20 Angled Bob Haircuts


Angled bob haircuts know as multifaceted haircuts. As you can wear angled cut in any style like straight, wavy, half up styles or updos style. It offers you many advantages- trendiness, versatility, and manageability. We have shared 20 angled bob haircuts that are ravishing and breathtaking. So have a look in our collection and pick up the best suitable for you.

20 Angled Bob Haircuts:

1.) Medium Golden Bob

When we talk about the angled cut, we get excited to see what is the most inspiring in the cut. As you can see in the picture medium curls angled down to the shoulder give a lovely look. Paired the hairstyle with the golden hue. Don’t forget to create a longer look from the front as it shows the real angled cut. Go for dark roots and waves gets fades into mesmerizing golden. The medium golden bob is one of the angled bob haircuts.

medium golden bob angled bob haircuts

2.) Silken Waves Of Long Bob

If you are bored with medium hairstyle, then try silken waves of long hair. Get this new edgy look with gorgeous long bob. In this hairstyle, a sharp angle shoots down to the front and sassy nape feature enhanced the line of the back. It is best suitable for medium dark hair. Magnify your look with arched eyebrows and pink lipstick.

silken waves of long bob angled bob haircuts

3.) The longest Straight Bang

In angled cut, plenty of looks come with different techniques. You can go for a classy bob with straight bangs that look outstanding in short hair. It looks similar to 70’s bowl shape haircut that brings the amazing look in the 21st century. The hairstyle gives you an amazing face frame that makes all the spotlights on you. The long straight bangs are one the sassy angled bob haircuts.

longest straight bangs bob angled bob haircuts

4.) Long Front Bob with Side Undercut

The long front bob with side undercut is one of the lively and bold angled bob haircuts. An extreme version adds fun and excitement to your look with an energetic undercut. Get the chic look with sweeping your hair on the top of the head and across the forehead. You don’t have to wear makeup to pull off the look. The hairstyle embraces your natural beauty and focuses on your beautiful facial features.

long front bob with side undercut angled bob haircuts

5.) Asymmetrical All Star Bob

The sharp point in the cut makes the hairstyle extremely sassy. Deepen your look with dark pink and golden highlights. Add fire to the look with asymmetrical all-star bob. Show off the curve at the back and feather bangs are off to the side. The asymmetrical all star bob is one of the arresting angled bob haircuts.

Asymmetrical all star bob angled bob haircuts

6.) Flamingoes and Fish Feathered Bob

This is the most trendy and unique hairstyle. It is one of the favorite angled bob haircuts that enhances the facial features. Go with a pretty dye job that looks flawless on the short bob. In this hairstyle, a shorter stack at the back reveals all the colored hair. Add a darker pink and platinum shine which look fantastic on shorter hair.

Flamingoes fish feathered bob angled bob haircuts

7.) Twisted Sister Crop

The medium shoulder length is simple and gorgeous. In this hairstyle, the angled longer layer from the front and stack at the back. You can see in the picture that how amazing the texture look. If you don’t have wavy hair, then create it using a large barrel curling iron. The twisted sister crop is one of the eye-catching angled bob haircuts.

Twister sister crop hairstyles angled bob haircuts

8.) Hair Art Bob

Go medium length hairstyle that you have never tried. If you have ready to accept the challenge then go sculpted side bangs with longer cut bangs in the front. Go for burgundy black hair that adds charm in the hairstyle. Wear your bright jewelry to get the most amazing look.

hair art bob angled bob haircuts

9.) Bee Curly Bob

Curly angled bob is quite popular nowadays. In this hairstyle, the choppy bob gives an uneven effect which looks perfect in the short hairstyle. Curls add charm and glow on your face. The curly bob is one of the sizzling angled bob haircuts. You enhance your look with bold eyeliner and cool dresses.

bee curly bob angled bob haircuts

10.) Angled Bob with Bangs

When you have a round face shape, then add front longer which makes your facial features slimmer. Add side swept which can be achieved in longer or shorter length. Give a flawless texture to the hairstyle to make the look gorgeous. Add a wow factor with burgundy tips that makes the hairstyle stunning.

Angled bob with bangs angled bob haircuts

11.) Flaming Fannie Fires Again

The hairstyle is a creative masterpiece to show off the red ends. Go with long angled bob, creating feathers in the hairstyle to give a nice frame to your look. The curly side bangs make the look stunning and extra hot.

Flamming famies fire again angled bob haircuts

12.) Chic Blunt A-Line Bob

The classic blunt A-line bob is one of the elegant angled bob haircuts. It is one of the hairstyles that look perfect with all the face shapes. The style never goes out of trend. Intensify your look with amazing makeup and sexy dresses.

Chin blunt A line bob angled bob haircuts

13.) Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

The blunt asymmetrical is classic and modish. It adds the fancy frame in the hairstyle with a deep side part. The hairstyle looks best on a square face shape.

blunt asymmetrical bob angled bob haircuts

14.)  Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs

Angled bob with long side bangs is one of the stunning angled bob haircuts. The hairstyle looks best on the round face shape. Add soft layers which give you more dramatic look.

angled bob with long side bangs angled bob haircuts

15.) Round Chic Length Bob with Bangs

The hairstyle is best for the hipster personality. The hairstyle offers body and volume in the lifeless hair. The round chin length bob with bangs is one of the top angled bob haircuts.

round chin length bob with bangs angled bob haircuts

16.) Straight Bob with Angled Ends

The straight bob with angled end is best for those who want a classy and simple look. The straight bob with angled ends is one of the most polished angled bob haircuts. It is best for the professional look.

straight bob with angled cut angled bob haircuts

17.) Angled Bob with Haircut with A Feathered Finish

The angled bob with A feathered finish is one of the delightful angled bob haircuts. Go with feather finish that looks important and beautiful in the hairstyle.

Angled bob haircut with A feather finish angled bob haircuts

18.) Dip Dyed Angled Bob Haircut

Upgrade your look with dip dyed angled bob haircut. The bob is best for the mature ladies and youths. It looks best on long face shape.

dip dyed angled bob angled bob haircuts

19.) The Head Bob

You get this look by pinning up the front pieces underneath to create the illusion of the headband. The head bob is one of the smashes angled bob haircuts.

head bob angled bob haircuts

20.) The Barbie Bob

For ultra lush appearance, try Barbie bob. Go with bob with round ends which provide height to the crown area. The Barbie bob is one of the beautiful angled bob haircuts.

barbie bob angled bob haircuts


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