How to Get Rid of Crickets?


In this article, we are discussing the various remedies to get rid of crickets. You might get irritated seeing crickets inside your house, basement furniture or creeping on the wall. Even if in small numbers, they are quite dangerous. Commonly there are four types of crickets: house crickets, field crickets, camel crickets and mole crickets. You will find them wherever there is a space between the objects and the ground. They prefer dark and cool places to hide. However, you must take measures to save your paper, woolens, silk, furniture and walls from the attack. Killing them, catching them or disinfecting the house are some possible solutions to get rid of crickets. Read this article to know several useful home remedies to get rid of crickets fast. You can also read this related article How to get rid of ants in the house? on our website.


  • Presence of cold and dark areas
  • Very bright lights
  • Wet house
  • Presence of wild bushes
  • Nearby garbage dumps
  • Unclean and dirty house

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Crickets:

1.) Pets Can Help Get Rid of Crickets

If you have a pet, say a dog or cat, or if you are eager to get one, go get one today, as these pets are perfect to kill crickets, following their natural sense. This is a natural way to kill the pests off your house.

2.) Traps to Kill Crickets

Look for the infested areas of crickets, such as below furniture, in the corners, along the walls and set some traps. Glue boards are beneficial and help you catch crickets easily. To try this method, apply some cornmeal as a bait on a cardboard and hang it in your kitchen or in a lightened area to attract them. This will make them attract to the bait. Once they will come to eat the bait, the glue will help them stick on the cardboard. This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of cricket infestation.

3.) A ‘Sweet Trap’ to Get Rid of Crickets

This is another effective home remedy to get rid of crickets from your home. To try this method, take a bowl with molasses and water in a quantity of 1:10. Mix this solution well. Now, place the 2-3 bowl in your house where you feel crickets escape. The sweet smell of this solution will attract crickets and The crickets will be attracted by the sweet smell and soon you will find them swamping into the bowl. This is a sweet way to kill crickets and to prevent them.

How to get rid of crickets

4.) Plant Some Trees to Kill Crickets

To keep crickets away from your house. You can plant some plants that crickets just hate. These plants act as a blockade, not allowing the crickets to flourish. Certain plants that you can plant to alleviate cricket manifestation around your home includes garlic, cilantro, sweet peas, cloves, etc.

5.) Remove the Eggs to Treat Crickets

If you find crickets laying eggs on your property, well then you are in danger. With the help of a vacuum cleaner clear all the walls, corners, dark areas of your house setting vacuum at high power. Your job gets done only when you effectively disposed of all the contents in a sealed plastic bag.

6.) Soap to Kill Crickets

Soap is a good remedy to get rid of crickets naturally. Let soap wash out the crickets away fast and naturally. Get a spray bottle and mix some dishwashing liquid in some water to prepare an organic pesticide. Spray this solution on the crickets or the areas you find a cricket infestation. The soap will help kill crickets soon. This will work only when the soap bubble gets in touch with the cricket.

7.) Pepper to Get Rid of Crickets

Peppers are also a great home remedy to kill crickets fast. Pepper sprays work same on crickets as you spray to protect from bad people. Pepper is deadly to crickets, so even a mild spray will do the job. So try this method, whenever you find some crickets or their infestation and larvae.

8.) Bug Sprays to Kill Crickets

Bug sprays are easily accessible in drug stores and it can be used to kill crickets. Spray these in the infested areas and the areas around your house. Keep in mind, the bug spray consists of chemicals so avoid spraying to the reach of your pets and kids.

9.) ‘Hot and Spicy’ Spray to Get Rid of Crickets

Yes, the chili in your kitchen can also do the trick to get rid of crickets at home. You just need to mix chili items off your kitchens, like red chili sauce, red chili powder, and red chili. Mix all of them in a cup of water and keep it overnight. Strain it. Mix this liquid in a glass full of water. Add 2-3 drops of the dishwasher, which acts as a steamy agent. Spray this spray on the plants in your garden to kill crickets. It will not do any harm to the plants, but try it on some leaves, if they get burnt, add some more water to this mix and spray it.

10.) Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Crickets

This is one of the best treatment to get rid of crickets fast. Diatomaceous earth is a microscopic leftover of fossilized algae known as a diatom. It is a very fine powder, just like flour. This powder dehydrates crickets body and makes them die eventually. To try this method, sprinkle small amounts of diatomaceous earth on the floor and in the affected areas. You can also dust around the home with this powder as well. Make sure the areas where this powder is sprinkled should be dry. Otherwise, the powder will not help to kill of crickets. Make sure you purchase one with good quality and do not buy the one used for cleaning swimming pools. This earth is of no harm to humans and animals.

Preventing Tips to Get Rid of Crickets Fast:

  • Keep your house neat and clean.
  • Avoid wet areas.
  • Keep pet animals.
  • Trim your garden.
  • Fill all the cracks.
  • Clean drains.


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