20 Voguish Braided Hairstyles


This article will bring a wide smile on the faces of every woman who want something modish and sophisticated. Braided hairstyles come with a variety of variations. Halo braid, side braid, fishtail braid, French braid, crown braid etc. there are so many options to try. All these hairstyles are perfect if you don’t want those bangs and fringes to hang on your forehead. A little practice and you will just master all the techniques and tricks. Try these simple and amazing hairstyles and cherish a new look daily.

List of 20 Voguish Braided Hairstyles:

1.) Double Dutch Braid Hairstyles:

double dutch braided hairstyles

This is one of the most modish and sophisticated braided hairstyles. A double Dutch braid is going to take you back to your childhood memories. It is a perfect hairstyle to hold back your bangs and fringes. It looks amazing and you don’t need any additional accessories.

2.) Side Braid with a Low Knot:

Side braid with a low knot braided hairstyles

This is a perfect hairstyle if you do not want to keep your hair open and still want to carry an elegant style. The side braid is going to make a style statement for you. You just have to make a side braid starting from the hairline and then mix it with the low knot.

3.) Braided Bun Hairstyles:

braided bun braided hairstyles

This hairstyle for older generations is coming back into trend. It is now gaining popularity among young girls. It is easy to carry this style because all the hair is tucked back and it doesn’t  irritate you all day.

4.) Braided Pony for Girls:

braided pony for girls braided hairstyles

This is one of the best braided hairstyles for young and care-free girls. This low maintenance hairstyle is going to give you a cool and relaxed look. Make a ponytail and braid it. It is not necessary to braid the hair tightly. You can leave it loose for a messy touch.

5.) Ponytail with Braided Bangs:

ponytail with braided bangs braided hairstyles

This is one of the most fashionable braided hairstyles. It is a perfect style to carry if you have short hair. Make a side ponytail and braid your bangs. Combine the braided bangs with the ponytail.

6.) Parted Crown with Fishtail Braids:

parted crown and fishtail braided hairstyles

The details of the fishtail braid are going to say about the creativity that is hiding inside you and the crown braid is going to make you feel like the mistress of the world. What makes this hairstyle unique is the combination of two modish styles.

7.) Messy Updo with Twist and Braids:

messy updo with twist and braided hairstyles

This Is one of the best-braided hairstyles. This messy hairstyle is just loved by all the women. The twist and braids make this Updo appealing. You just have to twist and braid hair from the side and blend it into a messy Updo.

8.) Plaited Updo Hairstyles:

plaited updo braided hairstyles

It is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyles in the hair world. You just have to make a straight and simple braid and wrap it around to form an Updo. This is a perfect hairstyle if you want something professional. It looks flattering with formal dresses.

9.) Four Strand Side Braids:

four strand side braided hairstyles

It seems a little serpentine but is fairly simple. For making it look more ravishing you can combine a ribbon or chain with this four strand braid. A little practice and you will master this four strand side braid.

10.) Braided Dutch Crowns:

braided dutch crown braided hairstyles

If you think that a braided headband and French braided crowns can make you feel like a queen, then these Dutch braided crowns are here to surprise you. It is a marvelous hairstyle for special occasions. Make a Dutch braid and wrap it around the nape of the neck.

11.) Chignon Bun with Braids:

chignon bun with braids braided hairstyles

This is one of the most sophisticated braided hairstyles. Make a simple braid or a French braid using the front section of the hair. Create a chignon bun with the hair that is at the back. Wrap the braid which you have created above the bun.

12.) Curls with Lacy Braids:

curls with lace braided hairstyles

A perfect hairstyle is one which looks gorgeous from all sides. The curls and the lacy braids together are a rocking hairstyle. You just have to create two Dutch braids from the sides and join it at the back of the head. Leave the rest of the hair open and let the curls speak for you.

13.) Undone French Braid for Teenage Girls:

undone french braided hairstyles

This voguish braided hairstyle is especially for girls who love an undone look. Make a loose French braid and as you come down, pull out thin strands of this braid to give it an undone look.

14.) Halo Braids for Women:

halo braided hairstyles

This is one of the best hairstyles to keep your hair secure. Create a center part and make an inverted French braid. The braid should start from the nape of the neck and should come to your hairline. Secure the braids with pins and then secure the ends under this halo braid.

15.) High Bun with Mohawk Braid:

high bun with mohawk braided hairstyles

This is one of the best braids hairstyles. This hairstyle is for all the girls and mature ladies who want something new and unique every day. The combination of these two modish hairstyles is going to make a grand entry in the hair world.

16.) Braided Ponytail Hairstyles:

braided ponytail hairstyles braided hairstyles

This is one of the coolest and sophisticated braided hairstyles. Simple ponytails have become very common, so to make it a little different and unique you can incorporate smaller braids. The braids will take this simple ponytail to the next level.

17.) Waterfall Braided Hairstyles:

waterfall braided hairstyles

As the name suggests it looks like a waterfall. This is one of the best-braided hairstyles. The curls and the twisted braid meeting at the crown look fabulous.

18.) Braided Top Knot of Women:

braided top knot braided hairstyles

This is one of the marvelous braided hairstyles. It is an exemplary hairstyle for all the ladies who want a professional look. A braided bun resting on the top of the head is going to make you look dazzling.

19.) Twisted Crown Braids for Girls:

twisted crown braided hairstyles

You might be thinking that this is a crown braid, but actually, it is a simple twist which creates an illusion of crown braid. This is a perfect style to carry on days when you are feeling too lazy to do anything.

20.) Milk Maid Braids for Girls:

milk maid braided hairstyles

This is a perfect hairstyle whether you are a school girl or a professional lady. No special occasion is needed to make this easy hairstyle. This is a relaxed hairstyle and there is no tension of any kind.


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