Vitamin D Side Effects


Here in this article, we will discuss vitamin D side effects. Before going through the side effects let us know about the vitamin and its sources. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. it is essential for absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate a zinc from the stomach. Calcium is always paired with this vitamin. This vitamin is the most important compound of our body. Very few foods contain vitamin D. The over dosage of vitamin D is call ‘Hypervitaminosis D’, it is a rare case but potentially serious condition. Vitamin D is beneficial and the sun is the source of vitamin D.

Sometimes vitamin D supplements cause over dosage. The overdose can be a severe health issue. Other complexities may be because of calcium or antacid medication. Only consumption of vitamin D in a large amount can result in vitamin D side effects. Like any other substance in our body vitamin D also reacts with our body. The side effects of vitamin D can be overcome easily. Side effects from the intake of this vitamin are common and high intake of vitamin D can cause abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood. This can affect bones, tissues, and other organs. It can lead to high blood pressure, bone loss, and kidney damage without treatment.

Vitamin D side effects

 Vitamin D Side Effects:

1.) A Headache as Vitamin D Side Effect

The consumption of this vitamin D leads to a severe headache. The in a balance of this vitamin causes in balance in the body. A headache due to high intake of vitamin D is actually faced by a vast majority of people. The high intake of this vitamin results in a deficiency in magnesium. The underlying magnesium deficiency that is exacerbated by taking the vitamin d, this vitamin D does require magnesium in order to work properly.

2.) Weakness Side Effect of Vitamin D

If you are taking vitamin D supplements or calcium tablets. Consult the doctor and fix the amount of intake of this vitamin. The overdose of this vitamin may cause problems like weakness. Vitamin D is always coupled with their body nutrients as it absorbs them. If your body has a high content of this vitamin it causes weakness. You may at times feel drowsy. Weakness is vitamin D side effect

3.) Constipation as Vitamin D Side Effect

Vitamin D can also lead to problems like constipation if taken as a supplement. overdose of this vitamin and a deficiency of magnesium is the root cause of this problem. So, you can help yourself by taking magnesium or zinc until the problem gets solved. Zinc is co-dependent and synergistic with magnesium. 1-2,000 mg of magnesium can help you. Again sometimes vitamin c can also help you out. This symptom is prominent in children’s.

4.) Muscle or Bone Pain Side Effects of Vitamin D

Overdose of vitamin D causes excessive calcification of bones. The side effects are also eminent in the muscles. A generalized develops soon after taking vitamin D. Sometimes the pain increases fearfully. At such conditions, one should stop taking furthermore supplements. If you are taking this vitamin be careful as a overdose can lead to bone demineralization. The effect of overdose of this vitamin is far worse than its deficiency effects. It can damage your bones and make them brittle. This is one of the vitamin d side effects.

5.) Weight Lose and Vitamin D Side Effects

Some people lose weight with the intake of vitamin D. The problem comes along with other problems like feeling weak, drowsy. If you are not taking the appropriate amount of vitamin D intake you will face some health problems. This can be a major concern and threaten to your physical health. Vitamin D is an impressive toxic when taken in an appropriate amount. The over dosage of this can work poisonous on our health, so if you are taking vitamin D pills and you seem to lose weight. You can discontinue the intake of this vitamin. Sun is the natural and the safest source of vitamin D. Avoid pills and get the correct amount of sun exposure.

6.) Vitamin D Side Effects on Skin

Vitamin D can cause an allergic reaction if its overdoses or applied on the skin. This vitamin comes in several ointments. You should not use this on your skin alone. The composition should be paired with corticosteroids. The best way to take this vitamin is when taken by mouth or injected into the muscle in doses of 300,000 IU three times a year. To maintain a balance. The dosage of vitamin D may cause allergic skin reactions. You may get inflammation, irritation, rash, and thinning of your skin. If you are sensitive to vitamin D or any other formula of this vitamin, you should immediately stop taking this further more.

7.) Heart Risk Due to Vitamin D

A higher level of vitamin D is closely related to heart diseases. However an over dosage of this vitamin develops twice the risk of developing a heart attack compared to the deficiency of vitamin D.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble and fatty material and other substances form a plaque. This is built-in the inner walls of the coronary arteries. The arteries are responsible for the amount of blood flow to the heart slows down or even stops. Overdosage of this vitamin brings down a major chance in the fat levels in this wall which can cause chest pain, shortness of breath and a heart attack during activity. So, an adequate level of vitamin D is a crucial part of the diet. Try to avoid pills and go for the natural source of the vitamin-like sun and foods rich in vitamin d.

8.) Kidney Disease as a Vitamin D Side Effects

The vitamin D increases the calcium levels. The increase of the calcium level can increase the risk of “hardening of the arteries”. Peoples taking vitamin D pills have the risk of serious kidney disease. This must be balanced with the need to prevent kidneys failure. It is very important to maintain the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D plays a major role in managing the calcium levels. This should be monitored carefully in people suffering from kidney disease. Drink adequate amount of water if you are taking vitamin D in any form this will help to prevent hardening of arteries in your kidney.

9.) Vitamin D Effects Blood Pressure

Vitamin D affect blood pressure. Caution is advised for people who are suffering from blood pressure disorders. Special care should be taken for those are taking this vitamin as drugs or herbs and supplements that affect blood pressure. Vitamin D can also result in dangerous results for women who are pregnant. The major risk is that of high blood pressure associated with pregnancy. The recommended amount for women during the time of pregnancy is the same as for a normal adult. Always check your blood pressure regularly. This is one of the major vitamin D side effects.

10.) Diabetes as a Side Effect of Vitamin D

Overdosage of vitamin D may affect blood sugar levels. Caution is advised for people suffering from diabetes or low blood sugar. If you are taking drugs, herbs, or supplements of vitamin D be careful about the blood sugar level in your body. Always check your blood sugar levels regularly.


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