How to Turn a Girl on?


After wiring how to turn on a guy?, how to make out? and how to kiss a girl?, we are writing the ways to turn on a girl? No one is same in this world are same, they have different characters, likes, and dislikes. To turn on a girl with words you need to know a bit about her and what could be said to turn her on easily. Luckily there are few things which work on almost every girl and can be used to turn them on. You cannot turn on a girl by using words if you do not have much time. It needs time and mood to build. Make sure to get a good deal of time when you want to turn a girl on with words.

How to Turn a Girl On with Words

Steps to Turn a Girl On with Words

1.) Make Her Hear Your Words 

When you can make her hear your voice then the impact will be deeper. With words it is better to talk over some apps in which you can send her voice notes. Your words when heard will have a better effect as it will have tone and voice modulations. Use your deepest voice when you talk to a girl. Girls like men with deep and mature voice and it will widen the impact. It does not mean you have to speak in the highest pitch of your voice.

2.) Make The Romantic Mood

It is very important to set the mood to turn a girl on. Say sweet things which will help to build the romantic mood. Say that you have missed her a lot today or you could not stop thinking about her whole day. These lines would make her feel great and slowly she will also start getting into the mood. Tell her how much you have missed her all day. This will create the feeling of closeness between you both. Tell her that you alone on your bed it will help her to imagine you and relate things.

  • Make her realize how much she is important to you and how much you miss her when you both are not together. Tell her your day seems incomplete without seeing her.
  • You can even compliment her saying that you love her eyes or her smile.
  • Never compare a girl with someone else she may feel bad that you are thinking about other women and it may spoil the whole mood.
  • Make her feel that you are only thinking about her. This may heat up the situation between you both.

3.) Ask Her Some Questions

Avoid asking questions which have monosyllable answers. Short answer questions can make people talk less and this way they do not reach to have a deep and romantic conversation. Ask her questions which will let her speak more and which will give her time to think more about you. Questions which will you to know more about her should be asked. Your questions should not make her bored and it should make her feel that you care about her and concerned to know her more.

  • A good question will make her feel that you are interested in her. And with your questions make her feel that you are curious to know her more.
  • If the girl gives short answers in the reply then ask her more questions to know about her.
  • Use sense of humor while asking questions to her. Girls like guys who have a good sense of humor. Try to make her laugh and you can turn her on easily.

4.) Talk Sexy & Romantic

Say things which are sexy and romantic do not make it gross and dirty. Romantic things can attract people easily. If this is a start then do not go too much ahead. You can say romantic things like you want to hug her and run your finger through her hair. You want to feel her soft skin and kiss her neck. Tell her you thought about her all day and you start missing her the moment she goes away from your eyesight. Tell her that she is hard to resist and she has a perfect personality which can drive any guy crazy. You can even tell her that every time you touch her you go crazy and never wants to stay away from her.

5.) Compliment Her More

Tell her how amazing she is and you keep on thinking about her all day long. Complimenting is the best way to turn a girl on. Place compliments in between your talks to make her blush and heat up the mood. Your compliments can really work as a charm and create a sexy mood.

Tell her that you cannot stop thinking about being with her. Do not just keep the compliments going on rather keep on having your conversation and keep her complimenting in between. Try to compliment about different things and wrap up your compliments with a hint of flirt. You can tell her she has god beautiful eyes and you have already lost yourself in it.

6.) Make Her Feel Special

Make her feel like she is very special for you. Do not compare her with anyone and make her feel that she is one of the sexiest lady out there. If you turn on a girl then it is very important to make her feel like a queen of the world. Make her realize that she is very important to you and you can go crazy without her. Show a woman that she is special and no one can be anything compared to her. Tell her how lucky you are to be with her and no one can ever compete with her beauty.

7.) Say Her What You Want

It is time to express that you want her. She will feel turned up when she will hear I want you from you. This will make the girl feel how much desperately you want her at the moment. She will get turned on easily. If you are with her then look her in the eye while making this statement. Do not feel shy or get nervous while saying it and say it with full confidence. You can make her feel better by saying “I have never wanted anything so much” or “I have been waiting for this day my whole life now cannot wait to get close to you”.

8.) Compliment Her Body

You can compliment her body to heat up the situation. Do not present yourself as a pervert but compliment her in a sexy way. Do not offend her while doing so. You can tell her that her legs are sexy and it is always safe to compliment about legs. If you feel like you can go forward then you can even compliment about her others parts. You can something sexy like “you have got the greatest ass ever” or “your hips moves amazingly”.

9.) Say What is in Your Mind

Now you are very close and tell her things which you want to do to her or which you want her to do to you. You can get a bit naughty at this stage if you want to. Give her hints at the start and leave her to imagine rest. Say her that you want her hands all over your body and want to feel her body as well. Tell that you want to kiss her every inch of her body and this would be enough to seduce her at great extent. Say to her that you want her to kiss your chest and take your shirt off. Tell her that you would like her she getting on top of you kissing you all over.

10.) Describe Your Inner Feelings

Tell her how much turned on you are to turn a girl on with words. Do not be shy to let her know how you are feeling and how much you want her right now. Tell her that she excites you the most and you can get turned on even with her being around you. Tell her your fantasies that you would like to go to a place with her or you would like to make particular sexy moves with her.


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