Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Pain Naturally


How to use home remedies for stomach pain? Cure stomach ache naturally with home remedies. Stomach pain is a typical issue among adults or kids, as age doesn’t matter here. It’s a discomforting ache in the abdominal district. It may happen because of several reasons. In this manner, its treatment depends upon its causes, and before taking a home cure, we have to know the accurate reason behind it. There are several custom made remedies to cure a stomach pain, yet before that, how about we see the causes first.

Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Pain Naturally

Causes of Stomach Pain

  • Acridity
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Nourishment poisoning
  • Contamination in the stomach
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Sustenance allergies
  • Appendicitis
  • Ulcers
  • Disease in the urinary tract
  • Disease in the nerve bladder
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Stones in the kidney
  • Hernia

Symptoms of Stomach Pain

The fundamental symptom of stomach pain is torment in the abdominal territory. In any case, in severe cases, it may be accompanied by:

  • Fever
  • Spewing
  • Loss of ravenousness
  • Powerlessness to consume
  • Tightness in abdomen
  • Difficulty to pass stool
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Passage of blood while spewing

Home Remedies for Stomach Pain Treatment Naturally

1.) Lemon to Cure Stomach Pain

Lemon is the most easily accessible natural solution for curing stomach hurts. Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water. Add some honey to sweeten it and beverage it. You can also have lemon tea blended with honey.

2.) Ginger to Cure Stomach Pain

Beverage ginger tea so as to get help from stomach pain. Ginger helps to ease indigestion, consequently decreasing the stomach pain. You can also crush some ginger and apply it topically to the base of your stomach. It’s a natural solution for stomach torment.

3.) Mint Juice & Ginger Juice to Cure Stomach Pain

Blend a teaspoon of mint juice with a teaspoon of lime squeeze, and include a teaspoon of ginger juice and a squeeze of dark salt to it. Take this mixture and get a speedy help from ceaseless stomach pain.

4.) Peppermint to Cure Stomach Pain

Make a tea of fresh mint leaves or simply bite some. Mint is a powerful home solution to calm a stomach pain.

5.) Chamomile Tea to Cure Stomach Pain

A glass of chamomile tea significantly helps to stop a stomach hurts.

6.) Heating Soda to Cure Stomach Pain

Heating soda is useful for terrible stomach hurts. Include a teaspoon of preparing soda in 1 mug of warm water and beverage it.

7.) Caraway Seeds (Ajwain) to Cure Stomach Pain

This is one of the oldest remedies to help a stomach torment. Roast some caraway seeds and bring it with a tiny bit of salt. This cure truly works in treating stomach pain.

8.) Aniseeds (Saunf) to Cure Stomach Pain

Soak some aniseeds in water for a night, and beverage this water, next morning. It will give easing from stomach pain.

9.) Yogurt to Cure Stomach Pain

Consume yogurt in the event that you are suffering from the problem of indigestion. Indigestion is also known as the one of the reasons of tummy torment. This is especially compelling in the runs as the microbes present in the yogurt helps in the correct digestion of sustenance.

10.) Cinnamon Tea to Cure Stomach Pain

Put one and half cinnamon in one mug of tepid water. Leave for 2-3 minutes so as to give it a chance to sit. Presently, drink it as tea. Cinnamon works viably in curing stomach pain.

11.) Apply Hot Water Bottle for Stomach Pain

Menstrual ache might be diminished by setting a boiling point water jug on the stomach. Wrap the container in a towel in the event that it is excessively hot.

12.) Fennel to Cure Stomach Pain

Bite crude fennel. Fennel helps in enhancing the digestion while wiping out bloating and giving easing in stomach pain.

13.) Asafetida (Heeng) to Cure Stomach Pain

Warm a large portion of a teaspoon of asafetida and bring this with some milk. Asafetida gives a fast easing from stomach pain.

14.) Plain Soda to Cure Stomach Pain

In the event that the stomach pain is just because of the development of gas in the stomach, drink some plain soda for a speedy easing.

15.) Rosemary Oil to Cure Stomach Pain

Blend a couple of drops of rosemary oil in a hot shower water and wash up from this water. It will give a soothing alleviation from stomach pain while also unwinding your body.

16.) Warm Water and Lime Juice to Cure Stomach Pain

Blend 2 teaspoons of lime squeeze in 50 ml of warm water and include a tad bit of dark salt to it. Drink it at any rate thrice a day to ease stomach torment.

