High Protein Snacks-Foods High in Protein


Are you looking for the foods that are quick to prepare and are packed with protein? If yes, then you are at right page. Here we have listed down a bunch of recipes that are high in protein and easy to prepare. In addition to this, these snacks are handy and you can carry them while travelling. Talking about the proteins, it is one of the essential nutrients. It helps to repair the tissues. Moreover, it strengthens the bones and helps in the formation of cartilages, skin and blood. Without any further do let’s get into the recipes of snacks high in protein. Read more to know high protein snacks or foods high in protein


List of High Protein Snacks:

1.) Mixed Nuts- Foods High in Protein

First in our list of high protein snack is this super easy snack that is a wholesome of all the nuts available in the planet. In an airtight container, you can store the mixture of nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashew and raisins, etc. Nuts especially almonds and pistachios are quite high in protein so you must consume them on the daily basis. However, they have a little number of calories but that is ok. These nuts are powerhouse of energy. You can carry a small airtight box full of the nuts to instantly boost energy. In addition to this, nuts also improves your mood. So, you have another reason to keep them handy.

2.) Pumpkin Seeds- Rich Source of Protein

Pumpkin seeds are rich source of many nutrients one of them is protein and iron. Though pumpkin seeds are not good in taste but you can make a delicious snack out of it in no time. All you have to do is in a plate take handful of pumpkin seeds and sprinkle a dash of salt and curry powder. Roast them at the 300 degrees for 15 minutes and your protein snack will be ready to eat. It has 8-10 grams of protein that is quite sufficient to meet the protein level on the daily basis. Moreover, pumpkin seeds are high in fiber and zinc as well so you now you know why you should have it.

3.) Protein Shake-Rich Source of Proteins

Well this might not be snack for you, but it is definitely something you can have to boost energy and meet the satiety value when you are on go. And not to forget this is high in protein so do give it a try. Well by name it must be sounding like an ordinary protein shake which most of the body builders or ditiers have. However, this is totally different to them. There is no protein powder in this shake and every ingredient is kitchen staple and easy from find. All you have to do is in a blender, put a medium size banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter and one cup of low fat milk. Blend this ingredient well, crush some ice on it and there you go. The tasty, protein packed shake is ready.

4.) Mini Bean with Cheese Quesadilla

Next in our list of high protein snack is this delicious snack that is not only packed with proteins but, in fact it is rich source of calcium and fiber as well. Thus, it is packed with bundle of nutrients and you cannot afford to neglect this snack. Though it will take a quite long to prepare but it is worth doing because of the yummy and nutritious result you will get at the end. All you have to do is. Take a small whole wheat tortilla put half cup of the black beans, a tablespoon of salsa and cheddar cheese. Wrap it nicely and cook this wrap in a dry non-stick pan. Cook it until the cheese starts melt and tortilla turns brown. Once it is down pack it in the foil paper and put it in the plastic bag so that you can have this yummy snack on the go.

5.) Hummus Dipper- Rich Source of Proteins

Recently hummus has gain a quite popularity. All thanks to the amazing ingredients used in it that makes it taste yummy. Well, you can prepare a nice protein loaded snack out of it. For that you will need vegetables that are diced into the sticks. Nothing could be as nutritious as vegetables and fruits than what better can preparing a snack including the vegetable sticks. For this classy snack, you use carrots, snow peas and celery. Simply take a small airtight container and fill it with hummus. Then add all the veggies into and you are ready to eat. This is perfect snack to eat while you are travelling. Isn’t it!

6.) Granola with Greek Yogurt- Protein Packed Snack

Imagine yourself sitting on the Greek isle with a Greek snack in your hand. Well, we do not know about the Greek isle but you can certainly have a Greek snack ready by your side in no time. Who does not like granola. Well if you don’t than this snack will definitely change your likes and dislikes. This yummy snacks has approximately 15 grams of proteins. That is quite sufficient for the day. All you have to is take a cup of Greek yogurt and mix chunks of granola into it. And that’s it your snack is ready to eat. Apart from protein this snack is rich source of calcium and vitamins that will strengthen your bones and probiotics that makes you immune system strong.

7.) Cheese Platter – High Protein Snack

Another snack in our list of high protein snack is this super easy and crunchy snack. They would be hardly any who does not like cheese. All you have to do is a take Tupper box if you are travelling or a plate if you want to enjoy this easy and yummy snack at home. Fill the plate or box with the cheese stick, whole gran crackers and some almonds. Well, we know how much nuts are nutritious and they are high in protein too. On the other hand, whole gran crackers with deliver some carbs and cheese will definitely take this snack a notch high in terms of taste. And not to forget, this snack will give you approximately 10 grams of proteins. So, do give this a try!

8.) Sweet Berry Shake with Yogurt- High in Protein

The name is enough to allure you. Isn’t it! Like name, like snack. Talking about the nutrients that this snack delivers, it is quite high in nutrients all thanks to the ingredients used to prepare this snake or shake. It has Greek yogurt that is a good source of probiotics, calcium and vitamins, then it has blueberries that provides fiber which is good for the digestive system and last but not the least it has oats which is not less than any. And not to forget honey, that is so good for the health. All you have to do is take a tall glass or a transportable jar, pour a thick layer of here yogurt in it, followed by the layer of blueberries, another layer of yogurt which is covered by oats and top it with a teaspoon of honey.

9.) Tuna and Crackers- Packed with Protein

There is no denying that both the ingredients i.e. tuna and crackers are packed with wholesome of nutrients. And to get the best out of them mix both the ingredients altogether. Talking about the nutrients this snack has, well it is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and proteins obviously. Simply fill your plate with a 1 serving pack of wild tuna salad and a few whole heat crackers. This is a best brunch that you can have on the lazy Sundays when you do not want cook and fill your tummy as well. Isn’t it a nice option?

10.) Protein Bites- High in Protein

Well the name itself justifies everything. Each bite of this snack will definitely fill you with the protein content. This snack is perfect to have in the evening or after the dinner as a dessert. This would definitely be a quick-fix treat for you. All you have to do is take a bowl and add some nut butter into it, followed by oats, honey and dark chocolates. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and roll it into balls. The nut butter works as binder and is a good source of protein. On the other hand, dark chocolates and oats are good source of fiber and antioxidants. So, give this snack a try.


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