Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise Naturally and Fast


After writing how to get six pack abs?, how to lose weight fast?, and how to get rid of love handles?, we are now writing ways to lose tummy fat without exercises. Losing at least five pounds in a week may sound too good to be true. But here is an assurance: it can be done! This does not even mean eating less, diet pills and supplements, and extreme exercise. You can easily lose tummy fat without exercise and pills. It is just about going back to the basics. It is time to go back to eating healthy, staying active, living a stress-free life, and disciplining oneself.

How to Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

Natural Ways to Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercises

1.) Drink Water To Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

Diet drinks that promise a slim body may work, just like what fresh fruit juices and other healthy drinks do. Do not consume any other drink than water, which contains calories. The trick here is to steer clear from any unwanted calories. Water is what you will only drink to lose tummy fat. Besides, water has the ability to get rid of toxins that contribute to unwanted weight. Water speeds up your metabolism as well. If you cannot take the “plain” taste of water, you add some drops of lemon or mint leaves to it. Read benefits of drinking water and benefits of lemon water.

2.) Stick to Vegetables and Ban Starchy Foods

If you are seriously aiming to lose tummy fat in a week’s time, say goodbye to foods such as pizza, pasta, and burgers. To lose tummy fat without exercise, stick to a diet that is not full of starch. These foods cause bloating, especially in the middle section of the body. Additionally, the simple carbohydrates in starchy foods are digested easily, which makes you hungry again after a while. Substitute simple carbs with complex carbs instead. Examples of these kinds of carbohydrates are vegetables.

They are full of fibre that eases your digestion. Vegetables are also rich with water that flushes out excess water weight. Further, vegetables are complex carbohydrates that make your tummy feel full longer. Not to mention that vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients that is very important to your health.

3.) Be Active and Keep Moving

You would probably imagine that in order to lose belly fat in one week, you have to do a hard-core workout or extreme weightlifting. Wrong! As long as you keep on moving, you are losing pounds by the day. Any thirty-minute cardio activity will do: Dancing, Swimming, and other similar activity. Apart from the thirty-minute cardio activity, incorporate these activities into your daily routine like climbing up the stairs instead of using the elevator. You may also do walking instead of using the car for small distances. Remember that any form of active moves helps in burning the calories. So keep an active lifestyle to lose weight in a week and make the weight loss plan a success.

4.)  Be Stress-Free and Get Complete Hours of Sleep

Relieving from stress makes some people to burn fat, but that does not happen to a lot of people. Believe it or not, your body fights out stress by making you fat. Blame it to the stress hormone called cortisol, which the body releases when it is stressed. It stimulates the fat and carbohydrate metabolism and it also stimulates insulin release. The end result of all these cortisol-related reactions would be an increase in food intake.

Not only that, experts have also found out that the cortisol has a specific area where it puts the added weight—the abdomen area. That is why the abdomen fat is often referred as the toxic fat due to the increased level of cortisol. Additionally, your body is releasing extra cortisol if you are lacking sleep. If you are constantly short of sleep, or going to bed too late in the evening or after midnight, the brain thinks that you are stressed. Therefore, it releases cortisol levels to fight it. It is a very effective way to lose weight.

5.) Avoid Temptations to Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

Now that you know the basic steps to lose weight, have the will to follow it. It is time to be serious in your goal to lose tummy fat in one week. Stay away from temptations such as fast foods, chips, sodas, and other unhealthy foods. If your friends are snacking on something so tempting, have the will to stay away from it and stick to your weight loss goal. Remember that only a strong will can make happen to lose tummy fat without exercise.

Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

6.) Negative Calorie Foods to Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise Naturally

Before starting, it is important to understand that all foods burn 10-15% of calories of total intake in digestion. The energy is used to breakdown the carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients present in our food. Energy is also required to absorb proteins by body.

Foods that burn more calories in chewing and digestion process as compared to the calories they provides are called negative calorie foods. Eating negative calorie foods can create a calorie-deficit in the body, which ultimately help in losing weight. You can try negative calorie diet to lose tummy fat without exercise. Read more on Negative Calorie Foods.

7.) Try Detox Diet To Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise Naturally

Detox diet contains only fruits, vegetables and detox water. Mainly it includes only fruit and vegetable juices. It is meant to flush out all the toxins and helps in reducing like hell within a week. If detox does not suit you then leave it immediately. The first day you may feel hungry and tired but your body will get used to it second and third day. Read more on how to make a detox drink to lose weight?, and detox water to cleansing body.

8.) Try Green Tea & Lemon Diet to Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

Drink lots of water with lemon in it whole day. This is mainly liquid diet. Try herbal teas with lemon essence in it. It acts as a detoxify cleanser and salt is optional in this diet. You can also try green tea with lemon to melt your belly fat. Green tea has so many antioxidants present in it, which are good for you. Apart from helping in losing weight, green tea has many other benefits.

If you think that the above-mentioned ways to lose weight are too basic, take note that the key here is to combine these steps together and stick to each and one of them. For instance, loading up on water to lose weight will simply not work if you still feast on starchy foods. Similarly, a thirty-minute exercise will not be effective in losing weight if you keep on living a stressed life. These steps only work if done all together with determination and discipline. If you keep that in mind, you will surely be very pleased with what the weighing scale will show you after a week of hard work.

Additional Tips to Help Lose Tummy Fat Without Exercise

  • Don’t starve yourself.
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Avoid diet pills.
  • Follow a healthy diet along with some cardio activity to lose weight.
  • Keep a check on sugar intake in your diet.


  1. My husband has no ligaments in his knee so he can’t exercise without it swelling up and in pain.He is slim through the butt and legs but has a huge gut. He eats healthy but can’t get rid of this big belly. Any suggestion?

    • Try to have some extra water…and for healthy focus on fiber, vitamin and protein more… if possible do cardio exercise even walking or swimming will help.

    • There are the best things in this article already…however you can add exercise to make it fast..

      Do something cardio and follow a routine for detox drinks..

  2. OMG this program works sooooooo well and is total honest, I lost 12 pounds in 6 days and plan on sticking to the diet.


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