20 Stunning Hairstyles for Prom


Are you planning for prom? If yes, then be ready with dress, shoes and accessories. We have shared some fetching hairstyle that makes shine like a diamond in the prom between the crowd. If you want to be eye-catching and the most adorable girl on the prom then try this hairstyle. Here are 20 stunning hairstyles for prom.

20 Stunning Hairstyles for Prom

1.) The Sweet and Sleek Side Pony

You can opt for a great side ponytail that goes well with your skin tone. Add a beautiful bang in your look to get the all spotlights on you. The elegant hairstyle helps you to keeping your hair out of the face so that you can tap feet all night on the dance floor without any worrying about the frizzing out. The sweet and sleek side pony is one of the stunning hairstyles for prom.

the sweet and sleek pony hairstyles for prom

2.) Focal Point

You can see in the picture the swirl in the hairstyle is extremely sexy and interesting. The hairstyle looks sensational with accessories and backless gown. The hairstyle is suitable for medium to long hair. It works well with any face shape that truly mind boggling. The focal point is one of the gorgeous hairstyles for prom.

Focal point hairstyles for prom

3.) Bun with Braid

You can go for adorable big bun that beautifully wrapped around it. The hairstyle is trendy and highlights you between the crowds. The hairstyle is best suitable for the heart and diamond face shape. If you have thick hair and straight hair then the hairstyle is advantage for you. Don’t forget a gorgeous makeup that will make appearance sassier.

Bun with braid hairstyles for prom

4.) Milk Maiden Waves

A face framing accent braid adds a touch of softness. The hairstyle is best for those women whose fringes are in the growing out phase. For perfect occasion, enhance your look with fetching hair accessories that look lovely on short to long hair.Hairstyle with light makeup that looks extremely impressive especially for prom. It suits almost every face shape.

milk maiden hairstyles for prom

5.) Warm Loyalty

The blonde color is truly breathtaking look. It is very suitable for dark skin tone. In this hairstyle leave the curls on the side like bangs. Magnify your look with bright accessories that is perfect for your prom. You can achieve this look by curling your hair with curling wand. It is also suitable for the round face shape as it draws the attention away from the chubby cheeks.

Warm loyalty hairstyles for prom

6.) Yo-Yo Curls

You need to understand the curling strategies to get this hairstyle. If you have straight hair then wrap the 1/3 hair section and ½ of the hair section on small curling iron to achieve this hairstyle.  Get the prom-worthy hair and put hairspray for long-lasting style. If you want to steal many hearts, wear your tempting dresses with this hairstyle.

Yo-Yo curls hairstzyles for prom

7.) High Ponytail

High ponytail never gets out of trend. You can rock your prom with simple and stylish look with high ponytail. The sleek ponytail will add charm and glow on your face naturally. Wear your best dress with matching earring that maintain your overall look. The high ponytail is one of the dazzling stunning hairstyles for prom.

high ponytail hairstyles for prom

8.) Vintage Flair

The vintage is the right look for the prom. In this hairstyle the soft and pretty hair looks classic around the neckline. The hairstyle is suitable for heart, diamond and square face shape. You can add layers to your hairstyle that enhance the overall look. Go for the curls without using hair spray on the hair for the soft texture.

Vintage flair hairstyles for prom

9.) Modern Updo

If you want curls, but want to experiment with your looks. The prom hairdo takes the look to the next level. You can add curls in the back to get the modern twist and swept up curls. The modern updo is one of the romantic hairstyle for prom. You can wear your lovely dresses with this hairstyle to make the boys mad. The hairstyle is suitable for natural hair or curly hair.

modern updo hairstyles for prom

10.) Braided Beauty

Braids have always been popular in the prom season. In this hairstyle, soft and whimsical braid look amazing with flowery dresses. You can add fetching hair accessories to deepen the look. The braided beauty is one of the beautiful hairstyles for prom.

braided beauty hairstyles for prom

11.) Fishtail Bun

Fishtail braids are spunky and stylish. The hairstyle is extremely fashionable when you paired it with fancy dresses and stunning makeup. The hairstyle is suitable for any face shape. Thick and long hair pulls off the look nicely.

fishtail braid with bun hairstyles for prom

12.) Short and Sleek

It’s not necessary that all prom hairstyles are long and curly. You can see girls with cropped hair that look beautiful too. Wear your amazing earrings and appealing dresses that makes you head turner between the crowd.

Short and sleek hairstyles for prom

13.) Bow Bun

Wants to look different? Try bow bun updo for your prom. Upgrade your boring look with bow bun which is fresh and prom perfect.

bow bun hairstyles for prom

14.) Curly Collection

Beautiful curls that look great with your stunning dress.  The hairstyle is perfect for every dress and ideal for the prom. Don’t forget the lipstick and eyeshadow that make your beauty thrilling.

Curly collection hairstyles for prom

15.) Natural Glamour

Bring out the natural and beautiful texture on the special night. The hairstyle helps you to focus on other things without any maintenance. Go curly which is absolutely sensational.

Natural glamour hairstyles for prom

16.) Pomp and Curls

You can add right balance in your look with pompadour and curls. The pomp and curls is one of the sassy hairstyles for prom.

pomp and curls hairstyles for prom

17.) Short and Textured

Even the short hair counts in the beauty of the race. Opt for stylish pixie that helps you to flaunt your neckline and shoulder beautifully.

Short and textured hairstyles for prom

18.) Over the Shoulder

The gorgeous curls that are swept back and to the side. It is very suitable for medium to long hair. The over the shoulder is simple hairstyles for prom.

over the shoulder hairstyles for prom

19.) Large Defined Curls

Go crazy on the dance floor with bouncy curls that add a beautiful frame to your face. The large defined curls is one of the sexy hairstyles for prom.

large and defined curls hairstyles for prom

20.) Soft Voluminous Ponytail

Get simple and adorable look with soft voluminous ponytail. In this hairstyle, hair get soft pulled back into full ponytail.

soft voluminious ponytail hairstyles for prom


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