20 Splashy Blonde Hairstyles


Elegance, feminity, and grace are the heart’s core desire of every woman. This article is here to fulfill your desire. We have brought a myriad of options for blonde hairstyles. Buns, braids, waves and curls can enhance the beauty of your blonde hair. Shades of blonde have gained a lot of popularity and have taken the trend to a new level.

Top 20 Splashy Blonde Hairstyles:

1.) Blonde Bun with Two Braids:

blonde bun with two braids blonde hairstyles

This is one of the most attractive blonde hairstyles. You just have to create two braids in the front section of the hair and then blend it into a layered bun. You can accentuate the texture of your braids with highlights.

2.) Relaxed Blonde Fishtail:

relaxed blonde fishtail blonde hairstyles

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is adorable and chunky, then try this loose, relaxed and messy fishtail. The best part is that it is not outfit specific. Whether you wear jeans or a gown it will make you look stunning.

3.) Curly Blonde Floral Updo:

curly blonde floral blonde hairstyles

It is one of the most eye-catching and captivating hairstyles. It is pronounced hairstyle for women who are blessed with natural curls. There is no work of neatness in this hairstyle. In fact, the tousled look makes it different. You just have to pin up the curls at different points of the head.

4.) Half Up Fishtail Hairstyles:

half up fishtail braid blonde hairstyles

If you are a great fan of fishtail, then this is an awesome way to make a different style using your fishtail braid. Not only fishtail braids, but there are other braids that are also included in this hairstyle. Make two lacy braids that meet at the center and then continue making a fishtail braid.

5.) Blonde Half Updo with braided Flower:

blonde half updo braided flower blonde hairstyles

This is one of the most eye-catching blonde hairstyles. Blonde half Updo with a braided flower is one of the simplest styles to create. Gather a medium section of hair from the crown and make a simple braid. Twist this braid to make a flower.

6.) Blonde Formal Updo:

blonde formal updo blonde hairstyles

This is one of the most intricate and polished low bun hairstyles. The neatness in this bun will help others to see even the smallest details. Make an angled bun that is wrapped into a low bun. swirl some hair strands to create small circles.

7.) Blonde Tousled Waves:

blonde tousled waves blonde hairstyles

There are days when you are in no mood to make braids and buns. Don’t worry, this hairstyle is exactly for those days. The different highlights of blonde will make your hair look dimensional and wonderful. This hairstyle gives your hair a chance to flow freely.

8.) Bouncy Highlighted Blonde Curls:

bouncy highlighted blonde hairstyles

Whether you are a teenage girl or a mature lady, curls will look awesome. It is an improbable hairstyle that works best with most of the hair textures. You can make a bouffant and pull the bangs at the back. The highlighted spiraled curls will make you look dazzling.

9.) Bubble Mohawk with Pompadour Front:

bubble mohawk blonde hairstyles

This bubble ponytail is going to take your blonde hair to a new track. The pompadour front will make this bubble Mohawk unique and classy. Pompadour supports the height of the bubble Mohawk in the most appropriate manner.

10.) Blonde Braided Seashell Updo:

blonde braided seashell updo blonde hairstyles

Braids always have gained a lot of popularity. Whether it’s a French braid or a braided bun, it is loved by all. This seashell Updo is one such way to style your braids. The blonde hair color makes it look pleasing.

11.) Blonde Topknot Hairstyles:

blonde topknot blonde hairstyles

This is one of the most charismatic blonde hairstyles. This hairstyle gives you an opportunity to show the strictness and playfulness at the same time. It is an ideal style to lift up your spirit.

12.) Long Blonde Pony Hairstyle:

long ponytail blonde hairstyles

This easy hairstyle will give you a classy and sophisticated look. You just have to pull back your hair and create a tight pony. It is a great look for everyday purposes. Make sure that it is neither too high nor too low.

13.) Dark Blonde Hair with One Shaved Side:

dark blonde hair with one shaved side blonde hairstyles

You can always try new things with your hair because it can grow back. Then why not try this cheeky hairstyle. You can become the mistress of epatage with such a bold hairstyle.

14.) Curly Blonde Hairstyles:

curly blonde hairstyles

This is one of the most resplendent blonde hairstyles. It will save you from the hours of hair styling. The textured curls will increase your self-confidence. You can mix two shades of blonde for better results.

15.) Blonde Side French Braid:

blonde side french braid blonde hairstyles

French braid has the power to add life to your dull hair. The best part is that you are rocking two hairstyles at the same time. You can show off your beautiful wavy hair and the French braid is unique on its own.

16.) Straight Ash Blonde Hairstyle:

straight ash blonde hairstyles

This is one of the splashy blonde hairstyles. Straight hair has its own beauty and charm. The smooth texture of the hair will give you a flawless look. It is an exemplary hairstyle that suits most of the outfits and occasions.

17.) Vintage Updo Hairstyles:

vintage updo blonde hairstyles

The buttery texture of this vintage Updo is adorable. It is a perfect hairstyle to wear with formal dresses. The large finger waves will make you look stunning. Spice up this hairstyle with subtle highlights.

18.) Long Layered Blonde Hairstyle:

long layered blonde hairstyles

It is a flattering hairstyle to look classy every day. Long hair can make you look gorgeous if handled properly. Sometimes long hair can look like they are dragging you. So to avoid this, add layers at the bottom.

19.) Caramel Waves with Bleached Bangs:

caramel waves with bleached bangs

If you are bored with one shade of blonde then why not try something in contrast. This is not at all a bad idea and in fact a little separation can make you look better than before.

20.) Messy Knots with Blonde Waves:

messy knot with waves blonde hairstyles

This is one of the best blonde hairstyles. It is easy to create and you can easily fake a half up Mohawk. You just have to make messy knots and pin them up at the crown of the head.


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