How to Turn Your Partner On?


Physical affection is very necessary in between couples to maintain a loving and a long-term relationship. Getting intimate is important for a couple if they want to have a long-lasting relationship. In the beginning of a relationship, it is usually easy to get physical without making any much efforts. As relationship gets older the charm gets to loosen up and you and your partner may not get much intimate as you used to get. As the relationship gets older same methods becomes quite boring therefore you need to adapt new techniques to turn your partner on. Follow the given below tips to turn your partner on.

How to Turn Your Partner On

Tips to Turn Your Partner On

1. Look Sexy to Turn Your Partner On

Looks plays a great role when it comes to turning on your partner. You sexy look can make your partner go drooling. Look good fresh and attractive to attract your partner. Wear a subtle perfume and it can quicken your partner’s pulses easily. Fresh smell after the shower will also work your charms on your partner. It is better to smell fresh than sweaty. Wear sexy and washed clothes as it will make a better impact. Wear clothes which will make your partner attracted easily. Your efforts to look good will be noticed by your partner and he or she will surely appreciate it.

2. Flirt with Your Partner to Turn Your Partner On

Do not let your flirting fade away after your relationship starts. People tends to get less romantic once they get into the relationship. Flirt with your partner and keep the spark alive. Make an intimate eye contact in the public to tease your partner. Talk in a flirty manner to keep your partner interested in you. When you go out in the public places text them to tell that you want them right now. It will turn your partner easily. the more the anticipation will be there the more easily they will be turned on. You can whisper in their ear that you want them to touch you at all places. Tell your partner that you cannot concentrate on anything but him or her. Send your partner sexy memes to turn them on.

3. Touch Your Partner to Turn Your Partner On

Hug your partner when they expect it the least. For instance, hug your partner from behind while they are working. Hold your partner’s hand in your hand and move your fingers over their arms. Touch your partner to make them feel that you desire them. While she is preparing dinner hug her from back or give her an unexpected kiss on her neck that would be more to seduce her and turn her on. sit on his lap and touch his shoulder and arms brush your body against his and it will drive him crazy. Touch each other without any reasons, play footsie and hold your partner’s hand.

4. Kiss Your Partner to Turn Your Partner On

Kiss your partner on the tip of their tongue. Every kiss does not need to be on the lips, find other places to kiss your partner and turn them on. Kiss your partner behind their ears, back on their neck. Kiss on the collarbone and use your hands while kissing. Brush her hair aside and kiss her side neck. Kiss his shoulder and chest, go from subtle to gentle. Run your fingers on his or her hair. Experiment while kissing, use biting, nibbling and licking methods to kiss your partner.

  • Respond to your partner’s reaction while kissing him or her. Take a small break when you both go out of the air to breathe.
  • When you feel that your partner is enjoying it the most then you can go there again and again, to turn them on.

5. Make Your Partner Wait to Turn Your Partner On

Making your partner wait or teasing them and making them wait is a good way to turn them on easily. Make them yearn for you that way they will want more of you and in will, no time will turn on. The more desire they will have for you and the more anticipations will be there the crazier your partner will go for you. Do not let your partner touch you and tease them to make them go crazy at their extreme level and to turn them on easily.

6. Senses Stimulation to Turn Your Partner On

Senses are everything which makes us have a desire and wants desires to get fulfilled. pleasing all senses is what making love is. You can even use to stimulate these senses to drive your partner to go crazy for you.

  • Touch

Skin is a sensitive part and it is what gets stimulated and gets please when making out. Touching your partner can make them desire you more. Men too like cuddling and snuggling like women do. Just holding the hand of the one you love makes you feel happy and makes the make-out session romantic.

  • Sound

Listening to a romantic song can make you feel like having romance. Your voice in a lower note, when whispered in your partner’s ears will also turn them up. Talk to your partner in a romantic manner and in a soft and low voice.

  • Taste

Bring things which your partner likes to devour. Sweet things like chocolates and fudges can lighten up your partner’s mood. Chemicals present in chocolate make you feel happy. When your partner will feel relaxed and stress-free then you have better chances of turning on your partner.

  • Smell

Skip the scent ou put on just a gentle one. Your physical body fragrance is a prominent turn-on than you think. everyone has a distinctive odor. Your scent has the power to stimulate the arousal. It can play an underappreciated part in the chemistry of fascination. Therefore, forget lathering up with scented lotions a shower as your fragrance is the best turn-on.

  • Sight

Wear attractive color, color like red increases the attractiveness of women according to the researchers. Men like red the most on their ladies when it comes to seduction or making out. Wearing red can tempt your partner to a great extent.

7. Start with Foreplay to Turn Your Partner On

Enjoy being with each other and do not rush. Foreplay is the important part to turn on your partner. Touch each other gently and shower each other with kisses. Tease your partner in between by making them wait. Do not rush to undress or for anything.

Give time for kissing your partner. Put a romantic track on in the background to add up more heat. There are few more sensitive areas like the back of the knee and ear or inner thigh kiss those places to turn your partner on.

8. Read Body Signs to Turn Your Partner On

Reading signs given by your partner will make you please them in a better way. When your partner will like something they will respond in a better way than usual. Take a note of those things which your partner likes and what he or she desire from you. If they like you going rough then go rough on them or if they want you to be gentle then try to be gentle. If you feel like your partner is not satisfied then do not be afraid to ask your partner about it.

9. Talk Dirty to Turn Your Partner On

You should talk dirty to turn your partner on. You can try using some romantic pickup lines on them to make them desire more of you. Whisper something romantic in your partner’s ear to make them excited. Once they get excited and they will start desiring for you, it will be easier for you to turn on your partner. Speak in a seductive manner and take your partner’s name in a sexy way to

10. Tease Your Partner to Turn Your Partner On

Teasing your partner can turn them to a great extent. You may even tease your partner without using words and just using gestures. Teasing will also make you free in front of your partner. Do some sort of teasing to seduce your partner. Try new ways to tease your partner and turn them on.


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