20 Top Hairstyles for Square Faces


Have you ever thought that why it is important to choose a hairstyle that suits your face? A pleasing hairstyle when put on the wrong face, can result in a big disaster. Hairstyles are all about geometry and shapes. In this article, you will find a bunch of hairstyles for square faces. There are some points that you need to remember while selecting a perfect hairstyle for your square face.

  • Select hairstyles in which there is a little height at the crown.
  • Hairstyles with side swept bangs will make you look flattering.
  • Wispy hair falling on the face will soften the jawline.
  • Try to avoid blunt bobs and middle parts.

List of 20 Top Hairstyles for Square Faces:

1.) Long Layers with Side Bangs:

long layers with side bangs hairstyles for square faces

This is one of the top hairstyles for square faces. It is a flattering style to add angles to your face. Well defined layers and side bangs not only add bounce but makes your hair light.

2.) Side Braid Hairstyles for Square Faces:

side braid hairstyles for square faces

You need not think before trying this hairstyle if you have long hair. The side bangs and cascading curls will make you look awesome. It is an improbable hairstyle for women with square faces.

3.) Half-Up and Half-Down Hairstyles for Square faces:

half up half down hairstyles for square faces

This hairstyle is perfect for girls with square faces. It doesn’t take much time to create this hairstyle. No doubt that straight and long hair add dimension but when you incorporate bangs the look is transformed and you look alluring.

4.) Braided Lob for Square faces:

braided lob hairstyles for square faces

Short hair and square face can create a little trouble for you. But don’t worry braided section of hair in this lob is an ideal style to carry on social gatherings. Make sure that this side braid hides underneath the layers.

5.) Maroon Waves for Square Faces:


If you are just bored of blonde and black shades and want changes then this try this shade of red. The maroon waves with a side part angles your face in the most appropriate manner. It is a gorgeous look for personal and professional life.

6.) Cornrow Ponytail for Square Faces:

cornrow ponytail hairstyles for square faces

This cornrow ponytail will make you the star of the show. The tight braids with a ponytail are perfect if you are searching for something professional. A light makeup is never bad to do. The bold lips and perfect brows compliment your overall look.

7.) Rolled Side Updo for Square Faces:

rolled side updo hairstyles for square faces

If you want something chic and messy then this hairstyle offers you both. Some hairpins, curling iron and hairspray and you are just ready for the party. Curl your hair strands and bring to one side. Roll it into a side Updo.

8.) Milkmaid Braid Updo for Square faces:

milkmaid braid updo hairstyles for square faces

This is one of the smashing hairstyles for square faces. This messy updo is perfect to draw away the attention from your square face. The tousled look will envy your colleagues. The hanging locks not only frame the face but also accentuate your jawline.

9.) Waterfall Braid for Square Faces:

waterfall braid hairstyles for square faces

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is feminine and romantic, then the idea of waterfall braids is perfect. It is an exemplary hairstyle to soften the jaw corners.

10.) Waves with Thin Rope Braids:

waves with thin rope braids hairstyles for square faces

One length haircut or layers are perfect for square faces. The touch of loose waves will increase the beauty of your long tresses. Small rope braids will make this hairstyle more adorable and lovely.

11.) Messy Updo for Square Faces:

messy updo hairstyles for square faces

You can also call this hairstyle a bee nest. This glamorous hairstyle will make you look like a diva. The face framing streaks look outstanding. Whether it a party or a formal event, you can just rock it with this hairstyle.

12.) Angled Bob for Square Faces:

angled lob hairstyles for square faces

This is one of the most delightful hairstyles for square faces. The long pieces in this angled cut widen the face. The short back will make you feel comfortable. Ask your hair stylist to get the perfect look for this season.

13.) Straight Ponytail with Skimming Bangs:

straight ponytail with skimming bangs hairstyles for square faces

If you impress everyone with your eyes then this hairstyle will accentuate the beauty of your eyes. The layered ends and skimping bangs are fantastic for girls with square faces. A good eye makeup will make you look marvelous.

14.) Topknot Hairstyles for Square Faces:

top knot hairstyles for square faces

Long hair can be irritating sometimes especially in summers. This hairstyle is especially for this purpose. It is a good choice for most of the occasions and it is perfect for days when you have no time for hair wash.

15.) Front Messy Fishtail for Square Faces:

front messy fishtail braids hairstyles for square faces

This is one of the charismatic hairstyles for square faces. This cute look is admired by ladies with fine hair. It is a creative and interesting way to style your fine hair. Front messy fishtail is perfect for all days.


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