20 Different French Braid Hairstyles


French braid style is truly beautiful and looks lovely when you add in the hairstyle. These french braids are the perfect for many occasions. You can add these sassy french hairstyle from classy affairs in the evening and big day like a wedding. Here are Different french braid hairstyle that absolutely dazzling and creative.

Different French Braid Hairstyles

1.) Milkmaid Braids for the Win

Enhance your beautiful locks with braided headband or crown also known as milkmaid braids. Show off your cute hairdo with gorgeous accessories that look extremely fetching on special occasions. The hairstyle stays for a couple of days that look stunning with braid. Pull off your look with smoky eyes that is sensational with milkmaid braids for the win. The milkmaid braid is one of the French braid hairstyles that is very much in trend.

milkmaid braid french braid hairstyles

2.) Effortless Side Braid

It’s not necessary that braiding style, include your all hair. The effortless side braid is one of the French braid hairstyles that hardly takes your effort. To achieve this you have to braid it one side or even in the French style. The hairstyle has an extreme part that gives you desirable look. You can achieve this hairstyle in medium to long hair.

effortless side braid french braid hairstyles

3.) Side Ponytail with a Twist

Add movement and life in your hairstyle with a side ponytail with a twist. In long and medium hair, braid ponytail looks extremely gorgeous. For a better look, you can combine it with waterfall braid that looks absolutely sassy on every girl. Including two French braids in one hairstyle is not a bad option. The side ponytail with a twist is one of the sassy French braid hairstyles.

Side ponytail with a twist french braid hairstyles

4.) Triple the Braid

Learning about hairstyle is the best thing. At least you got to know about your hairstyles which work best according to your length and hair texture. This hairstyle works for many hairstyles. If you have thick and long locks then maybe you are able to separate the braid from your hairstyle. The eye-catching look also works best for the traditional looks that look stunning with perfect plaits.

tripple the braid french braid hairstyles

5.) All Around and Upside Down

Another fabulous updo that looks fantastic on the special occasion. The killer look needs the high effort that makes you stand in front of the mirror to get the perfect hairstyle. It’s really an eye catching hairstyle that goes with both formal and casual look. Magnify the beauty of the hairstyle with a cute bun at the crown area. All around and upside down is one of the amazing and different French braid hairstyles.

All around and upside down french braid hairstyles

6.) A Braid with Everything

Braids hairstyles are highly in trend. In this hairstyle, the braided headband wrapped above the intricate bun. The hairstyle is best for the prom or wedding. You can make it more beautiful by adding a fetching in your hairstyle. The hairstyle is ideal for your romantic date. A braid with everything is one of the dazzling French braid hairstyle.

A braid with everything french braid hairstyles

7.) Crowned in Braid

Every morning start your day with queen attitude. The hairstyle is bit regal and queenly. You can add this braided crown to your everyday look. Go with a braid crown with or without ponytail that looks gorgeous in medium to long hair. Paired the look with elegant hair accessories that look flawless on every girl. The crowned braid is one of the beautiful French braid hairstyles.

crowned braid french braid hairstyles

8.) Half, Half and Half

Math doesn’t work, but the description will solve all your problems. In this hairstyle, the hairstyle is half up, half-parted and half twisted into the messy bun. Pull off your look with light makeup that energetic with the look. Wear some cool crop top with this look to take the hairstyle to the next level. Don’t forget to wear your sassy jewelry.

half, half, and half french braid hairstyles

9.) Round and Round the Crown

The hairstyle is best for long hair as it helps to create a perfect crown for your looks. You need to secure the hairstyle with bobby pins to get the amazing look. You can enhance your look with party gowns that look perfect with this look. The round and round the crown is one of the French braid hairstyles.

Round round and round the crown french braid hairstyles

10.) Intricate But Secretly Easy

There are many ways that make the hairstyle gorgeous. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to create two side braid or braid crown to take the look to the next level. For the twist, you need to pull off some strands beneath the braids and start twisting them tightly. You can begin the braid from anywhere and make an unlimited design.

intricate but secretly easy french braid hairstyles

11.) A Triple Threat

You can get this hairstyle in a couple of minutes. In this hairstyle, the three braids pack in three times a punch that is beautiful, small and delicate. You can add French braid that is a lovely idea to highlight your hairdo. The hairstyle is ideal for special occasions.

A tripple threat french braid hairstyles

12.) Vintage Inspired Braids

The vintage inspired braid is one of the breathtaking French braid hairstyles. You just need to start braid from both the sides starting at the hairline. You can twist them into a ponytail. The vintage inspired braids are one of the stunning French braid hairstyles.

cA tripple threat french braid hairstyles

13.) When Pinning is everything

Braid hairstyle works best in short hair. You can achieve this hairstyle with side or milkmaid braid hairstyle for short or medium hair. You can secure this braid hairstyle with bobby pins.

when pining is everything french braid hairstyles

14.) Pretty, Pretty Pigtail

Pretty, the pretty pigtail is one of the mind boggling French braid hairstyle. You just have to bread from both the sides like in the picture to get the stunning look.

pretty pretty pigtails french braid hairstyles

15.) The Perfect Pixie Braid

You get this french braid hairstyle in your pixie cut. The perfect pixie braid is one of the amazing french braid hairstyles.

perfect pixie braid french braid hairstyles

16.) Meeting in the Middle

You can see many french braid style but this one is the must try option. In this hairstyle, two side braids and continuing plait them into one.

meeting in the middle french braid hairstyles

17.) Two into One

Try this whimsical french braid that gets convert into one braid that looks pretty wonderful. For this style, the two side braids converge at the nape and continued braid into single plaited braid.

two into one french braid hairstyles

18.) The Best Hair Headband Ever

The most intensive hairstyle that looks gorgeous in long hair, the braiding structure give you feel like knitting. You can also go with much different texture.

best hair head band ever french braid hairstyles

19.) Boho Goes Elegant

You can see in the picture, how amazing the hairstyle look in the picture. The boho goes elegant is one of the elegant french braid hairstyles.

boho goes elegant hairstyle french braid hairstyles

20.) True Intricacy Braiding

The true intricacy braiding is one of the adorable hairstyles. Braiding is hard and needs hard techniques to learn.  You get this hairstyle by add classic braid in the middle with the side braid.

true intricacy french braid hairstyles


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