How to Catch a Mouse?


Mouse can be the most troublesome pest around your home. If they are in your home they consume food meant for humans or pets and contaminate food-preparation surfaces. Sometimes this cause food poisoning. Their constant gnawing causes damage to structures and property. There are innumerable ways to catch a mouse, like the traps, repellents, poisons etc. Here in this article we will discuss ways to catch a mouse.

How to catch a mouse?

How to Catch a Mouse?

1.) Track the Mouse to Catch a Mouse

If you are thinking about catching a mouse. Try to follow the mouse, once you see a mouse running by, try to evaluate where it went. The wisest way to get rid of mouse is to track the nest of this creatures. They are really fast and tracking them is not that easy. There might be the several nest of this mouse try to have a clear idea of their nest and the way the use to get into your kitchen and your valuable possessions. You can check the corners of your house like corners of closets, under the sink, behind the icebox, they might be in splits. The places that they acquire will smell foul.

2.) Set a Trap to Catch a Mouse

After you have tracked the nest of the mouse and get the idea of their movement you can go for the next step , set a trap to trap the mouse. You can set a humane mouse trap to catch a mouse and get them out of the house. Humane mouse will help you to trap a mouse without killing it. Place the trap in a particular place where the mouse mostly visit or place it the way they use. As soon as the mouse gets in the trap  closes behind it, making it impossible for the mouse to escape. Sometimes an empty trap wont work. Use a bait, you can place a piece of cheese or so to attract a mouse. After they get trapped you can release them to a place far away from your home. Take the trap to an adjacent stop or woods and release the mouse. Humane traps work by utilizing bait to draw the mouse into a maze-like shaft. At the point

3.) Hand Made Trap to Catch a Mouse

You can go for a handcrafted trap to catch a mouse. You can hold a trap and shut all possible escapes for the mouse. You can use a piece of cardboard or a box, just flip around the trap so that the mouse stays at the bottom of the trap. After that you can release the mouse in the woods. But be carefull while transferring them from the trap. You need to take them out from the trap to put them into a more comfortable thing to let them off.

4.) Release the Mouse to Get Rid of Them

Don’t release the mouse into your backyard. That would be the greatest mistake because they will get back to your home. You can walk some extra mile or ride a  bicycle or drive your trap a few miles away to the woods to making sure that you don’t want it to come right back to your home. Release the mouse in a patch of woods. When you’re prepared to release the mouse, just open the trap and they will  bounce out to escape.

5.) Shooing  to Catch a Mouse

Some people shoot the mouse to get rid of them. You can track the mouse and sho them by using a broom or a brush. Trap them at times when they are steady. They run around in your house and nearby. If you track one don’t forget to close the doors so that they remain within your vision later you can collect them and release them far away from home. There are always chances of them returning back to disturb you if your house isn’t sealed against mice, you will have to take accurate measures to seal it up and then use repellents so mice won’t meander in.

6.) Snap Traps to Catch a Mouse

Snap trap are the best way to catch a mouse. This trick of catching a mouse is enhanced with a bait for mouse. You can use a peanut butter or a cheese to lure this little creature. As soon as the mouse gets inside the trap the trap closes under the weight of the mouse and a wire springs down and kills it immediately. The best way to get rid of the mouse is to release them a few miles away from the house may be in the woods. Some find this as the best way for disposing mouse. You should always place the trap where you’ve recognized indications of a mouse.

7.) Glued Traps to Catch a Mouse

This is a fun way to catch a mouse without killing them or using poisonous chemical. You can use some really stubborn glue this will help you to catch a mouse without any risk of letting them escape. You can glue the floor of the trap with an  exceptionally sticky glue. Place this glued trap places where mice are usually found. Place the traps in places with highest indication of a mouse, as close closets or behind the icebox. Sometimes mouse caught  pass on by starvation or you can release them away from home.

8.) Water Trap to Catch a Mouse

You can try a custom-made water trap to catch a mouse out of the house. You need a bucket or rubbish can, ideally with two contradicting handles. Load one-quarter of it with water. Make a gap in the bottom of it. Use a bait just smear a bit of peanut butter on the can to serve as bait. Place a string or a piece of slim rope or wire and string it through the can, ties it onto both handles. Utilize a piece of plywood propped against the bucket this will serve as the entrance for the mouse. Place it on places where mouse are mostly found. Leave it overnight. The mouse will scale the slope to get to the bait, yet once it steps in, it is able to slip off into the bucket and get caught.

9.) Check Traps Regularly to Catch a Mouse

When you set a trap for mouse of any kind, do remember to check it consistently. Replace the trap after you have released the mouse, so that the other mouse can be trapped again. It’s also necessary to keep a check because a dead mouse can be the cause if foul smell and unhealthy condition. The dead mouse attracts bugs and begin to smell, so keep in mind to check your traps.

10.) Get A Cat to Catch a Mouse

You can get a pet to catch a mouse. It is the best job for your pet as cats are natural predators of the mouse. You can easily get rid of mouse by bringing a cat to your home. Its more effective than trapping a mouse. You will notice that homes with a pet cat are free from mouse. The only problem arises out to the dead mouse. You should find them and dispose them so that they don’t spread foul smell and make the place unhealthy.


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