How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet?


Cleaning utensils can be a tedious task especially when there is a stubborn stain that does not remove easily. However, cleaning utensils such glass and steel are easy as compared to the cast iron. But once the cast iron skillet gets filthy it will be hard to clean it if you aren’t using a correct remedy. Below we have listed some of the ways and remedies that can help you to clean a cast iron skillet. These remedies will be surely of great use for you. So through them and enjoy the cleaning.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Ways to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet:

1.) Hot Water to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillet generally gets food stains. To remove it, pour hot water in the utensil and leave it for a few minutes. By the time, the stain will get loose and it will be easily removed. Then clean the utensil with the kitchen bar. However, do not scrap out the stain with the help of knife or folk. Otherwise, the cast iron will get damaged. For best results use a kitchen bar that has a lemon. Lemon has the power to remove even a stubborn stain also.

2.) Potato and Baking Soda to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Potato and baking soda come handy for removing the rust from the pan. First, wipe off the bottom of the utensil with the help of tissue pepper or paper towel then sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda in the pan. Since baking soda is a natural cleanser, therefore, it will help you to clean the skillet.

Take one-half of the potato and scrub the cast iron skillet with potato and baking soda. Do not put pressure while doing so. Scrub the utensil properly, doesn’t skip the sides of the skillet those are the filthiest areas. If the potato starts sticking then sprinkle some baking soda. Repeat the process until the food stains from the cast iron skillet are removed.

3.) Coarse Salt and Potato to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

If you do not get baking soda then you can use coarse salt instead. This is quite a messy procedure and may spoil your other belonging. To avoid this cover your table or slap with newspaper. Once you are done with it, you are ready to clean a cast iron skillet.

In the beginning, sprinkle a good amount of salt in the salt in the pan. Cut the potato into two halves and use it to scrub the pan. Scrub it thoroughly in the circular motion to remove even the stain. While scrubbing the salt will get dirty so you can clean it with vegetable oil and if the cast iron skillet is not cleaned properly then repeat the process.

4.) Remove Profile Rusting to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

When the cookware is not cleaned for a long time it gets moisture that is known as profile rusting. To treat this rust all you have to do is place the pan on the stove, sprinkle a good amount of salt in the pan. Add water to it. With the sponge scrub the mixture of the salt and water. Then leave it until the entire water is evaporated. Switch off the flame then pour an oil into it and wipe it off.

5.) Vinegar to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

In a bucket mix an equal amount of white vinegar and water, submerge the skillet into it. Soak the pan for a few hours. The white vinegar will absorb the rust. However, make sure that you check the pan frequently once the stain is removed from the pan, the vinegar will hit the surface of the pan and can damage it. Then use warm water and mild detergent to clean the pan. With the help of the sponge wipe it off. But do not scrub it aggressively. Wash the pan and pat it dry.

6.) Heavy-Duty Cleaner to Clean a Cast on Skillet

Sometimes a simple abrasive technique doesn’t prove beneficial. To remove the stubborn rust from the pan use chemical cleaners. You can use hydrochloric acid to clean the pan. HCL will dissolve the rust and then you can easily remove it. However, be careful while working with HCL. Wear gloves, safety goggles while using the HCL. After cleaning it with HCL rinse the skittle and then dry it thoroughly.

7.) Re-Seasoning to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

This remedy is beneficial for all the stubborn stains stuck to your skittle. First preheat your oven and then coat the dry skittle with a cooking or a vegetable oil. Once the oven is prepared to place the cast iron skillet into it. Then place some baking sheets under the pan, it will absorb the extra oil. Leave the pan in the microwave for a few minutes or an hour. Then turn off the oven. However, do not open it. Wait for another few minutes and then take the skillet out safely. Let the skillet cool and then wipe off the remaining fat.

Additional Tips to Clean Cast Iron Skillet:

  • Don’t leave the cast iron skillet in the oven for the long period. Moreover, heat it at the medium heat.
  • Once the pan is cooled after seasoning clean it with the mild sponge and rinses it in the warm water and dries it immediately.
  • Avoid cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes, lemon, and other citrus foods in the cast iron skillet.
  • Do not use dish washing liquid or any soap on the cast iron skillet. Only use warm water and sponge to scrub it.
  • After cleaning the skillet wipe it gently with the cooking oil. However, avoid olive oil.
  • Scrub the cast iron skillet when it still warm (not too warm) and under the running water. And use a plastic scrubber or stiff brush to clean the utensil. You can also use salt to scrub the pan.
  • Before cooking the food in the cast iron skillet apply some vegetable oil on the bottom of the pan.
  • Do not use a cast iron skillet to marinate.


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