Different Long Haircuts for Women


When your long hair feels dull and lifeless, you need to go for a haircut. Haircuts add interest and fun to your look. In case, you are lucky to have long tresses, but confused about the style then go for the stunning and stylish haircuts in our gallery. We have shared amazing different long haircuts for women that surely jazz up your look.

Different Long Haircuts for Women

1.) Multi-Layered Mix

The best goal for the women who want to add life and movement to the hairstyle is with the multi-layered mix. If you love the sleek and chic look, then the hairstyle is an advantage for you. You can enhance your overall look with a mixture of layers. Add short layers in your look add frame into your face. The multi-layered mix is one of the stunning long haircuts for women.

Multi layered mix hairstyle long haircuts for women

2.) Short Medium Long Layer

Layers are the best way to enhance the hairstyle. If you are thinking to change the style of look, then add layers in your hairstyle. The style looks different when you add multiple layers in your look that is fun to style. You can opt for different hairstyle by adding multiple layers into your style. The best thing about this style you can also go for braid, messy, ponytail or bun.

Short medium long layers long haircuts for women

3.) Straight and Chic

When you have the shining goal, then add sleek and chic texture into your looks. In this hairstyle, Add long layers and feathered into your looks towards the end. If you are really worried about chopping of length, then add a great transition to change your overall appearance to create the best shape for your face. The straight and chic is one of the trendy long haircuts for women.

Straight and chic long haircuts for women

4.) Long Shag

Go back to the disco fever of late 70’s and 80’s. You can opt for a glamorous haircut that looks marvelous in long hair. The fabulous throwback that includes modern styling and techniques. In this hairstyle, the layers are choppy and jagged which give you desirable feather look.  The long shag is one of the latest long haircuts for women.

Long shag long haircuts for women

5.) Long Waves

 You can make your healthy and beautiful by adding layers into your hairstyle. Long hair looks heavy and lifeless. You can add layers to your hairstyle to reveal the flawless texture of the hairstyle. If you want healthy and long tresses then go beach waves that look amazing and gorgeous on every woman. The long waves are one of the sassy long haircuts for women.

Long waves long hairstyle long haircuts for women

6.) Long Hair with Subtle Layers

You can see the picture, the cut is imperceptible. In this hairstyle, the waves are seamlessly blended and they’re not short. If you don’t want to lose long length and wants to add the illusion of waves in the hairstyle. The hairstyle looks best in dark hair. You can enhance this hairstyle with your casual outfits. The long hair with subtle layers is one of the ravishing long haircuts for women.

long hair with subtle layers long haircuts for women

7.) Long Tousled Layers

The gorgeous bedhead look makes you look super sexy. To rock the look, you can combine your locks with bangs that look absolutely stunning. You can add tousled curls in your look to get the best haircut in long hair. Go for dark red lipstick and eyeliner to make the look sexier. The long tousled look is one of the gorgeous long haircuts for women.

long tousled layers long haircuts for women

8.) Long Loose Curls with Voluminous Bangs

To achieve full and sexy curl, go for long and loose curls with voluminous bangs. You can use barrel curling of different size to get the full look. The wavy hair looks stunning without doing overdone styling. You can give a sexy touch to your look with side bangs by teasing and curling them from the ends.

Long loose curls with voluminous curls with bangs long haircuts for women

9.) Straight Layered Hair

Layered haircut is stylish and endearing. Go for a straight and layered haircut that look stunning with trendy hair color that goes well with your complexion. Add a wow factor to your look with v shape in your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks smooth without any hard efforts.

Straight layered hair long haircuts for women

10.) Balayage for Long Layers

When you think about any new color, you find hard maintenance in your long hairstyle. Add subtle layers in your hairstyle that look absolutely eye catching. Go for the beach look which is well polished that reveals your classy side.

balayage layer hair long haircuts for women

11.) Bed Head

Another look to flaunt your bed head hairstyle is with authentic layers that look completely gorgeous. You just need to shampoo your hair and use a blow dryer to get the bed head look. The effortless look is perfect for any occasion.

Bed hair long haircuts for women

12.) Layered with Flipp

Add bounce and body in your look with layered with a flip hairstyle. Add layers to achieve the best curls and waves without making your hairstyle heavy.

Long hair with flipp ends haircuts for women

13.) Layered Ombre Hair

Play with your long with trendy ombre color that adds fun and interest in your hairstyle. Make sure the right hair color technique can make and break your look.

layered ombre long haircuts for women

14.) Full and Bouncy Long Layers

 When you feel your hair is flat and lifeless then add some special technique in your look to add movement to your hairstyle. The full and bouncy long layers are one of the sassy long haircuts for women.

full and bouncy long haircuts for women

15.) Choppy Chesnut Look

If you are really excited about your new look, then try the tri- colored masterpiece that length to your look. Add dazzling effect in your look with a trendy chestnut look.

Choppy chestnut look long haircuts for women


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