How to Get Rid of Moths?


In this article, we are talking about the home remedies to get rid of moths. Be it wardrobe, or pantry, the most common thing in the household is the pest problem caused by moths. You will normally find them in food storage containers, wardrobes where most of the woolen and fur clothes are kept. Generally, moth infestation can be checked when you find 1-2 small moths in your house. It’s not always possible to see them. Hence, you can check the moth infestation symptoms that include tiny holes in clothes, spongy web-like layers at the corners of the racks, wardrobe layers, grills, dusty look on the garments or screens, discolored of the screen, foamy look at the sides of the food jars, stinking racks. If you find any of the mentioned symptoms, immediately check for the solutions to get rid of moths. In this article, we have listed some of the best home remedies to treat moths and to kill them as soon as possible. Read these related articles How to get rid of squirrels? and How to get rid of carpenter ants? on our website.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Moths:

1.) Flypaper to Get Rid of Moths

It is one of the simplest yet most effective methods of setting traps to get rid of moths in your house. This method actually helps kill these nasty creatures. To try this method, take a sheet of paper and apply oil on both sides of a sheet or paper to make a flypaper. Now, hang this sheet or paper in your kitchen to catch moths. Use fish oil as moths easily gets attracted towards this oil.

2.) Vacuum to Get Rid of Moths

The Vacuum also helps catch moths with great intensity. With the use of vacuum, higher power also works efficiently in catching moths from carpets, clothing racks, corners, wooden door and also from the screens. After vacuuming was the area, it will give a longer relief from the moths.

3.) Hair Dryer to Kill Moths

On clothes or dresses that you cannot vacuum, but you can give it a try using a blow dryer to give it heat therapy in order to kill the moths by heating them and also their eggs. Try this method to get rid of moths fast.

How to Get Rid of Moths

4.) Naphthalene Balls to Get Rid of Moths

Naphthalene balls are also a great treatment to treat moths. So add two naphthalene balls in a small cotton thin cloth or pouch and place it in the ridges of your wardrobe and kitchen racks. The strong smell of these balls drives away moths faster.

5.) Cedar Chips to Kill Moths

Cedar is a natural repellent for moths as they hate cedar wood. So this is one of the best ideas to eliminate these creepy insects from your house. Keep a pouch or a bag of cedar chips in the areas where you think moths infestation and chase them away. Try this method until you see some improvements.

6.) Herb Sachet to Prevent Moths

This is another beneficial treatment to get rid of moths from your kitchen and house. Herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Put any of these herbs in a small piece of  cotton cloth and place in your wardrobe, under sofas and kitchen drawers. This will help you get rid of moths naturally.

7.) Lavender to Get Rid of Moths

Lavender also works as a repellent for moths. Try to sprinkle some dry lavender flower or you can simply spray lavender oil in the areas you find moths. Lavender helps take away them almost all from your house fast.

8.) Clove Pouch to Treat Moths

This is also a good repellent work great to keep away the moths. To try this method, make a small pouch by putting cloves in a cotton cloth or in a piece of tissue paper. Now, place these pouches in your cupboard, grain storage, food container. To prevent moths entering again and again. It also helps protect your clothing with its strong smell.

9.) Bay Leaves to Kill Moths

This is also a great way to treat moths. Bay leaves produce a strong odor that moths hate to breathe in. Add bay leaves to a potpourri to get rid of moths instantly. You can also sprinkle some dry bay leaves to control the moth infestation.

10.) Essential Oils to Get Rid of Moths

Lavender oil, Lilac oil, and clove oil make a great combination to get rid of moths. To try this method, soak a cotton ball or a sponge in this mixture and squeeze. Now, wipe this sponge all over the moth infestation areas and corners of wardrobes or racks to get rid of moths, moth eggs, and larvae.

11.) Lilac to Kill Moths

Lilac is a great repellent to eliminate moths. You can keep its fresh leaves in a corner of your kitchen rack to eliminate moths. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball in lilac leaves and place them on the racks. In the case of a wardrobe, simply just dust dry powder of lilac.

12.) Vinegar to Prevent Moths

White vinegar can be useful in treating moths. To try this method, you can mix it with an equal amount of water and use it as a pest control spray to stop the moth infestations. But keep in mind spraying white vinegar may leave some stains, so use it carefully on your kitchen slab and jars etc.

13.) Moth Crystals to Get Rid of Moths

These are aromatic crystals available in the market at all pest control stores. Get these moth crystals, put them in a paper towel or tissue and keep it in your kitchen, cupboard or under the bed, under the sofas to avoid damage to the linen and food storage jars.

14.) Pheromone Moth Traps Treat Moths

These are the well-known moth traps available in the market. You can get it in the pest control shops or at your local stores. Purchase pheromone moth traps and place them in the moth prone areas to catch the moths.

15.) Cinnamon Sticks to Get Rid of Moths

Cinnamon is another beneficial remedy to get rid of moths fast. Place some cinnamon sticks in the kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and garment bags to keep them away. The strong smell of cinnamon may stick to clothes for longer, so you can also put them on a tissue paper.

Other Important Tips to Get Rid of Moths Naturally:

  • Once you have treated your closet from moth infestation, follow these points:
  • Wash your clothes properly to avoid moth eggs stuck in any of your clothing.
  • Brush your dresses made of fur and wool.
  • Clean your screens, window curtains and sofa covers.
  • Wash the suitcases, kitchen racks and storage containers.


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