Grow Hair Faster: How to Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally


Every woman wants to grow hair faster for long hair styles. Changing the hair style frequently has been as normal as anything else in the modern day lifestyle. Sometimes, we want to go for a hairstyle with short hair length, continue it for a few weeks and then feel a strong urge to have long hair creeps in the mind. Also, we want to grow hair in minimum possible time. So, comes the necessity to grow hair faster as quickly as possible. And yes, there are ways and means by which you can achieve your goal using natural processes. Here are a few tips to guide you properly to grow your hair faster.

Grow Hair Faster

1.) Trimmed the Split Ends to Grow Hair Faster

This suggestion may seem funny as we all know that hair grows in the root, not at the ends. So, how come trimming help faster growth? Ok, wait a minute. I will explain it. Actually, it is found that the hair ends start splitting within few weeks of trimming and if it is allowed to split further, it may lead to breakage and make unhealthy hair which loses luster and look dull. This, in no way, is good for your hair, right. So, it is always recommended to trim about ¼ inch of your hair every 6-7 weeks for healthy and faster growth.

2.) Massage Scalp with Hot Oil to Grow Hair Faster

This is really an excellent method in case you want to get thick, soft and long hair. You can use Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil or any other oil of your choice to achieve this wonderful effect. Just heat the oil up and apply on your scalp thoroughly. Rub it for some time. You may take help from your family members or friends, if possible. Wait for some time and then get it washed off. This will definitely help grow hair longer, faster and softer.

3.) Use Egg White Mask to Grow Hair Faster

Egg whites have many properties which help your hair look soft, glossy and healthy. All you need to do is to crack open a few eggs (quantity needed depends on your hair volume), strain or separate out the egg yolks and apply a mask of egg whites on your hair. Keep it for at least one hour and wash properly after that. Your hair will certainly look brilliant, instantly. It aids healthy growth and makes your hair stronger.

4.) Drink at least 8 Glasses of Water to Grow Hair Faster

Drinking water helps remove the toxins from the body in a natural and easy way. Not only does it make the body feel better, but the hair also gets stronger. And no need to say that stronger hair grows faster. Another advantage of drinking water is that it helps keep your hair hydrated, which is always desirable to prevent hair breakage.

5.) Combing the Hair is a must to Improve Blood Circulation

Combing the hair triggers the blood circulation in the scalp which helps feed the follicles in the hair and ascertain smooth hair growth. A wide-toothed comb is recommended in case you face tangles. But never ever try to comb or brush wet hair as it may lead to severe breakage affecting faster hair growth.

6.) Increase Your Protein Intake to Grow Hair Faster

Many of us don’t have much idea about this growth aspect of our hair. It really makes a difference in look as well as the growth rate of our hair. In case you are too much prone to the junk food and always dream for longer locks or curls of hair, please mind your junk food intake. Just make a change in your food habit and go for lots of fishes, eggs, chickens, fresh fruits and vegetables. It will surely be reflected in your hair quality and growth. So, go ahead and get it done.

7.) Wash Your Hair with Potato Water to Grow Hair Faster

Just like your body needs all the necessary vitamins to keep you healthy and happy, your hair also needs to be supplemented with vitamin B, C and A for proper growth. Lack of vitamin may lead to dry and brittle hair. So, these are so crucial for hair growth that you need to stress on your vitamin intakes whenever needed. Of course a wash or rinsing with potato water will definitely help stock up the vitamins.

8.) Rinse with Onion Water to Grow Hair Faster

You may feel that onions are of no use except for cooking. But, no, it’s not like that. If you see the long and sheen hair in the hair product advertisements and aspire to get it, onion may help you make your dream come true. All you need to do is boil some onions in water and rinse your hair with that solution. I bet your hair will start growing super-fast.

9.) Avoid Using Silicon Based Hair Care Products

Even though silicon based hair products impart a healthy and shiny look to the hair, the fact is that, this may not last in the long run. This is because, these products form a coat on the hair shaft, seal out moisture and clog the hair follicles. These processes eventually cause damage to the hair and prevents healthy and faster hair growth.  Therefore, in case you want to improve your hair quality or growth naturally, it is best to avoid these products, irrespective of its brand or manufacturer to make your Hair grow faster.

10.) Use Natural Hair Products to Grow Hair Faster

As most of us want to grow our hair faster and maintain our precious hair tresses forever, it is strongly suggested to go for natural hair care products. All the artificial or chemical ingredients in the hair products have any ill effects on the hair. It may increase dryness in the hair, may lead to breakage or make it hard or stiff in the long run. So, better to try the natural products. Even though lots of brands are available for natural hair care products, any good brand will serve the purpose. And last but not the least, try using the home made alternatives as and when possible. Over time, you will feel the effect in your healthier, longer and stronger hair locks.


Additional Tips to Grow Hair Faster:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Don’t color your hair.
  • Protect your hair from sun and rain water to grow them faster.
  • Trim your hair regularly to grow them faster.



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