20 Simple Updos for Long Hair


Long hair is a wonderful and annoying thing ever. It makes you look gorgeous but at the same time styling can cause you a little trouble. Sometimes you just want a hairstyle that is ready in 10 minutes and also looks stylish. Updos are a great choice for weddings, meetings, family get-togethers and picnics, but apart from this, it is a perfect style for the summers. It keeps your hair away from your face and neck. We have jotted down the top 20 simple Updos for long hair.

Top 20 Simple Updos for Long Hair:

1.) French Braid Simple Updos for Long Hair:

french braid Updos for long hair

This French braid Updo is a simple style that you can carry for casual as well as formal purposes. Braids never go out of fashion because of their versatility. Make three French braids and then loop them together to form an Updo.

2.) Messy Bun with Long Side Pieces:

messy bun with long side pieces Updos for long hair

Are you looking for a cute prom hairstyle? Do you want a look that goes well with every outfit? If yes, then try this messy bun with long side pieces. To make your curled messy bun look more interesting, you can add a French braid on the side.

3.) Sleek Bun with Wrapped Braid:

sleek bun with wrapped braid Updos for long hair

The fullness of this sleek bun looks appealing and impressive. Girls with naturally long hair should try this hairstyle. You should reserve this sleek bun style with wrapped braid for special occasions such as a date or a wedding.

4.) French Twist Simple Updos for Long Hair:

french twist Updos for long hair

Did you ever hear that French twist Updos have gone out of fashion? No, you must have heard it never as it is and was always in fashion. Before creating this Updo use a good texturizing spray and hair spray so that the Updo lasts all night.

5.) Twisted Side Roll Updos for Long Hair:

twisted side roll updos for long hair

The best Updos are made from long hair. This twisted side roll Updo will give you a fresh and fashionable look. The bun is kept low and the sides give a modern boho look.

6.) Ballerina Bun Simple Updos for Long Hair:

ballerina bun Updos for long hair

This is one of the easiest Updos for Long hair. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and brush it to make sure it is tangle-free. A handful of bobby pins is required to make this ballerina bun. This is an exemplary style for formal and informal purposes. Just 5 minutes and you are done with your hair.

7.) Curled Updos for Long Hair:

curled updos for long hair

You can embrace the beauty of your curly hair with this hairstyle. If you do not have natural curls, then use a curling iron to create medium sized curls. If you to steal the limelight of the show, then try this marvelous hairstyle.

8.) Headband Updo for Long Hair:

headband updos for long hair


This headband Updo is much easier to make than it looks. You can achieve this gorgeous look in just less than 5 minutes. You need a headband that fits perfectly around your head and is in contrast with your dress. This hairstyle will make you look stunning yet simple.

9.) Curly Side Bun with a Fishtail Braid:

curly side bun with a fishtail braid updos for long hair

Braids and buns, when combined together, look magnificent. Whether you are the bride or bridesmaid, you can carry this flawless hairstyle. The side fishtail braid blends seamlessly with the curly bun on the side.

10.) Curly Braided Mohawk Updo:

curly braided mohawk updos for long hair

If you are looking for a bold and chic look that goes with every occasion, then try this amazing curly braided Mohawk Updo. Though it is not easy to achieve this Updo but the results will make your efforts worth.

11.) Messy High Bun Updo:

messy high bun updos for long hair

The best part of making Updo from long hair is that it looks voluminous and full. You can use a sock bun sponge to copy the shape and structure of this bun. This elegantly wrapped style is perfect for occasions like parties and prom nights.

12.) Messy Fishtail Braid Updo:

messy fishtail updos for long hair

You just can’t run to the salon every time you want to recreate a new look. This hairstyle is easy to pull off and you can do it under 10 minutes. Give this beautiful hairstyle a try and look like a diva.

13.) Simple Bun with Side Swept Bangs:

simple bun with side swept bangs updos for long hair

Carrying the same hairstyle every day can become a little boring. Break the monotony by upgrading your everyday look. Leave your side bangs loose to make your hairstyle look voguish.

14.) Inside Out Ponytail Bun Hairstyles:

inside out ponytail updos for long hair

This simple Updo for long hair is the favorite of many girls. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and tuck the bottom part in the elastic and leave it loose. Secure this tucked bun with some hair pins.

15.) Low Chignon Simple Updos for Long Hair:

low chignon updos for long hair

This hairstyle is great for nights when you are going out to meet someone special. It is easy to create this ravishing hairstyle. The longer the hair, the amazing this Updo looks.

16.) Low Pearled Simple Updos for Long Hair:

low pearled updos for long hair

Are you looking for a chic hairstyle for prom night? This low pearled Updo will give you a flattering look. A thick braid, a low bun, and some pearl hair accessories will make you look gorgeous.

17.) Fishtail Florette Updos for Long Hair:

fishtail florette updos for long hair

This fishtail Florette Updo will make you believe that some hairstyles are unbelievably ravishing. This is a great hairstyle that you can master with a little practice. Spreading the braid is difficult, but once it’s done, you will look gorgeous.

18.) Waterfall Braid Updos:

waterfall braid updos for long hair

This hairstyle may look a little simple at first glance, but actually, it is very complicated. The braids are joined and that may take a little time. For this hairstyle, you need to master the art of sectioning.

19.) Top Knot Updo for Long Hair:

top knot updos for long hair

If you are in no mood of shampooing your hair, then try this top knot Updo. Use some hair setting spray and pull your hair into a high ponytail. Wrap your ponytail around the top of the head and secure it with some hair pins.

20.) Tousled Updo for Long Hair:

tousled updos for long hair

Imperfect waves and flowy wisps will make you look stunning. This tousled Updo for long hair is easy to create and there is no perfect time to create it. Try it now and achieve a gorgeous look.


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