air-tight containers off the reach of rats in cupboards. Arrange your kitchen in a way that there is no room left for their infestation. You should place your trash bins away from your home. Rotten eatables can attract rodents to your house. Keep checking your home once in a month for the possible infestation area of rats.

5) Peppermint Oil to Get Rid of Rats

You can repel rats out of your home using peppermint oil. It is a natural deterrent. The strong smell of peppermint can keep them away as it is really intense for them. Moreover, it can suppress the smell of any leftover food in your home and prevent them from attracting towards it. Peppermint oil is easily available in grocery store or chemist shop. You can put 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in a cotton ball and place them at the entrance of kitchen, heat vents and rooms. You may keep a peppermint plant at the entrance of your house to keep them away.

6) Use Snake Poo and Cat Litter to Get Rid of Rats

Snake poo and cat litter can be used to repel rats away from your house. Place the tubs filled with cat litter at the entrance of your house. The smell of cat urine may compel the rats to keep themselves away from your home. Similarly, you can place the snake poo at the places where rats seem to run most of the time. You may get the snake poo from a local reptile center. Please ensure that it should remain out of reach of children and pets.

7) Use Mothballs to Get Rid of Rats

Mothballs can help you repel rats away from your home. The intense smell of mothball can irritate the nostrils of a rat. You may keep it at the infestation area of rat’s colony. However, it is quite unsafe to leave these balls in the open as children and pets can engulf it unknowingly. Placing these balls in those areas which are less ventilated can work for getting rid of rats.

8) Seal Up Trash Can to Get Rid of Rats

Trash can be used by rats as the source of their food and they may even reproduce inside it. It is better to keep all the trash cans sealed up so that rats may not enter into it easily. Do not leave any garbage hanging out of your garbage bin. Throw away all the trash from your kitchen and house into a sealed plastic bag. You can also seal up all the holes in the air conditioning vents, chimney, doors, etc. where they can reside with steel and brass wool. These small tips can be of great use for keeping these rodents far away from your place.

9) Get a Cat to Get Rid of Rats

Cat is a natural predator of rats. Rats do not hang around in that place where a cat resides. So, if you get a cat in your house then it will automatically eliminate the rats from your house. Moreover, a cat can feed on rats and decrease their population rapidly. Certainly, it is one of the easiest ways to get rid of rats.

10) Take Professional Help to Get Rid of Rats

You may take help of professionals to get rid of rats. These exterminators are easily found in every city. You can contact them and ask them to make your house rat-free. They may suggest you some methods of extermination like poisoning or trapping rats. You can choose any of them according to your preference. Make them aware of the intensity of rat problem in your house.


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