20 Unique Updos for Thin Hair


Looking for gorgeous updo for fine hair? If yes, then this article is for you. For impressive look, hair doesn’t have to be thick and full of volume. Add some volume at the roots help you to get the effortless hairstyles with fine hair. If you are getting ready for an upcoming occasion, then select your dreamy updo from our gallery to get the mesmerizing look in fine hair. Here are 20 unique updos for thin hair that ideal option for medium to long hair.

20 Unique Updos for Thin Hair:

1.) Soft Hairstyles with Pinned Ends

Go for a real and soft look, especially in the updos for thin hair. In this hairstyle, the subtle waves and loosely pinned up section that pump your section. No matter how thin is your hair, the hairstyle looks best and also boost volume in fine hair. It is best for the wedding, a romantic date or any other special occasion when you decorate it with fetching accessories. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine.

soft hairstyles with pinned ends updos for thin hair

2.) Wavy Low Bun

The gorgeous bun looks fantastic when you wear it down as it gives you the illusion of thick hair. The hairstyle looks best in curly or wavy hair. You can get wavy texture in the curly hair by giving blow drying straight. Go for this lovely texture and pinned up wavy locks gently. The wavy low bun is one of the sassy updos for thin hair.

Wavy low bun updos for thin hair

3.) Elegant Pinned Back Updo

What do you expect from chic hairstyle? The hairstyle only looks elegant but also flattering for 90’s. Achieve this look by losing twisting locks and pinned up all the hair section. Create a voluminous updo which is full of air. Get a classy and rich look to your elegant dresses and elegant pinned back updo hairstyle.

Elegant pinned back updo bun updos for thin hair

4.) Curly Loose Updo

Looking for the special hairstyle for the wedding? Go for a curly loose updo that works best for your fine hair. Make your wedding more special with a curly loose updo.  In this hairstyle, go for sweep hairstyle that looks elegant with your hair length and turns into a low curly bun. For the perfect look, Back comb your hair to get the maximum volume in your hairstyle.

Curly loose updos for thin hair

5.) Highlighted Updo with Messy Loops

Get the sizzling updo by doing a great dye job and create a dazzling updo for fine hair. You can go for the curly hairstyle that adds thickness to thin hair. You can add large curls to get the fancy looking loop. The highlighted updo with messy loops is one of the adorable updos for thin hair. The hairstyle goes with every skin tone.

highlighted with messy loops updos for thin hair

6.) Low Side Bun for Thin Hair

Don’t go for a complicated look to get a sensational look. You can get this look by casual twisting the hair into a bun and get the optimal size by doing the backcombing. Form a loose knot by wrapping the loose section around the bun. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine and if you are planning to go on any special occasion then add fetching hair accessories to get the appealing look.

Low side updo for thin hair updos for thin hair

7.) Low Loose Knot With Teased Root

Get the complete messy and tousled look with low loose knot with teased root.  When you want to add smoke to your look then go for smoky eyes and messy undone updo. Steal the moment with a low messy twist updo. In this hairstyle, the low pieces of hair around the face make the face frame more appealing. You don’t have to go for neat and round, just go messy.

low loose knot teased updo updos for thin hair

8.) Two Braids and Curly Bun

If you add a different texture and different elements in your hairstyle, it will look gorgeous and sophisticated. In this hairstyle, freshen up your updo with upgraded accent braids and add thin face framing streaks to get the fabulous look. Two braids and curly bun are one of the stunning updos for thin hair.

Two braids and curly bun updos for thin hair

9.) Low Bun for Shorter Curly Hair

The right texture and right color always add benefits when you want to style your hair. Go with lighter ends and dark roots that give you thicker hair illusion even in the fine hair. In this hairstyle, add some looser waves or ringlet to get the perfect look. The low bun for shorter hair is one of the sizzling updos for thin hair.

Low bun for short curly hair updos for thin hair

10.) Messy Updo for Thin hair with Pearl Accessories

Upgrade your messy and loose bun with fetching hair accessories. Go for pearl accessories which give you sophisticated and timeless. Flaunt hairstyle with the classic twist to the trendy chignon. The hairstyle is best for the family dinner and special occasion with the black gown.

messy updo for thin hair with pearl acessories updos for thin hair

11.) Jumbo Braid Updo

Forget about the small experiment in the hairstyle and go big. You turn jumbo braid into the loopy bun. And secure the ends of braids with bobby pins. Gently pull the braid to get the lacy look. The jumbo braid updo is one of the unique updos for thin hair.

Jumbo braid updo updos for thin hair

12.) Curly Low Updo with Bangs

The hairstyle is best for the modern prom or for your wedding. In this hairstyle, the soft beachy texture that enhances your mane. Wear it with a gorgeous gown and beautiful hair accessories.

curly low updo with bangs updos for thin hair

13.) Romantic Braided Updo for Thin Hair

Long hair is daunting to style. You don’t have to look flat when you pull back your hair. The loose braid bun is a fun choice. You can add wow factor to your hair style by combing the hairstyle with the fishtail braid.

romantic braided updo updos for thin hair

14.) Thin Hair Gathered in Soft Bun

You must be thinking that there is extension involve in the hairstyle.  You can get this look with loose waves in the fine hair that boost the volume in the hairstyle. Wrap it in a messy manner to get the perfect look.

Thin hair gathered in loose waves updos for thin hair

15.) Water Fall Braid Updo with Bangs

 Magnify your beauty by adding waterfall braid in your hairstyle. It is a great idea to show off your beautiful locks in a beautiful manner.

waterfall braid updo with bangs updos for thin hair

16.) Elegant Updo for Thin Hair

Updo adds elegance and volume in the hair. You can get this hairstyle by pulling the hair into a ponytail then strategically curling and pinning the hair from its base. You will get a voluminous looped bun in no time.

elegant updo for thin hair updos for thin hair

17.) Formal Bun with Unique Hair Color

You can thicken up your fine hair with trendy gray blonde balayage. You need to pull back your hair by teasing it with a comb to get the complete look.

formal hair color with unqiue hair color updos for thin hair

18.) Messy Twist

Get this French roll by pulling back the three sections of the hair and roll each around on your finger that secured it with the hairpin. The messy twist is one ravishing updo for thin hair.

Messy twist updos for thin hair

19.) Soft and Feminine French Twist

Flaunt your natural hair with ombre hair color and great messy bun. The soft and feminine French twist is one of the impressive updos for thin hair.

Soft feminene french twist updos for thin hair

20.) Low updo with Crown Braid

Go for something creative that is suitable for parties or special occasion. Try updo with a crown braid that full satisfied your desire. It is one of the beautiful updos hairstyles for thin hair.

low bun with crown braids updos for thin hair


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