20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles


These bridesmaid hairstyles, make a plain woman gorgeous and unforgettable on a big day. At that special moment, which going to remember throughout the life doesn’t ruin it with the boring look. We have picked the unique and best hairstyle that makes your presence stronger. This sensational look makes any boy fall on his knees. Here are 20 unique bridesmaid hairstyle you can’t miss.

20 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles

1.) Curly Updo with Crown Braid

Curly updo with crown braid is one of the unique bridesmaid hairstyles. The hairstyle gives you fullness and texture. You can tuck some flowers in the hairstyle to get the whimsical look. The hairstyle looks gorgeous in the wedding ceremony. Try this mesmerizing hairstyle on your big day.

curly updo with braid bridesmaid hairstyles

2.) Princess-Like Long Curly Hairstyle

Every woman wants to look like a princess in bridesmaid look. Don’t let your dream down, try princess like a long curly hairstyle. You can have flawless curls that widen your look and fall on your shoulder or you can sweep to one side. Try some fetching accessories that go well with your bridesmaid look. The hairstyles look fabulous on fair skin tone.

princess like long curly bridesmaid hairstyles

3.) Edgy Wavy Beach Wedding Hairstyle

Steal the moment with edgy wavy beach wedding hairstyle. Try half up hairstyle that enhance the nautical theme of the wedding. Make it more gorgeous with charming hair accessories of blue and turquoise colors. Go for pearls, fetching chain and fishtail braid. Magnify your bob with these cool ideas. Edgy wavy beach wedding hairstyle is one of the unique bridesmaid hairstyles.

edgy weavy beach bridesmaid hairstyles

4.) Neo- Romantic Hairstyles with A Curly Side Pony

When you think about bridesmaid look on wedding occasion, try something unique. Neo-romantic hairstyles with a curly side pony are one of the gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyles. You can go for an absolutely loose stunning pony that is the perfect match for a beach wedding. To dilate the look add headband that flatters the look and curling striking curls at the end. You can see the eye-catching look in the picture.

Neo romantic curly side pony bridesmaid hairstyles

5.) Wonderful Wild Waves

The awe-inspiring hairstyle is not only for the bridesmaid, but the bride can also wear this look. The wonderful wild waves are one of the ravishing bridesmaid hairstyles. In this hairstyle, loose curly updos with a strapless dress or necklines paired give you smashing look especially when you wear drop earrings. Try a smoky high to get the smashing look.

Wonderful wild waves bridesmaid hairstyles

6.) African American Halo Twist Braid

Black women with gorgeous hair texture absolutely take the African American halo twist braid to the next level. Twist and braid are very trendy in the bridesmaid look. The hairstyle is perfect for the natural hair. You can try updos or downdos which are truly lively rock. Upgrade your hairstyle with two thick twists that falls in the crown area. African American halo twist braid is one of the astonishing bridesmaid hairstyles.

African American bridesmaid hairstyles

7.) Smooth- Fold Over Chignon

The smooth fold over chignon adds shine and texture without overwhelming the look.  Smooth fold over chignon is one of the splendid bridesmaid hairstyles. You can achieve this amazing look by combing your hair in the backward direction, then give bright side with smoothing and folding over the ribbons of hair. Have this decorative hairstyle by adding flowers and ornaments that make the look truly sensational.

Smooth fold over chignon bridesmaid hairstyles

8.) V-shaped Wedding Downdo with A Lace Braid

V-shaped wedding downdo with a lace braid is one of the striking bridesmaid hairstyles. Add a wow factor in look with a strapless dress. Get a fanciable look with a lace top wedding dress. The inverted braid goes in the zigzag direction can enhance with an adorned look or scattering tiny flowers.

Smooth fold over chignon bridesmaid hairstyles

9.) An Orchid in Tight Blonde Curls

An orchid in tight blonde curls is one of the unique bridesmaid hairstyles. Girls with a shoulder length look can pull off the hairstyle very well.  In this hairstyle, the medium –size bouncy curls fall mid shaft ends to make your appearance stronger. Add a wow factor to your hairstyle by a large orchid on above of your one ear, which makes you nice attraction between the crowd.

An orchid tight blonde curls bridesmaid hairstyles

10.) Elegant Hairstyle with A Headband For short Black Hair

Elegant hairstyle with a headband for short hair is one of the cute and unique bridesmaid hairstyles. Get this short black hair which looks windy on the wedding day. Embrace your natural short black hair with straight locks and fetching headband. The hairstyle looks adorable when you wear it with your mesmerizing dress.

Elegant hairstyle with headband bridesmaid hairstyles

11.) Wedding Pixie Hairstyle with Fringe for the Beach Ceremony

Hair accessories enhance the hairstyle to the next level. Wedding pixie hairstyle with fringe for the beach ceremony is one of the dazzling bridesmaid’s hairstyles. Widen you look with a pixie hairstyle that looks amazing with hair color. Go for bigger and brighter accessories enlarge your happiness on the wedding day. Choose a beautiful and delicate headband is best for the big day.

wedding hairstyle pixie with fringes curls bridesmaid hairstyles

12.) Mermaid Look

Mermaid look is one of sassy bridesmaid hairstyle. Your appearance touches to directly to the soul. You can achieve this look with thrilling curls with the long braided hairstyle. You can add bouncy curls from the mid-shaft and add a wow factor with a Dutch braid. Get a stunning look with the gorgeous hairstyle.

mermaid look bridesmaid hairstyles

13.) Cascade of Curls

A cascade of curl is one of the bridesmaid hairstyles. The half style up gives you a glimpse of the waterfall of curls. The curls cascade enhances with pretty accessories that make the most beautiful bridesmaid.

cascade of curls bridesmaid hairstyles

14.) Short Natural Hairstyle with Flowers

The hairstyle looks best on black women who are born with lovely hair texture. You don’t need to enhance your with fake extension, you can go for naturally curly hair. Add a wow factor to a cluster of real flower that looks gorgeous above the ear. Short natural hairstyles with the flower are lovable bridesmaid hairstyles.

Short natural hair bridesmaid hairstyles

15.) Bumped Twist Half Updo

Pull off your hair with half updo that looks awe-inspiring with long curly hair down the back. The bumped twist half updo is one of the beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles.

bumped twist bridesmaid hairstyles

16.) Half Up Blonde Ombre Curls

Half up blonde ombre curls is one of the stunning bridesmaid hairstyles. In this hairstyle, the beautiful curls with a fabulous ombre dye job at the roots with white blonde tips that are mind boggling.

half up blonde ombre curl bridesmaid hairstyles

17.) Voluminous Curly Bob

Style your tousled and fluffy curls. The voluminous curly bob is one of the fantastic bridesmaid hairstyles. Achieve this look with mesmerizing curls.

Volumnious curoly bob bridesmaid hairstyles

18.) Edgy and Curly Chin- Length Wedding bob

Edgy and curly chin- length wedding bob is one of the awesome bridesmaid hairstyles. Upgrade your look with stunning accessories and beautiful dress.

edgy curly chin length bridesmaid hairstyles

19.) Chic Whimsical Bun

The chic whimsical bun looks truly sensational look with a strapless dress. The bun with whimsical texture is jaw dropping look and one of the hairstyles for a bridesmaid.

Chic whimsical bun bridesmaid hairstyles

20.) Messy Pony with A Bouffant and Hair Flower

Try this simple messy and a gorgeous pony with a bouffant. Enhance this hairstyle with white roses. You can take your eye off with a messy pony with a bouffant and hair flower.

Messy pony with bouffant bridesmaid hairstyles


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