20 Elegant Hairstyles for Women


Hairstyles are so expressive, it’s a poem and a statement. Sometimes the twist hanging on your face makes you look cute and on other days a high bun makes you look a business woman. A chignon can make you look sexy whereas pigtail braids can give you an adorable look. Therefore, it is very necessary to decide the hairstyle according to the look you want. In this article, you will find elegant hairstyles for women.

Top 20 Elegant Hairstyles for Women:

1.) Twisted Chignon Hairstyles for Women:

twisted chignon hairstyles for women

This twisted and curled chignon can transform your basic look. It is a perfect hairstyle if you have to attend a wedding tonight or have to go for ball party. It is one of the most of the elegant hairstyles for women with long hair.

2.) Loose and Lovely Updo for Women:

loose and lovely updo hairstyles for women

No need of styling treatments, your natural waves can give you a style that is elegant and modish. Pull back your hair strands to create a low Updo. The few strands hanging loose on the face are going to give you a magnificent look.

3.) Side Crown Braid Hairstyles:

side crown braid hairstyles for women

This is one of the sophisticated hairstyles if you are looking for something formal and professional. Part your hair from the side and start making a braid from the front of the head. It is also a  good hairstyle to carry if you are going out for a day out with friends.

4.) Mermaid Fishtail Braid Hairstyles:

mermaid fishtail braids hairstyles for women

It is one of the most modish hairstyles for women. You can make the best use of your long hair by trying this hairstyle. This hairstyle incorporates two popular braided hairstyles i.e, fishtail braids and mermaid braids. You can even use some floral accessories to complete your glamorous look.

5.) Four-Strand Braided Hairstyles:

four strand braided hairstyles for women

If you are looking for something elegant and fancy, then this four strand braid is the ideal choice for you. It is simple and with practice, the neatness will come. Bring the first strand over the second and under the third one and bring the fourth under the third strand and over the second.

6.) Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for Women:

raided ponytail hairstyles for women

This elegant hairstyle can be made in just less than 10 minutes. Do a side part and braid a section of hair. Take the section back and tie a pony with the rest of the hair. The braided front will give a cool look to your ponytail.

7.) Woven Low Bun Hairstyles:

woven low bun hairstyles for women

Have to attend a business meeting? Want a new style for your long tresses? No worries, woven low bun is perfect for all these purposes. Wove your hair and create a low bun.

8.) Double Braided Updo Hairstyles:

double braided updo hairstyles for women

Though Updos are very popular, but they have become very common. So to bring a little change you can create two braids in front and blend it into a low bun. You can even use a floral or jeweled accessory to beautify your low bun.

9.) Teased and Braided Hairstyles:


If you want to add glamor to your outfit then, try this hairstyle and flaunt the beauty of your hair and outfit. Create a braid from your teased hair. Wear a pair of glittering earrings to grab the attention.

10.) Highlighted Updo with Side Bangs:

highlighted updo with side bangs hairstyles for women

The highlights make this Updo stand out of the crowd. This is one of the best ways to play with your highlights. This Updo is full of movement and the side bangs make it even more interesting.

11.) Waterfall Braids Hairstyles:

waterfall braids hairstyles for women

This is one of the most decorous and dignified hairstyles for women. The waterfall braids will make you look like the princess of wonderland. It is a great hairstyle to wear on your friend’s wedding.

12.) Formal Updo Hairstyles for Women:

formal updo hairstyles for women

Whether it’s a birthday party or a big day of your life, it is a mind blowing hairstyle for every occasion. The combination of thick and thin braids will give your Updo a flawless look. The details in this Updo will enhance your overall look.

13.) Banana Updo Hairstyles:

banana updo hairstyles for women

You can’t eat a pizza every day. You need varieties of food. In the same way, braids and ponytails can create monotony in your life. Therefore, to break the boredom try this banana Updo. It is a flattering hairstyle for occasions such as dinner or a wedding.

14.) Ultra Simple Ponytail Hairstyles:

ultra simple ponytail hairstyles for women

The messy look of this ultra simple ponytail is fantastic. You can either make a low ponytail or a high one. It will be fun to play with your hair. No braids and no twist, only a simple pony and you are ready to go to a house party.

15.) Half Up and Half Down Hairstyles:

half up and half down hairstyles for women

If you are searching for a fascinating hairstyle then try this one. It is a simple, elegant, adorable and a dignified hairstyle for women of all ages. Feel free to try this eye-catching hairstyle as there is no age barrier.

16.) Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyles:

twisted side ponytail hairstyles for women

You can see your favorite celebrities wearing this hairstyle on various fashion shows and formal events. It looks very stylish and is popular in the world of fashion.

17.) Side Swept Curls Hairstyles for Women:

side swept curls hairstyles for women

This is one of the best hairstyles to show off the curls and natural color of your hair. Just 5 minutes and you are ready with your hair. Create a deep side part and let your curls flow freely.

18.) Flicked Back Stacked Bob Hairstyles:

flicked back stacked bob hairstyles for women

If you are willing to upgrade your stacked bob, then flick back your stacked bob. The cropped and fancy hairstyle is perfect to steal the show. The fullness at the crown will make you look adorable.

19.) Curly Pin Do Hairstyles for Women:

curly pin do hairstyles for women

Curls are not a curse if you know to manage and tame them. It is a perfect hairstyle for women who naturally have curly hair. So don’t worry, you do not need to straighten it up. This curly pin do is ready to give you an elegant style.

20.) Straight and Sleek Hairstyles:

straight and sleek hairstyles for women

There is no doubt that a chignon is a great hairstyle but is can steal the chance of flaunting your long hair. This straight and sleek style is perfect for days when you are exhausted and tired.


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