Home Remedies to Cure Headache Fast (Instantly and Easily)


There are so many home remedies to cure headache, fast and easily. You will hardly come across any individual who has not suffered headaches.  People may suffer different kinds of headaches – migraine, tension or cluster headaches. No matter what kind of headaches you suffer from, they can be very annoying and painful and cure immediately. Moreover, they can interfere with our ability to work and concentrate. The easiest way out that most of us go for is to pop a pill or take some strong medication like antidepressants and beta blockers. People who suffer from migraine headaches have no choice but to lie down and rest until the pain and discomfort goes away. However, it is not the right thing to take strong medications, especially if one suffers from frequent headaches.

Millions of people suffer from headaches and severe headaches can lead to nausea and vomiting. These headaches can last for days at times. You will be surprised to know that Migraines alone lead to an expenditure of $1 billion in direct medical expenses every year. Avoid those painkillers as they are only a part of the solution.  Let us take a look at some tried and tested home based remedies to get rid of headaches.

10 Home Remedies to Cure Headache Fast

Home Remedies to Cure Headache Fast

1.) Eat The Right Foods to Cure Headache Fast

Research has shown that there are certain foods that trigger headaches, for example, coffee, chocolate, cheese, etc. These amines curb the flow of blood in and around the brain, thus leading to headaches. Those vasoactive amines actually trigger those painful migraine headaches. If you are one of those who suffer from headaches frequently, it is essential  to maintain a diary and note down those foods that you think especially trigger your headaches. One should avoid those foods so as to keep those headaches at bay.

2.) Tie A Scarf Or Necktieto Cure Headache Fast

Do something constructive and if you tie a scarf or necktie around your forehead, and just tighten it until you feel a pressure all around your head. This can bring some relief from those swollen blood vessels as there is now lesser blood flow to your scalp. Another traditional headache remedy is to tie a bandana soaked in vinegar around your head.

3.) Massage Your Hand to Cure Headache Fast

Massage the web of skin that lies between the forefinger and the thumb. Continue massaging in firm, circular motion for several minutes. Switch hands after some time and according to Acupressure experts, you are sure to find some relief. The fleshy area is connected to the areas of the brain that is the origin of headaches.

4.) Try Caffeine to Cure Headache Fast

Drink a cup of strong coffee as it helps to reduce the swelling in the blood-vessels and helps you to get relief in a headache. There are several painkillers that carry caffeine as an ingredient. Caffeine withdrawal too at times can lead to headaches. And, if you are already a heavy coffee drinker, this remedy might not work for you.

5.) Drink Ginger Juice to Cure Headache Fast

Ginger has always been known as an anti-inflammatory and proves to be effective for treating headaches. Just take half-teaspoon ginger, grind it and stir into a glass of water. Now, drink this ginger juice. You can also use hot water and stir the freshly ground ginger in it. Ginger is very effective against migraines. Exactly how it works is still unknown. However, doctors do know that it has an effect on prostaglandins that contribute to inflammation. Ginger also helps to curb the nausea that often accompanies migraines.

6.) Have A Hot-Water Footbath to Cure Headache Fast

You may not believe it or not, but soaking your feet in hot water can make your head feel better. The hot water foot bath can help ease down the pressure in your head. If you really have a severe headache, you can add hot mustard powder to the water for faster relief.

7.) Try Hot and Cold Compresses to Cure Headache Fast

Place a hot compress on the forehead or the back of your neck. The heat will help relax those tightened and stiff muscles in this area. Follow the heat treatment with a cold compress, although it might sound contradictory. You can place a couple of ice cubes in a washcloth and use it for cold compress. The cold will constrict the blood vessels, and when they contract, they will not place any pressure on sensitive nerves. It is best to place those hot and cold compresses in nerves in the back of your neck as the headache pain sometimes originates in the back of your neck.

8.) Massage Your Head to Cure Headache Fast

One can get temporary relief by rubbing the temples or getting a complete massage on their head, neck, back, or shoulder. You will feel better however; a severe headache might not go away completely. Research has shown that those who go for regular weekly massage sessions suffer less from migraines and headaches and also enjoy better sleep.

9.) Pacify With Scents to Cure Headache Fast

There are certain oils, like lavender that can help ease out tension and help us get relief from a headache. Take a few drops of lavender oil and gently massage your forehead and temples.  Just lie down and enjoy that relaxing scent. For the best effect, retreat to a cool, dark, and quiet place.  Lie down and relax, quietly breathing in the aroma and gradually you will feel better. You can also use peppermint oil. The fragrance stimulates and relaxes the nerves, thus dissolving away the headache.

10.) Drink Green Tea Or Rosemary Tea

Try drinking a cup of green tea or rosemary tea, as this will prevent those headaches from getting worse. You can add cloves too when preparing the tea. The caffeine and cloves carry anti-inflammatory properties. The rich content of antioxidants in the green tea is an excellent remedy for headaches. One can also add the juice of half and lemon to add to the flavor.

Remember that a headache is more like an indication of an underlying problem. This is true for those people who suffer from headaches quite often. Perhaps their digestive system that is functioning below par or their nervous system is highly sensitive. You and try the above methods to cure headache fast and forever.


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