How to Kiss Your Boyfriend?


A kiss is probably one of the best feelings a human can feel. If you and your boyfriend can make a great kissing session then nothing would be greater than that. This article will help you to know the best methods to kiss your boyfriend. Mostly girls do not take the first step and wait for their partner to start the kiss. Girls! guys would love it if you would show the effort to please your boyfriend and initiate the kiss. It is time to surprise your boyfriend and make him fall for you more.

If you doubt yourself and wondering if you would be able to do so or not then you probably are underestimating yourself. We have arrayed few tips which will help you to kiss your boyfriend confidently and as a pro. The most important thing when it comes to kissing someone is to deliver it with confidence. Confidence makes you sexy and your boyfriend will love it you taking the lead. Show your boyfriend how much you love him by kissing him with all your heart.

How to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Ways to Kiss Your Boyfriend

1. Get Kissable Lips to Kiss Your Boyfriend

The first and foremost important tip would be to get kissable lips before kissing your boyfriend. You would not want your chapped and dry lips to spoil the whole session. Take care of your lips and keep it hydrated. Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated and to make it look better.

  • Use light perfumes to smell amazing. The smell is one of the powerful sense to capture the attention of a man and a woman.
  • Protect your lips with chapstick or lip balm so they look soft and inviting.

2. Choose a Romantic Place

A place also matters a lot when it comes to kissing your boyfriend. A romantic place will enhance your and your partner’s mood and which eventually will help in getting the best kissing experience. This must be the reason kissing below Eiffel tower is a great experience. A romantic place would provide you greater kissing experience and a greater chance of having the perfect kiss than any other common place.

3. Talk to Make His Mood

Make an eye contact if you want to kiss your boyfriend as it will send him a signal that you are totally interested in having a kiss. Shift your gaze from his eyes to his lips and he will get sure about your feelings. After getting your clue he might even make an initiative to kiss you. You can even imagine different ways to kiss him and it might make your kissing session more passionate. You will feel more confident this way. These would even get his mood up and he might even get tempted to kiss you.

4. Give Him Hints to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Giving him hints that you are going to make some intimate moves will tell your partner what is going on in your mind. Try to talk to him in a flirty manner. Look at his lips when you speak to him. Start with the kiss on his cheeks.

Doing all these will make him ready for the next move. Boys are mostly ready to kiss you but you will also get to know how exactly he feels at the time. When he will be ready then you both will have a better experience of kissing.

5. Touch Him to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Touch your boyfriend to start the kiss. Your touch will make your partner aware of your intentions. A kissing experience cannot be complete without a sensual touch. Start with touching his hand while talking to him. Touch his knees while laughing. Sit closer him and find excuses o touch him. Plant a kiss on his cheeks, if you both are alone then put arms around his neck and kiss his lip gently. You can use your arms and fingers to make it more sensual by moving it on his face and neck.

6. Use Teeth to Kiss Your Boyfriend

Biting lips while kissing your partner can be a lot to handle. Try to be careful not to hurt your partner while using your teeth while kissing him. Do it gently in the start first try to get to know how hard you can go. Switch between kissing and biting this will definitely make him go wild. Vary in speed and pressure and pressure your lips against him. Look if he also starts biting your lip if yes then he is enjoying it a lot.

7. Use Tongue to Kiss Your Boyfriend

You may be well aware of the French kiss or open mouth kiss. In this kiss, you can use your tongue and play with his tongue and you can also move your tongue in his mouth. French kissing is very much passionate and can make you love him even more than you have planned. Even if it does not turn out perfectly then do not worry as no one becomes a pro in the start. You might take some time before getting perfect at it. If your partner is doing well then you can copy him. If you feel that he is liking your way then keep your doing it on your way.

8. Different Ways of kissing Your Boyfriend

As you get more relaxed with each other, change up the force, rhythm, and timing of your kisses to know what he likes.

  • Pressure your lips a bit closer to his.
  • Kiss him four to five times in a row without getting your face too far away each time.
  • Go for a longer and deeper kiss.
  • Kiss on places like ear lobes, neck, and shoulder.
  • Go slowly to make things run smoothly.

9. French Kiss Your Boyfriend

French kissing or open mouth kissing is more passionate and playful way for kissing each other. Try initiating French kissing as follows.

  • Tenderly licking his upper lip, then slid to the lower lip.
  • Gently bite on his lower lip.
  • Turn your head slightly to the one side. It’s better to kiss if your noses do not come in the way.
  • Open your mouth slightly to make him invite to kiss you.
  • Put your tongue in his mouth.
  • If he too follows then play with his tongue.

10. Kiss at Different Spots

See the Below:

  • Kissing Fingers; Kiss your boyfriend’s fingers or suck gently the knuckles.
  • Ears; Kiss or lick the ear lobes to give pleasure to your boyfriend most of the boys love to be kissed at this sensitive place. 
  • Chest Kisses; While unbuttoning your boyfriend kiss his chest or shoulder part.
  • Kissing Feet; Kiss the toes and feet and it is a very sensual place to kiss.

Different Methods to Kiss Your Boyfriend

  • Suck You Partner’s Lips: Normal kissing would be boring therefore, different varieties are there to make your experience better than usual. While kissing your partner suck his lips gently. Suck your partner’s lower or upper lips gently.
  • In the middle of kissing session when you take a break then kiss your partner on cheeks and give him close mouth kisses on lips.
  • Kiss on different parts of the face like eyelids, forehead or nose tip to make it an extraordinary experience.
  • Give Surprise Kisses: When he is expecting it least then kiss your boyfriend and he would love it.
  • Rub your nose together to while kissing your boyfriend.

Tips to Remember to Kiss your Boyfriend

  • Try to keep your hair tied in a bun otherwise, it may come between while kissing.
  • Do not rush while kissing and take your time while kissing your partner to make it special.
  • Smile in between when you both make eye contact in the break between kissing.
  • Keep mouth freshener to get rid of bad breath just in case.
  • If this is your first time then choose a quiet place with fewer people.
  • Kissing can be done with braces too. Just be careful while kissing your partner if you wear braces.


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