Easy to Do Long Box Braids


Do think box braid hairstyle is daunting? No, they take are easy to maintain and also take low maintenance. Well, everyone love box braid hairstyle as they offer versatile hairstyles and also protect your hair from damage. Here are the best and gorgeous easy to do long box braids that you should for a thrilling experience.

Easy to Do Long Box Braids

1.) Elegant Bun Style

You love the box braids for so many reasons as they are highly fashionable. The elegant bun style is one of the easy to do long box braid. There are so many versatilities in the box braid that looks sassy on black women. It’s a kind of socks bun, which can be made without using the sock. For this look, you need to twist your hair and ready to for your formal appearance. Add the red lip with elegant bun style which is truly divine.

elegant bun style long box braids

2.) Elegant Regal Braid

You can get the endless style of box braid when you will opt for box braid. The elegant regal braid is one of the easy to do long box braid. Magnify your look with the twisted bun that surely enhances the volume and gives you complete polished look. The elegant regal braid surely gives you rich vibes when you go for this hairstyle. Paired this look with nice makeup to rock the look.

elegant regal braid style long box braids

3.) Long tiny Box Braid

Not considering micro, but tiny which look super cute in the braid hairstyle. You can get this look in a layered haircut that will give you layered uneven braid. Go for side part that looks phenomenal when the hair falls on one side that gives you chance to flaunt your cheek bones. It is one of the easy to do long box braid.

long tiny long box braids

4.) Cute Bun Style

Cute bun style is one of the easy to do long box braids. In this hairstyle, the swirl braid turns into fabulous cute and gorgeous high bun. For the perfect look, you can secure the pieces under to keep the style sleek and unique. The hairstyle also protects your hair from damage and breakage that leads to healthy and nourished hair.

cute bun style long box braids

5.) Side Part Braids

With long smooth braid is highly recommendable inside part. The side part braid is one of the hairstyle easy to do long box braids that is very much in trend. If you are really bothering about how to style your box braid then you don’t need to style. Go for side part that adds beautiful frame to your face. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and last for long.

Side part braids style long box braids

6.) Red Ombre Box Braid

 A good hairstyling is incomplete without a hair color and nice hairdo. Box braids hairstyle is highly in trend. And when you opt for red ombre with a dark base that adds interest in your box braid hairstyle. In this hairstyle, all the braids are separately woven that take your much time, but once it’s done, you are free for around 2 months.

Red ombre box braid long box braids

7.) Pink and Blonde Ombre Waves

Pink and blonde ombre waves are one of the easy to do long box braids. These cute small braids never go out of trend. In this hairstyle, you can run your finger through your hair to enjoy the playfulness of thinner strand. For the better look, you can enhance it with blonde and pink. For a professional look, you need to visit the salon to expertly weave them. Killing with bold lipstick is not a bad option!

Pink and blonde waves long box braids

8.) Beautiful Thick Braid

No matter what your size opt for, but the thicker braids is extremely stunning. Ask your hair stylist to weave them properly. Too-tight braids lead to damage and breakage which is not good for hair that leads to weight factor and heavy breakage. So go for jumbo which not let you down. It is one of the easy to do long box braids.

Beautiful thick braid long box braids

9.) Silver Smoke Style

The silver smoke style is one of the easy to do long braids. Silver and white are on the top in box braid hairstyle. The unique and trendy combo look flawless on every beautiful woman. The hairstyle is romantic and charismatic. Weave each braid separately to give the palest shade which is truly mind blowing.

Silver smoke braid long box braids

10.) Perfect Box Braid

The perfect box looks smooth when braid it indiv. It’s possible to get the perfect box braid hairstyle, only if you are going to the right hair stylist. It is one of the easy to do long box braid hairstyle that you should try.

Perfect box braid long box braids

11.) Wild Green Braid

 Wild green box braid is super cool to do long braids hairstyle. The hairstyle is not only for the punks or rock stars but for who love charm and brightness in the hairstyle. You can go for any color like green, pink and golden.

Wild green braid long box braids

12.) High Ponytail

Big braid hairstyle looks excellent and offers many versatilities. You can also enhance them with half or full ponytail. Pull off your look with bright color with this hairstyle.

High ponytail long box braids

13.) Cute Casual Style

The cute casual style is one of the easy to do long box braids. Achieve this look with thinner braid which easily gets twisted and turns into a cute and casual bun.

cute casual bun long box braids

14.) Ageless style

This ageless style is one of the box braids which is highly followed in trend. The hairstyle is not made for any particular age. In this hairstyle, you don’t need to restrict yourself, you can style it in your own way by weaving them separately.

Ageless long box braids

15.) Marvelous and Multi Colored

Marvelous and multicolored is very sassy when you experiment it with different hair color. You don’t have dye or bleach your long braid to achieve this look.  go for two tone hair color that makes you popular in no time.

Marvelous and multi-colored long box braids


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