17.) Blazed Toast to Cure Stomach Pain

This is especially useful in cases of nourishment or liquor poisoning. A smoldered toast with some charcoal is a viable solution to kill the impact of toxins in the body.

18.) Cola Syrup

In the event that you are suffering from stomach yearn because of indigestion and nausea, attempt cola syrup. Sip down some cola so as to get eased from stomach pain.

19.) Fruit Cider Vinegar to Cure Stomach Pain

Spill few teaspoons of fruit juice vinegar in a glass of water, and beverage it. Fruit juice vinegar is a decent home solution to take for stomach pain as it helps to enhance the digestion, along these lines giving alleviation from stomach pain. It is prescribed to drink this mixture before you have your dinner so that it absorbs the nutrients.

20.) Aloe Vera to Cure Stomach Pain

Aloe vera juice works well with a specific end goal to treat conditions, such as bloating, constipation, loose bowels, which are the triggers of stomach pain.

21.) Take Rest for Stomach Pain

On the off chance that there is a disease in your stomach, you have to take lots of rest to battle away the contamination.

22.) Over-the-Counter Medication

You can attempt over-the-counter medicines keeping in mind the end goal to get help from stomach pain, in the same way as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. For nausea, you can attempt acid neutralizer solutions, which will in the long run provide for you alleviation from stomach pain.

23.) Pomegranate Seeds to Cure Stomach Pain

Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt and dark pepper in some pomegranate seeds, and consume them. Pomegranate seeds help a great deal in getting alleviation from stomach pain.

24.) Fenugreek Seeds to Cure Stomach Pain

Take some fenugreek seeds and ground them into a paste. Presently, mix the taking some quantity of curd. This is known as those home remedies that are meant the best to use for a stomach pain.

25.) Celery Leaves to Cure Stomach Pain

Take 2 grams of celery leaves and structure a paste. Presently, blend 1 gram of rock salt into it. Have it. This gives a snappy alleviation from stomach pain.

26.) Tamarind Leaves to Cure Stomach Pain

Take 3 grams of fresh tamarind leaves and toil it to make a slender paste. Presently, blend 1 gram of rock salt in it and have this mixture.

27.) A Combination of Dry Mint, Cumin Seeds & Asafoetida to Cure Stomach Pain

Take some dry mint, dry ginger, roasted cumin seeds, coriander, dark pepper, asafoetida, garlic and rock salt, and drudgery them into a fine powder. You are suggested to take one teaspoon of the same powder before you take any of your meals, alongside a glass of tepid water.

28.) Rose Water to Cure Stomach Pain

Drink rose water to get easing from nausea and tummy pain.

29.) Parsley to Cure Stomach Pain

Soak some parsley leaves in water for a couple of hours. Drink this water no less than 2-3 times a day. This is a decent solution for keeping up the general soundness of your stomach.

30.) Bael to Cure Stomach Pain

Take bael mash and blend it in buttermilk. Stir it appropriately, and have it to stop stomach pain. You can also drink bael juice for curing upset stomach.

Homeopathic Remedies for Stomach Pain

Some of the homeopathic remedies for rapidly mending stomach pain are:

1.) Belladonna: This cure is useful when stomach pain is caused by intestinal obstruction.

2.) Carcinosin: This is useful for ache resulted because of constipation and hard stools.

3.) Nux vom: It is taken when the ache occurs because of indigestion.

4.) Arsenicum collection: It is used when the ache is accompanied by heaving, restlessness and the runs.

5.) Bryonia Alba: This cure is useful when there is an intense and a sharp ache in the abdomen.

Separated from these remedies, some of the other homeopathic remedies are pulsatilla, aconite, colocynthis, croton tig, lycopodium and mag phos.

Some Preventive Alternatives to Fix Stomach Pain


  • Take a sound eating methodology.
  • Consume small portions instead of consuming excessively at one go.
  • Bite your nourishment appropriately.
  • Evade liquor and stimulated drinks.
  • Evade a lot of admission of spicy or singed foods.
  • Do breathing exercise and yoga.
  • Drink enough water.
  • In the wake of consuming sustenance, stroll for 20-30 minutes.
  • Don’t go to bunk in the wake of having a feast.


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